Canyon aeroad vs ultimate flirt

canyon aeroad vs ultimate flirt

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canyon aeroad vs ultimate flirt

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It is very clearly a road racing bike, though the cornering may leave a little to be desired for criterium racer, club riders and lesser experienced road riders.

For the top percentage of racers, this is a weapon to cut through the pack and earn your Elite racing licence. Endurace Canyon say that the Endurace is designed to go far and go fast.

It is not a cheap and heavy carbon bike for beginners, it is designed to cover any scenario, but to do so with maximum comfort. What is immediately noticeable, however, is how much more confidence it has when out of the saddle; the Aeroad was a bit of a handful, while the Endurace felt like a stable support to work with my body over the handlebars while I munched through the pedals.

There is certainly no 'nervousness' or over-sensitivity here, probably thanks to the longer wheelbase on the Endurace making it more stable. This Endurace came with an integrated stem and handlebar combo we usually see on the race bikes, but this is the Ergocockpit, which receives a more swept-back shape in comparison to the racey Aerocockpit, to give a more upright position and a more comfortable place for hands that like to rest on the top of the bars.

The Endurace is a nice release on the shoulders after man-handling the Aeroad and clearly meets its criteria for comfort. On the short hills it didn't feel much different to the Aeroad, although it is a nicer bike to ride out of the saddle, however, as soon as the head-wind hit the Endurace felt like I'd put the brakes on. The two bikes are very different beast designed for two niche styles either end of the road riding spectrum.

Ultimate I was glad to ride the Ultimate after riding the other two, as the Aeroad and the Endurace really highlighted the extremes. The Ultimate is pitched as being the best of both words, which is a hard concept to grasp before getting on it, but it really is the Goldilocks of road bikes.

Not too slow, and not too harsh, just smooth and functional. I felt right at home sprinting off with this. Where the other two excelled in some areas and obviously had drawbacks from being so extreme, the Ultimate just felt good everywhere.

It was not exceptionally draggy in the wind, but not as fast as the Aeroad, and not as slow as the Endurace. It was not as forgiving as the Endurace, but infinitely better at cornering, and far more confident and comfortable than the Aeroad. The Ultimate is a hard bike to review, or even describe, but riding this bike is somewhat uneventful.

Now that sounds bad, but an uneventful ride is a good thing, as it means there's nothing bad to write home about, and this is the mark of a well thought-out bike that let's you get on with your riding without wishing it did or didn't have a certain atribute.

Never wishing for more from a bike is the ultimate in perfection.

How Different Can a Road Bike Be? Canyon Ultimate vs Endurace vs Aeroad - Bikesoup

No, it's not as the Aeroad in a straight line, but it didn't worry me at any point, and there's a lot to be said for that. The Final Verdict So how different can a road bike really be? Well, the short answer is; very different!

canyon aeroad vs ultimate flirt

Never underestimate the power of subtle changes to geometry and tubing shapes. If you're looking at Canyon and can't decide which one to choose from, I feel your pain. I've ridden all three, and have had prior experience with Canyon road bikes in different specs too, and I would still struggle to choose one, but I do always feel right at home on the Ultimate.

Perhaps that's because I do everything, and the Ultimate suits my purpose.