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jessica wright meet the press

Directed by Josh Egan. With Paul Bongiorno, Jessica Wright, Hermione Kitson, George Brandis. Jessica Wright is a breaking news reporter for The Age. Previously she was the Meet Jasper George, a fast little fellow with super-white cool hair. Meet Jasper. Interview with Paul Bongiorno, Jessica Wright and Mark Kenny - Meet the Press Channel Ten - 6 October Transcripts: 6 October

If you want to stop people getting on boats and risking their lives you've got to turn the tap off.

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You've got to remove the incentive for people to get in the pipe line in the first place. But we're failing to do that, aren't we? Well, don't underestimate the size of this task. Think about what's at stake. You've got people smugglers who make a million dollars a boat, they're making more money than drug smugglers. Some of the information we're now starting to get at Christmas Island are the stories of people smugglers telling people lies, saying don't worry, get on the boat, you'll go to Christmas Island.

You'll only be in Nauru for a couple of weeks and then you'll end up in Australia. We're also starting to see information about some senior people smugglers in Indonesia that are packing their bags and going back to places like Iraq and Pakistan. We're involved here in a communications war.

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You've got people smugglers telling people don't worry you'll only be in Nauru for a couple of weeks, we've got work to do on the ground running town hall meetings in villages and towns in Indonesia with asylum seekers to get them the truth. We've got to do this in Sri Lanka as well. Tell people there's no special treatment. If you get on a boat then you'll end up in places like Nauru, Manus Island, hopefully Malaysia in the future as well or you will risk something worse and that is potentially drowning at sea.

So if you want to seek asylum, you want to seek asylum in Australia, do that through the UN in Jakarta, not by getting on a boat. Well how long do you give for this to work?

This suite of measures to work? Is the Opposition right, do you need to do even more? Well what we do need to do is implement every single one of the recommendations that Angus Houston has recommended.

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He recommended Nauru, he recommended Manus Island but they are only two of twenty-two recommendations. We've got to implement all of them, including Malaysia. Angus Houston looked at the Opposition's measures, he recommended in favour of Nauru but he rejected temporary protection visas and he rejected turning back the boats.

Time for a break. When we come back with the Panel, is Labor crazy brave for antagonising broadcaster, Alan Jones? Online, Mr Jones is almost beyond parody? Good morning to you both. Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard were at one during the week, agreeing to a boycott of the Alan Jones show. No, I would not. I haven't spoken to Mr Jones and I don't intend to. I certainly won't be going on it and usually for my better health over the years I've not listened to it either.

The grotesque sucking up to Alan Jones by Kevin Rudd on his program was slightly vomitous when he was leader of the Opposition. How important is that Western Sydney struggle street market to Labor and can you really afford to ignore it? Well, I represent Western Sydney so I know how important the issues are in Western Sydney but this is not about a market, it's not about an audience.

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It doesn't matter whether you've got ten people watching or ten million people. It's not about politics, it's about standards. You don't pick on people's families, you don't pick on people's parents or their children, particularly if they've just passed away. Particularly you don't pick on people who can't respond. So this is a question about standards. But he's had a long record of saying controversial things. Is this just the last straw and will you be boycotting the program? Is that what you're saying today?

jessica wright meet the press

Well, I think there's a difference between having a go at politicians, we're fair game but having a go at families, you should leave families out of it. Once we go down the path where you start attacking families you're not going to get the right people getting involved in politics. If you'd asked me that question a couple of weeks ago I'd say yes, but now I want to see standards improve.

Well Minister, on the Bolt Report this morning Tony Abbott explained why his wife, Margie, has entered the political fray. He says it's to counter a Labor smear campaign against him. This is typical of the contemporary Labor Party when you can't defend your record, when you've got nothing of substance to say you - you go personal and that's what they've been doing. Minister, is this the end of the handbag hit squad or will Labor ignore Tony Abbott and continue with Tony Abbott has a problem with women folk?

Let's get real here, politicians are going to be judged on what they say and what they do and Tony Abbott's got a long record of saying some pretty extreme, some pretty out there things. If you want my view, my view is that what's more important than what you watch on television is what you're going to do and if you look at what Tony Abbott would do if he was Prime Minister, it would mean that he would cut the pension for millions of pensioners, he would increase income tax for seven million Australians.

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jessica wright meet the press

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jessica wright meet the press

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