Meet the author of revenant book

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meet the author of revenant book The Revenant (): Michael Punke: Books. When I say historical fiction too, I mean the author (I think) took all the facts he could. Before a grizzly tore a hunk of meat from his rump and lobbed it to her None of those authors knew Glass, and one of them, a novelist, wrote the . Punke's novel, The Revenant, including the closest thing to a historical. It was a D.C. lawyer's dream come true, a Hollywood premiere for a movie based on the novel he wrote in his spare time. But when “The.

He changed his surname to Manfred in Manfred moved to the Luverne area in and built a unique home against one of the quartzite quarries on the Blue Mounds, which he sold to the state in and is now part of the state park.

He then built a home out of fieldstone on the south side of the Rock River.

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For a number of years in the s and s, Manfred was the writer in residence at the University of South Dakota, Vermillion. He died in of a brain tumor. He found most of his topics within his own self, his own psyche. He was one of the most prolific writers over the longest period of time. In his adopted community of Luverne, Manfred became a legend in his own right.

To mark what would have been his th birthday inthe community had a year-long celebration with special author, history, art and performance events. It was in a state guide for South Dakota that Manfred happened upon a woodcut picture of a mountain man being mauled by a bear and was immediately intrigued by the accompanying legend.

Bookshots: 'The Revenant: A Novel of Revenge' by Michael Punke

Hugh Glass was our Achilles. Where Achilles never forgave, Hugh Glass had forgiven his deserters.

meet the author of revenant book

That was an act that put him above Achilles. In fact, Hugh Glass had performed his heroics while completely alone. Achilles always had a contingent of Greek warriors nearby. They visited the monument to Glass and then Manfred mapped out what he thought was the probable route Glass had taken across the prairie.

He set off on foot, directing Maryanna to take the vehicle and meet him in three or four hours. They repeated the process the following day with the next stretch of the journey.

Every time I saw something interesting — a flower, some grass, what a farmer would call a weed — I would clip it, mark it on the map, and put it in the wax bag and then into the gunnysack. Why invent grasses or flower when nature was far more inventive than I might be? Why not have it accurate so that when people read the book, they would know that when I said Hugh saw this or that it was really there. When he happened upon a bug of some sort, he pinched them in his fingers and tasted them, knowing Hugh would have used them for sustenance in his arduous journey.

meet the author of revenant book

Back home in Bloomington, Manfred continued his research, crawling around on the hill on which he lived.

The Plainsman Read this if you liked: Hugh Glass, a quiet but competent trapper who is based on a historical counterpart. Said lead would be portrayed in a movie by: Tom Hardy was selected for the villainous John Fitzgerald.

After reading the book, I'd say I approve of those casting choices. Would you want to live there? It's a hard call.

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The Rocky Mountains are described here as a beautiful and pristine but very harsh place in the early nineteenth-century. What was your favorite sentence? The crimson glow of fire cast Campeche's last night in apocalyptic splendor.

Imagine being attacked by a bear in the wilderness and left with a number of seemingly fatal injuries. War parties of enemy tribes are patrolling nearby, your own companions have abandoned you, and the nearest civilization is hundreds of miles away. Oh, and some asshole stole your gun and all of your supplies.

meet the author of revenant book

This is the impossible situation that Hugh Glass is immediately faced with in The Revenant. The first book of the year tends to leave an impression, and The Revenant has definitely done that for me.