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Jason Olive Chad Randolph 1 episode, . Mr. Orlando 1 episode, .. post-production supervisor / production manager (85 episodes, ). Hangin' with Mr. Cooper . It beat The Jeffersons () by one episode. the people who don't find House of Payne funny, because any person with a spec I have seen his other show, Meet the Browns, and it is, somehow, worse than this. opening scene of the second episode of the six-week miniseries. “That ( expletive) is crazy to me.” PHOTOS: Cleveland Browns feel Corey Coleman has to keep . defensive lineman Emmanuel Ogbah exclaimed prior to a position meeting. Cleveland Browns tight end David Njoku (85) celebrates his.

Ella graduated from college and finally got her degree in Season 7. It is revealed that her middle name is Naomi. She tries to keep the family at peace the best she can, whether it's big or small. In the Season 8 episode "RIP: Rest in Payne", she keeps complete faith for her son Calvin, when she hears that he got shot in C. She loves her family and wants her husband to keep her safe and stand by her which he does.

Allen Payne is Curtis and Ella's nephew. These last two are the twin son and daughter born to Janine and C. In the fourth season, C. He works at the firehouse with Curtis. At the end of the fifth season, he, Janine, and the twins moved to Chicago, but they returned in the sixth season after he was offered Curtis' job, and the family moved in next to Curtis and Ella. Despite being angry with and hostile towards Janine upon her return, C.

In the early seasons, C. In the seventh season, he was promoted to fire chief commissioner, and also became the boss of Janine and Roland in the public relations department.

Calvin Payne Lance Gross is Ella and Curtis's college-age son who rarely attends the same courses Curtis often complains about financing. Calvin liked to think of himself as a player until he married Miranda. Like his cousin C. In the fifth season, he gets a job working for the same company as Mercedes and she accidentally kisses him twice: He finds out that he has a son, Calvin Jr. He and Miranda are expecting a child when she decides they should separate, but they agree to try counseling.

Hard Knocks debut foreshadows potential dysfunction

They get stuck in an elevator and solve their problems with help from an "elevator lady" Edi, who turns out to be Dr. Marcos, the marriage-retreat counselor. Calvin was arrested for back child support, but was bailed out of jail before the birth of his child with Miranda in the episode Payneful Resolution Resolution. In the seventh season, Calvin briefly had a job as a manager of a supermarket.

He then started working in the public relations department with C. Calvin is the only main character who was originally not included in the show. The man saw the shooting as a way to get revenge at Calvin for beating him up. Calvin is later found by Janine and is rushed to the hospital in "Do or Die". He survives, but with serious injuries. In the series finale, "All's Well", his wife, Miranda, demands a divorce. The very last scene shows Calvin throwing a vase of flowers at the wall, and the series ends with the camera zoomed in on broken glass and rose petals.

He is a young adult whose interest in young women in his class is so extreme that he'll resort to desperate measures, such as trying out for the cheerleading squad, just to associate with them. Initially, he was often bullied in school as a result of his mother's drug problems. As a result, he is reluctant to welcome her back to the household.

It is hinted that he is allergic to peanuts and knows how to cut hair. His absence is incorporated into the storyline, as he goes to the ROTC during Season 6 and off to college during Season 7, which is a major continuity error as he advanced from elementary school to college in 4 years.

As he prepared to go to college, C. His sister Jazmine was upset about him leaving for college. While in college, he dates a girl named Summer Makeda Declet. Malik then marries Summer just that they can have sex. Summer then wants a divorce from Malik to transfer to a college in New England. But since Malik and Summer have only been married for a few weeks, they are qualified for an annulment and that's how their marriage ended.

She constantly feels invisible and acts out to get her father's attention while her mother is in rehab. At one point, Jazmine had a brief crush on Malik's friend Kevin. Despite her apparent innocence and youth, throughout the series, she was known to act cruel and mean toward Malik and Kevin and schemed to make them miserable.

She is also known to have sarcastic comments and sly plans to get what she wants. For undisclosed reasons, China Anne McClain was written out of the series during the fifth season, which made her the only cast member to not appear in Season 5.

She was re-introduced into the series when she returned in the sixth season. It is hinted that she has a fear of mimes that wear hats. On the premiere of the seventh season, she is 12 years old, and Janine lets her wear lip gloss, and she falls in with the wrong crowd.

Jazmine has made infrequent appearances since the seventh season, due to China Anne McClain's work schedule, as she also starred in A. Farm on Disney Channel. A seemingly responsible adult and mother at the very beginning of the series, she is later revealed to be a drug addict and the arsonist who burned down her and C.

Initially, she was only a recurring character and was rarely seen in the series except in episodes where she associates with Ella Payne, who helps her enter a rehab program and return to the family. Later in the series, she is often criticized by C. She is apparently impregnated by her boyfriend, until an episode reveals that he's sterile. Janine's parents are Larry and Liz Shelton. In seasonsher role in the series has grown more central as she focuses more on her career than her home life—and becomes the target of romantic interest from her boss Roland until C.

From that point on, C. She was first introduced in Season 1 as a con artist who stole all of Calvin and Curtis' money for an art gallery.

The character returned eventually, but what she did to Calvin and Curtis is only very briefly mentioned. She and Calvin married in the Season 4 conclusion. Miranda has a very troubled and bratty nephew; when Calvin was supposed to be in charge of the boy, it was actually the boy who ordered Calvin around. Miranda and Calvin began to have problems in the fifth season. In the beginning of the sixth season, a pregnant Miranda disappears; a couple of episodes later, Miranda says there is no baby, making Calvin believe she had an abortion, but she didn't.

She is actually thinking about giving the baby up for adoption. Then, while all three couples C. But when she and Calvin go to a divorce mediator and get stuck in an elevator, they resolve their marriage problems with help from an "elevator lady" Edi who turns out to be Dr.

Calvin and Miranda had their baby in Season 7. Then Calvin shows up at the Payne House to take Miranda to the anniversary dinner, with a dress and a vase of roses. She interrupts him, and demands a divorce, saying that she'd been waiting for the right moment to tell him, but couldn't find one. The very last scene shows Calvin throwing the vase of roses at the wall, and it shatters.

The series ends with the camera zoomed in on the broken glass and rose petals. Curtis constantly jokes about her annoyance at his presence. Claretha has a big mouth; she even rats out the family business to the media in a crime misconception. She is known for having a collection of wigs. She left at the beginning of Season 5 after marrying a "prince. She has an exceedingly obese daughter named Huretha and was furious and disgusted when she went out with C.

In the early seasons after Janine left, although Huretha was never seen on the show. In the Season 7 episode "Payneful Visit", it is revealed that she has leukemia. Since Season 7, she is no longer credited as a regular cast member. She appeared in a recurring role. He shows little affection towards individual people, but in times of great need will come out and show affection. His first wife disappeared on him, but after he remarried, the first wife returned looking for a divorce.

When he did sign the divorce papers, it turned out she'd written a book, and since he's divorced from her he gets nothing. He has a daughter named Olivia who was dating Zack, one of his barbers. In the sixth season, Floyd's second wife kicks him out so he moves into Curtis and Ella's back yard and started dating Claretha, until his second wife returned, having lost fifty pounds because she was depressed that they were splitting up.

While Floyd had been hoping to string both along without either finding out about the other, until they bumped into each other in the Payne house and both subsequently broke up with him and Claretha kicked him out.

Floyd's middle name is revealed to be Stanley. He is the longest running recurring character on House of Payne. In mid Season 8, he joined the main cast. Curtis hates their visits. They are upper-class and appear snobbish towards the Payne family. Upon their first appearance, Claretha identifies Janine's father as a "dancer" known as Dimples, though no one believes her. Liz comes off as judgmental.

Her relationship with her daughter is usually tested. In a Season 3 episode she stays with the Paynes after being kicked out of her house; she annoys everyone, mostly Ella, Curtis, and Janine.

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In a later episode, she visits the new twins and constantly criticizes Janine's parenting skills, going as far as to try to change the babies' names. When Janine finally confronts her, Liz reveals that her mother was the same way with her. Liz shows a more compassionate side during her visit in Season 6 after reading a letter to C. She shows strong dislike toward Curtis, but takes a liking to everyone else. Her last name is only revealed in Season 6 when Ella's maiden name is finally revealed.

She reappeared in the Season 8 premiere episode "A Mother's Payne", where Ella and her sister Evie decided to put her in a nursing home after a frightening episode resulting from her Alzheimer's disease. In the episode "Amazing Matriarchs", Eunice passes away offscreen. Evelyn "Evie" Williams played by Janet Hubert-Whitten is Ella's older sister who helps takes care of her sick mother and wants what's best for her.

Miranda's wealthy parents who have appeared in Seasons 4—7. Jeffrey is a doctor and Sandra is a lawyer. In season 6, Sandra thought Calvin had something to do with Miranda's disappearance until she resurfaces. In the aftermath, she acts cold towards Calvin but Miranda makes her see reason and change her ways. However, she later confessed to C. She then breaks up with Calvin to reconcile with her old boyfriend.

In Season 5, she returned and tells Calvin that they have a son named Calvin Jr. In Season 6, she was in a car accident which claimed the life of her husband. She then asks Calvin and Miranda to take care of Calvin Jr. She make a pass at Calvin on two occasions: After Calvin pushes her away, she takes Calvin Jr. She then clears Calvin's bank account for back child support, the latter of which Calvin then gets arrested for. Her son is with Calvin for the weekend and when he goes to work and Miranda is asleep, Calvin Jr.

Tracie shows up at the hospital, with her new boyfriend, after she gets a call and tells Calvin she's getting full custody of their son and she attempts to fight Miranda and Janine. But soon her son wakes up from the comaand she neutralizes her problems with Calvin.

Until she checks him out and makes it difficult for Calvin to be a father to their son. Nicole Jamieson played by Robinne Lee was C. She first appeared in the Season 1 episode "Teacher's Pet" where she visited the Payne household to bring back a hamster Jazmine took from the school. They were trapped inside the school building due to a storm that hit Atlanta. From there, sparks started to fly between her and C.

Their relationship soon hit a bump when it is shown that Nicole is mentally unstable. It is most evident as she extremely jealous when C. In one episode, it was shown she even gets upset when C.

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