Meet the crew octonauts coloring

the Octonauts : Meet the Octonauts

octonauts collection 4 books pdf. Octonauts Coloring Book: This amazing coloring book will make your kids happier and give them joy (ages. ) May 4, The Octonauts & The Whale Shark. ISBN £ PB ILLUSTRATED. Meet the Crew! Sound Book. ISBN £ BOARD. Meet the crew and set off on a magical mission under the sea! Octonauts Colouring · Octonauts Colouring · Octonauts Match the Creature.

B, giving one of his heroes, Captain Barnacles a big hug. We were excited to have a photo of all three of us with our favorite Octonauts! One more hug for Captain Barnacles before we go! There were lots of fun facts displayed around the room, which we enjoyed reading. The boys had fun hopping on board the submarine We had a fabulous time at the meet and greet with Captain Barnacles and Peso of the Octonauts.

meet the crew octonauts coloring

They were so friendly, and really just wonderful with the children. The Sea Life Aquarium staff were so nice and welcoming- each one of them had a smile on their face the entire time, and offered to help take our photos, etc.

Being there with them and our Octonaut friends was such a fun experience, and one that we won't soon forget!

meet the crew octonauts coloring

After we enjoyed our time with Captain Barnacles and Peso, we were invited to enjoy and explore the aquarium, which we were excited to do. We started back at the beginning, and made our way through, following the exhibits one by one. B, in awe of all of the beautiful fish and other sea life in the aquarium. Touch-screen technology in every exhibit. Sacha and I were really impressed that each exhibit had a touch screen monitor, which allowed you to select a sea creature, and then displayed information about the selected creature.

One of Sacha's favorite pars of exhibits such as these, is to read more about what he's looking at, so this was a lot of fun for him. B, getting up close and personal with some fishies So many of the exhibits were just beautiful.

Here, we discovered lobsters and horseshoe crabs, among fish. We visited the touch tank, where B touched a starfish, and held a shell. We recognized these little guys- the decorator crabs, because we've seen them on the Octonauts before!

Meet the Octonauts at Sea Life Aquarium

They were truly breathtaking in person! We went room to room, enjoying all of the different tanks and exhibits. B was on a special mission to find sharks, so he had a lot of fun looking for sharks in every exhibit we visited. He truly enjoyed seeing so many beautiful fish, and other sea creatures.

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The colorful fish are always his favorites. B, checking out more fishies This was a beautiful circular tank, where the fish swim round and round in a circle, which was a beautiful sight.

B was actually able to get an inside look into one of the tanks, by crawling under it, and standing up in the glass bubble, which put him right in the middle of the tank! B, looking into the tank and getting up close and person with the sea creatures. Sacha was determined to get in there and take a look, too! Exploring the deep sea, and looking for treasure! I was most impressed by the sea horses these were the potbelly sea horseswhich were beautiful!

We walked into a large room, perhaps my favorite, with a giant tank, which featured gorgeous rays and lots of sharks! The rays were swimming along the bottom of the tank, skimming the top of the water, and almost appeared to be jumping up to greet us.

I felt like they were sort of showing off, and it was amazing! Along with the sharks and rays in the tank, was a huge sea eel, which B thought was so cool!

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There was a little glass bubble, near the eel, which you could put your hand into, and it made it seem like you were reaching out and touching the eel in the tank, though there was glass separating B from the creature.

Majestic rays and sharks There were some beautiful exhibits with wildly colored fish. Hey- isn't that Dori? B and Sacha, in the walk-thru tunnel.

meet the crew octonauts coloring

Perhaps the coolest thing in the entire aquarium, was the underwater ocean walk through tunnel, which surrounds you with beautiful sea creatures, swimming beside you, and overhead! Guests also have the chance to become an honorary Octonaut for a day, roaming the ocean environments inside SEA LIFE Aquarium to learn about marine life and the importance of conservation.

Daily Octonauts activities include: Captain Barnacles and Kwazii will be available for photo opportunities with guests in the Cinema. Plus, get an Octonauts sticker! Kids get to scratch off their answers on the Fact Finding Trail and at the end of the visit they can turn in their answer cards to get a prize!

meet the crew octonauts coloring

There are also several Octonaut informational signs throughout the aquarium. Rachel enjoyed looking for them to help her learn more about the fascinating creatures we saw. Book early to secure your tickets. Every hour or so, there are talks given by the SEA LIFE caregivers where they tell us more about the sea creatures and let us ask questions. Rachel was so cute with the sting rays.

She talks to them like a loving mom, as if they were one of her baby dolls. She even pretended to tickle their bellies through the glass.

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We always love the views into the big aquarium. It's an incredible experience to just stand there and watch so many beautiful creatures swim right past you.

And the degree aquarium tunnel is just as much fun.