Meet the robinsons fanfiction pregnant

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meet the robinsons fanfiction pregnant

Disclaimer: I do not own Meet the Robinsons. Heck, I do not "If the test came out plus then you're pregnant, and if it's a minus then you're not. When she realized she was pregnant, she stopped the affair. She played me off as yours, and has been living in the lie since." He sees the look. A/N: Yay! I love Meet the Robinsons! Don't kill me, but I also happen to like the pairings how they are in the movie that means.

Cornelius searched through his drawers and pulled out the small wired device he was seeking. For the next two hours he adjusted his device to suit the perfect paramaters he needed for the Lightsaber. If there was just one small anomaly Cornelius suppressed a shudder.

After another hour he was completely satisfied with his work, and picked up the handheld rod to install it. So fixed upon his invention that he didn't notice Wilbur slip in quietly through the door and close it with a very soft click!

Wilbur had just finished scrubbing his hands raw after changing Grace's diaper, and he was convinced that the smell was still lingering on him, despite using about half a can of deoderant. Carl had literally shut down in the corridor when he walked past Wilbur's room, and it took Aunt Billie 15 minutes to screw his nose attachment back into place when she found him.

They always get me cheery. She sighed and shook her head. In fact, if you don't need me around the house this morning, I think I'm going to take another nap," Franny replied tiredly, getting up from the counter with the gel-wrap still firmly plastered to her head.

meet the robinsons fanfiction pregnant

Lucille nodded distractedly, mopping up spilt juice from the table. Franny took this as a yes, and quickly retreated back to her bedroom before any other of her bizarre relatives made an appearance. She leaned against the door, whimpering as pain shot across her hairline. She got up and made her way to the bed, sinking into the pillows as her eyes drifted shut… OoOoOoOoO Wilbur leaned against his window in the backseat of the hover-craft, seething.

His father gave him a look, which dashed any thoughts of back-chatting the man. But Wilbur knew that it wasn't his fault that Jack McKenzie deserved a face-full of cake for calling him a spoilt brat who hides behind his mothers skirts. Which was exactly what Wilbur had given him. No one even remembered how the insults had started, but that didn't stop Wilbur from being picked up an hour early after a furious holo-call to his father.

Cornelius parked the 'craft after a VERY long and silent minute drive back to their home. He turned off the ignition and turned in his seat, and just sighed as Wilbur stubbornly glared out the window.

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Cornelius just shook his head, indicating how disappointed he was in his only son. He suddenly got out of the car, startling Wilbur. He doubted he would get off that easily. He was absolutely right. As soon as his feet touched the ground, Cornelius took hold of his upper arm and led him up the stairs, dumping him in his room.

Cornelius walked swiftly out of the room, heading for the stairs. Franny would be up by now, and he decided to check her music room first. He swung open the door, but she was nowhere in sight.

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The amphibian shook his green head. Franny lifted herself off the couch and stretched, purposefully dropping her mail-order list on Wilbur's head as she did so. I'm going to check up on your father- and I don't want to see any new additions to that list that aren't strictly for the baby by the time I get back.

She headed out the room and slowly made her way up the spiraling staricase- she had refused flat out whenever someone suggested taking the Travel Tubes, the exercise was good for her. Two minutes later Franny was knocking on the door decorated with a beautiful nameplate which had yet to be filled.

He smiled at her and fitted a hand around her waist, holding the crib's assembly instructions in his free hand.

meet the robinsons fanfiction pregnant

Whenever the baby gets real agitated, it plays a recording of us saying soothing stuff and all to try and calm it down, and at the same time sends a signal to this watch if it needs to be fed or changed. Franny looked up at him and asked: Franny chuckled and shook her head.

I don't like Madeline, or Amy, or Shenae He smiled as he thought about it. No offense, but I don't really agree with what you've got here- 'Cornelius Junior.