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meet the scout wow abandoned

as a parent/guardian of a Girl Scout to complete this form and return it to the responsible Girl Scout adult before or at the time of the next Girl Scout meeting. As the L. See you at the home for abandoned Scouts! Wow! I'm a GS leader of a pretty tight knit group. I have never handed out a form like that!. The amount of customers willing to immediately abandon a business reached nearly 70 percent when it came to poor service on . Wow, indeed. .. How should the Woo support team meet the needs of beginners? .. More about Help Scout. This line was borrowed from The Simpsons (specifically, the episode "Homie the Clown") and recorded for Meet the Sandvich.

There's no question you need this gun, the only question is: The name "Lugermorph" is a portmanteau of "Luger P08", a German sidearm that the Lugermorph is based on, and "lagomorph", any member of the mammalian order made up of mostly rabbits and hares.

The description references a running gag in the series - namely, where Max keeps his gun when he is not using it, as he has no clothes. Sandman The Sandman is a mythical character who tosses sand into the eyes of people to put them to sleep, fitting well with the fact that the Sandman's secondary attack puts hit enemies "to sleep" for a short duration.

The name is also a reference to Sandlot balla variation of baseball. Shortstop This weapon's name is a reference to the " shortstop ", the fielding position between second and third base in baseball.

Sun-on-a-Stick Spiky end goes into other man. The description refers to a line spoken by the character Alejandro Murrieta in the The Mask of Zorro. Unarmed Combat So nice of the Spy to lend an arm The description is a pun on the phrase "lending a hand", which means to help someone with a task. The weapon's title is a reference to "unarmed combat", a term which involves two or more people fighting each other with their bare hands. Batter's Helmet You'll be batting a thousand skulls in when you don this red piece of plastic!

The term "batting a thousand" comes from baseball statistics, where it signifies getting a hit for every turn at batting. It was transferred to other activities in the s. The name "Big Elfin Deal" is a pun on the colloquial phrase "big effing deal".

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The description is a joke based on the elf Hermey from the s television special Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeerwho aspired to become a dentist. Bombing Run Death from above! A "bombing run" is the part of a flight of a bomber aircraft that brings it to the point over a target at which its bombs are released.

This is referenced in the description. Bonk Helm When drinking one radioactive beverage at a time is not enough. The Bonk Helm is a reference to similar beverage-carrying headwear that is stereotypically worn by sporting event spectators, usually referred to as a "beverage hat", "beer helmet" or "thirst aid hat".

Bootie Time You dasher! Pull Santa's sleigh all by yourself, you sexy little man. This item's only attribute, "Jingle all the way", is a reference to the popular Christmas song Jingle Bells.

Champ Stamp Show Chinese organized crime gangs who's boss by wearing their cool tattoos without actually participating in any of their totally illegal criminal conspiracies!

The name is a reference to the term " Tramp stamp ", referring to a tattoo which a woman places on her lower back. Curse-a-Nature Similarly to the Force-A-Naturethe name of this set is a reference to the Scout's description of himself in the Meet the Scout video. Flapjack The design resembles Shotaro Kaneda 's jacket from the anime, Akira. The original name before it was renamed to Flapjack was "Neo Tokyo Runner", and Neo Tokyo being the main location of the story.

meet the scout wow abandoned

Flight of the Monarch Unlike real wings, these don't help you fly at all, or have Paul McCartney in them. This item resembles the fake wings worn by the Monarch's henchmen from The Venture Bros. The name comes from the fictional book by the same name written by Henchman 21 that begins a chain of events leading up to the Monarch being arrested and incarcerated. Flunkyware This matching henchman's boots, belt and pocket combo lets you run away from things, keep your pants up and carry what's left of your dignity at the same time.

This item resembles the belt and boots worn by the Monarch's henchmen from The Venture Bros. Front Runner This commemorative sweatband is a loving tribute to the heroes - and we don't use that word lightly - who live their lives like sweaty candles in the wind. In a race, the front-runner is the person in the lead.

meet the scout wow abandoned

The description references Elton John's song Candle in the Wind. Futankhamun The name is a portmanteau of the word "foot" and the name of the famous Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun. Hanger-On Hood Protect your civilian identity from those who would harm you for your complicity in nefarious deeds, and those who would punch you in the stomach for dressing up like a moth.

This item resembles the masked hood worn by the Monarch's henchmen from The Venture Bros. The line in the description about dressing like a moth refers to the running gag of the Venture brothers mistaking the Monarch's and his henchmen's guise as that of a moth, by which the Monarch is particularly offended.

Hermes Don't shoot the messenger. Actually, go ahead and try. Can't be done, pal! In Greek mythology, Hermes is the messenger of the Gods, best known for his ability to move extremely quickly. The Scout's class icon is taken from Hermes' winged shoes. The term " don't shoot the messenger " is used to describe attacking a bringer of bad news.

meet the scout wow abandoned

Hero's Tail Possibly the result of pigmentation loss due to horrible experiments. Possibly a mop of some kind. The item's description is a reference to The Witchera book about people who hunt dangerous monsters. The main character's skin and hair lose pigmentation as a result of the consumption of mutagens, a prerequisite of his transformation into a full witcher.

The description also refers to mops commonly used as makeshift wigs in comedy pieces. Kimberly Herbert December 23, at 9: The school I worked at got out at 2: It took the principal calling the cops to pick up the kids and their parents dealing with the fall out to solve the problem.

We had the same problem with kids in various after school clubs. Which meant two teachers were stuck sitting with the kid. We had to fight to get 3 strikes rule. Sara December 23, at 9: Some parent who was an hour late multiple weeks in a row causing the poor leader to be stuck out in the cold somewhere.

You have to be in the position of waiting outside or inside a building for some parent who is uncontactable while you need to be someplace else before you really understand. Because children CAN wait. They CAN entertain themselves. They CAN interact safely with strangers.

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When I waited and waited after school for my parents to pick me up, there were no teachers sitting with me. I was expected to wait. And I was expected to know how to make a phone call if I needed to call my parents. Emily December 23, at Do all the levels of the Girl Scouts have the same pick-up rules, or does it just start out that strict in Daisies, and then gradually relax in the upper levels? I mean, your daughter broke her wrist, and needed medical attention.

Also, what about emergencies on the other end? That happened to me once in grade one—my mom was late picking me up from school during a snowstorm, to add to the dramaso my friend and I walked to her house, I called my mom from there, life moved on as normal, and I grew just a little more resilient that day.

meet the scout wow abandoned

Warren December 23, at Chances are they are going to tell the troop leader what they can do with their punishment. Havva December 24, at How many times did you have to watch the place you knew and feel safe get locked up.

How many times were you still waiting at 10pm at night? How many times did you wait more than 2 hours, how about 3 or more? SKL December 24, at 5: I think they troop parents should get together and decide what that is going to be or maybe there should be several options depending on the individual family.

And I can see how outside intervention might be warranted in a case with a parent habitually leaving a young kid long beyond regularly supervised hours.

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Yeah, something is very not right about that. What is that parent doing? At some point that could warrant a call to the authorities assuming there has been repeated communication with parents about fixing the problem.

But making it a blanket rule on a form?

Uh, Girl Scouts, Isn’t This Form a Little Harsh?

That implies it has to be done every time, right? Alright, we have the handle, the head, and the ointment like you asked for. Can you re-assemble the mallet? Silly youngin, just put rod in hole. And the mallet shall again be whole. Good as nibby new! But listen to the Monkey King. You only have enough ointment for one true swing. Are we sure this will work?

Is there any way to get more ointment? The Monkey King was there, the last time this mallet struck true. Tears came to eyes, and harmony was felt through and through.

meet the scout wow abandoned

But no more ointment was ever made, for the mogu came with their raid. Use what you have, be grateful it is there. For the bell is a dangerous weapon, so handle with care.

Connelly also sends a letter afterward. He might be in over his head on this one. During the Cataclysm Anduin helped SI: That kid's going to be a King someday, and not just because of his birth.