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meet the team inspiration

But what if your team members would be engaged right from the start? Then, start your meeting by sharing an inspirational message. True appreciation connects your team's efforts back to a grand vision and mission . what they did well, feel proud, and get inspired to repeat the action. employee appreciation speeches and casual meeting shout-outs. Meet the TimeZoneOne team. We're multi-skilled you speak with us. Our global community of inspiring storytellers will create exceptional results for your brand.

Employee Appreciation Speech Scripts Build on these customizable scripts to deliver employee appreciation speeches and casual meeting shout-outs every chance you get.

Each script follows the 3-step approach we discussed above. Swipe the examples below, but remember to infuse each speech with your own unique perspectives, personality, and heartfelt emotions. All-Purpose Appreciation Speech Greet your audience. I feel so lucky to work with you all. In fact, [insert playful aside: It drives her nuts! Talk about behaviors you appreciate. Everyone here is [insert applicable team soft skills: Finance launched an amazing new online payroll system.

Business Development doubled their sales last quarter. Human Resources trained us all in emotional intelligence. Talk about the effects of the behaviors.

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Revenue from those doubled sales will go into our core investments, including a new training program. Knowing I have your support and dedication makes me a better, happier person both at work and at home. Formal Appreciation Speech Greet your audience by explaining why you were excited to come to work today. As I got out of bed and thought about doing [insert daily workplace activities that inspire you], I felt excitement instead of dread.

Just last week, [insert specific anecdote: She wants to remind me that we committed to submit a promotional plan by the end of the week. Her initiative dazzled me, and it saved my life! In fact, they asked us to plan a similar initiative for their upcoming mid-year conference.

Meet the Inspiration Software, Inc. Team

And you know what, it was hard for me to pick just one example to discuss tonight. You all do so many things that blow me away every day. Thank you for everything. Thank you for making each day of work something we can all be proud of.

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Here at [company name] we [insert core competency: This company would be nothing without your work. Go on a morning walk.

meet the team inspiration

Meditate for ten minutes. Do yoga or stretches for a few minutes. Start your meeting at a nearby coffee shop. Getting out of old habits now and again has a couple of benefits.

First, your team will be more engaged at your meeting. And second, doing things differently can give you valuable new perspectives and a creativity boost. Ready for tip 3? What if you and your team sat down and… played. Hear me out here: If people can play with things during your meeting, it might make it easier for them to relax their minds, relieve stress and get focused.

Use toys like stress balls, coloring pens and papers and coloring books. Or, take it to the next level. Make it a team effort and use lego bricks or a puzzle. Lego bricks, puzzles and other brain teasers to start a meeting have a hidden advantage.

How can you use this in your meetings? Let your co-workers work on one specific thing over several meetings. You get excited meeting participants who WANT to attend your meeting. Share their successes to get their attention Want people to pay attention throughout your meeting?

This does a few things for you: First, research shows that people are affected by kind words and flattery even on a subconscious level. Meeting participants will look forward to your next meeting. They have an incentive… To get some well-earned positive feedback in front of their coworkers. Second, you make your organization a nicer workplace. If you set the right example, people will start mimicking it.

And that, in turn, means you get happier coworkers. People will see through false flattery. Highlight skills and strengths in a genuine way. For example, talk about a successful project. Or thank a coworker who always makes people around him or her smile. A fun way to start a meeting? Challenge them in their work Look: According to Harvard Business Reviewhappy employees feel challenged in their work.

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And happiness and productivity go hand in hand. So why not use this in your meetings? Challenge people right from the start. Here are a few interactive meeting ideas: Ask people to solve a business challenge your team is facing. Or ask them to share their own struggles and let everyone else brainstorm a solution. This could be something like a riddle. Start your meeting with an inspirational message Want your meeting to be truly inspirational? You know, the kind of meeting that gets people to take action and move forward.

Then, start your meeting by sharing an inspirational message. Show an insightful TED talk. Or share a quote you like or an interesting article.

meet the team inspiration

Whatever it is, the point is to share a message that inspires your coworkers to think in new ways. Your meeting will actually make a difference. And during it, meeting participants will pay attention.

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Will people be more creative at your meeting and enjoy it more? With a simple icebreaker, you get people to relax from the start. As a result, generating ideas and making decisions gets a lot easier. Another benefit is that you get to know your coworkers on a completely different level. And this, again, is a powerful way to build a team. Now, there are several icebreakers you can use in your meetings.

The sky is the limit here, but below are some examples of fun activities to start a meeting: Ask everyone share one life or career goal. Start with sharing your own goal and encourage others to follow suit.