Nathaniel cars meet the team ideas

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nathaniel cars meet the team ideas

Explore CAYK Marketing Inc's board "Ideas For Team Pages" on Pinterest. Inspiring Designs: Meet the Team & About Us pages – Creative Web Design. So I spent the week coming up with some new ideas. And the one page I struggled with a little bit was the “Meet the Team” page. Should it be fun or professional. Our collaborative team members have a wide range of industry knowledge and experience. They are highly qualified experts with a passion for their work. Meet.

Kirby Bukowski Developer Kirby loves taking things apart and putting them back together again; he also loves hunting for creative ways to solve creative problems. More surprising, maybe, is his undying love of tiki drinks. Important Fact Important fact twofer: Kirby plays in a doom metal band and has a dachshund named Petunia.

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Mike Cargian Director of Technology Mike is a tough man to pin down. An expert-level frequent flyer, he once flew from New York City to Honolulu and back again just for the frequent flyer miles and a quick Mai Tai. Important Fact Mike is an aspiring pinball league champion. Important Fact Between long road trips and tour managing bands, Alexandre has traveled across basically all of the 50 states. Graphic design is a great way to get into UX.

And for Meagan, UX was a great way to get into Madwell twice! And to think she passed up a career as a professional chicken wing-eater Important Fact No one rolls an egg roll faster than Meagan. Her parents own a Chinese restaurant. Stephen Chu Copywriter Stephen was working as a graphic designer in sunny California when he stumbled across copywriting, fell head over heels, and landed smack dab in New York City.

Important Fact The mouse in this pic did all of its own stunts and was not harmed in any way. Chris Church Senior Designer Chris believes great work ethic is the backbone of design. He spent the past eight years rowing competitively at the Varsity and Collegiate level, a sport requiring daily 5 am wake-ups.

Luckily, this has given him a high tolerance to the effects of sleep deprivation, an accepted job hazard for any young designer. He also has a mild obsession with Chipotle and struggles each day he goes without it. Chipotle, you're on notice: Important Fact Has a passionate hatred for shoe laces and is anxiously waiting for the day velcro comes back into style. Julia is also quite fond of kittens, steak, and becomes irritable with lack of proper food and rest.

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Important Fact Reared in Belgium. Since first tinkering with code at age 11, Joe has made all kinds of neat stuff sans hand-eye coordination.

nathaniel cars meet the team ideas

Important Fact Joe once landed a job tutoring the Mayor of Istanbul's son based on his entirely average knowledge of John Cena. Wake Coulter Designer As a middle school recluse, Wake spent just enough time drawing and staring at a computer to realize that design was for him. But while careers are lucrative and all, so is spending your first year out of college in the world's second-northernmost capital just to discover you can eat a whole peach in one bite.

Time is money, people. At a wax museum. Before you jump to conclusions, we should add that she also worked in grant writing and marketing at Hot Bread Kitchen, a social justice bakery that helps immigrant women learn and apply culinary skills. Against all odds aka, a crippling taco infatuationhe later moved to NYC; here he gets to blend his creative spirit with his love of reformatting itemized budget spreadsheets.

Truly, there is no higher honor. Joe DeSalazar VP of Client Services After deciding—by majoring in it—that political science wasn't his speed, Joe followed the advice of a wise sensei guidance counselor and gave marketing a go. Important Fact Way back when, Joe wrote and creative directed not one, but two Twix commercials.

Other winning factors include her Philly native status, her friendship with every member of the Washington Wizards who played between and a supportive relationship with her cat, Penn. She is able to provide great insight into any part of a project from developing a business plan, launching a product to completing value analysis of existing products.

She loves spending time with her family and is a foodie at heart. He is an electronics engineer by day and a backyard mechanic and tinkerer by night. Ben enjoys mountain biking in the summer, cross country skiing in the winter, and woodworking year round. Mike Birbiglia makes him laugh the hardest. Ben Zuiderveen Industrial Designer Bob Soeters possesses over 30 years of industry experience, working in a variety of roles ranging from manufacturing supervision to strategic planning.

He is a part of the Talent Engineering team in which he recruits for internal and external positions. Brandon enjoys the Great Lakes of Michigan in which he can paddle board, boat, and wake surf. Brennan is a music aficionado and is able to play numerous instruments including piano, violin, bass, and guitar. He also enjoys card games, strategy games, running, and peanut butter Captain Crunch. While young, Brennen already has four years of SolidWorks experience under his belt and co-op experience at Ford.

Brennen is an off-road enthusiast who loves being on the sand dunes with his friends and family. He enjoys tinkering on cars and trucks and building things with his brother and friends.

Brent and his family enjoy their church family, spending time at the Silver Lake Sand Dunes and playing Lacrosse. As a Team Lead — Product Engineering and Program Management, he specializes in bringing products to launch and supporting current production products.

He is a big sports fan and is involved with youth sports programs through officiating. Brian LaFrence Team Lead - Product Development Brian brings over 20 years of manufacturing, product, and quality engineering experience across a variety of industries. Casey loves spending time camping, fishing, and exploring trails at his cabin in the Manistee National Forest.

As a Product Development Engineer he provides a unique perspective and understanding to the design and development of products. Outside of work he spends his time enjoying his young family, serving in the community, working on home improvement projects, and when time permits engaging in outdoor recreational activities. He enjoys sports, cars and the outdoors. She enjoys supporting the DISHER team by overseeing payroll, benefits, month-end reporting, and company-wide offsites.

She enjoys reading and spending time with family. Chris has global experience leading design projects in places like China, Germany, Japan, and a handful of others, enjoying traveling and visiting new places. Christian also enjoys backpacking, woodworking, rock climbing, and anything that flies.

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Christopher enjoys traveling and high-adventure sports like climbing, mountain biking, and kayaking. If he could live anywhere, Christopher would choose a custom-outfitted school bus where home is where he parked it.

Christopher Slamp Manufacturing Engineer Chuck has a diverse background across many industries and brings those 30 years of design, quality and manufacturing experience to life in a positive and creative manner. He enjoys his community service and mission trips each year as a part of his way of giving back to the world. As a Product Development Engineer, he has taken products from an idea to production, and supported many other products in different phases of the Product Development Process.

Outside of work he enjoys working on his own projects and spending time with his family. While at WMU, Connor was the captain of an award-winning concrete canoe team—he still mentors for this program. Connor enjoys basketball, flag football, snowboarding, guitar, and video games. Elon Musk is his hero. Connor Tierney Product Development Engineer Costa has close to a decade of experience in engineering as a technician with laboratory instruments and in manufacturing with data analysis, signal processing, process improvement, and inventory management.

He also hopes to one day finish his MS degree. In addition to electronics, Costa enjoys the outdoors, gardening, tennis, piano, and his young family. Costa grew up in Greece where he spent his summers spear-gun fishing and octopus hunting. Dan has experience with project management in the automotive industry, and he also has hands-on experience with the controls and instrumentation industry. Dan enjoys spending his free time with friends and family.

Dan Cempel Product Development Engineer Dan is experienced in multiple facets of product development including aesthetic design, concept development, modeling, prototyping, testing, and FEA. You can create whatever you can dream up! He provides teams with the leadership needed to meet their project goals. He enjoys water skiing during the summer months and building model kits during the winter. As a Talent Engineer, he brings his natural focus on building meaningful relationships to connect great people and great companies.

David also loves to travel to go skiing and hiking whenever he can. He enjoys playing golf and lacrosse and likes to camp, backpack, and travel. Dayna helps organizations with vision mapping, branding, developing their people and more.

He is a soccer coach, youth group leader and an energetic family man. Dayna Beal Business Lead - Discovery Marketing Dennis has over 10 years of experience as a product and manufacturing engineer in the furniture and automotive industry. His passion for lean product development has helped customers launch and support dozens of new products. He loves taking bright ideas and bringing them into the physical world. Derick also enjoys wakeboarding, fishing, project cars, and snowboarding.

His hero is Elon Musk because of his advancements in technology while everyone told him he was crazy. His expertise includes solid and surface modeling in a number of different CAD packages. Eric is an avid Detroit sports fan and loves the outdoors. He recently relocated to West Michigan from Indiana. Foster loves reruns of The Office, working on house projects, and playing volleyball and soccer.

He played soccer throughout college and looks forward to joining a recreational league. In his spare time, Foster enjoys tinkering, making things… and getting grease and sawdust everywhere! If Foster had the chance, he would live in the Canadian Rocky Mountains as their size and beauty puts things into perspective.

Foster Hovey Product Development Engineer Frank brings decades of electronics, design, and engineering experience mainly in automotive. Frank enjoys cycling, cars, and building challenging outdoor equipment for his 2 kids. His experience includes engineering, project management, and sales.

Welcome to Nathaniel Cars

He enjoys hiking, fishing, time with friends, and is an avid dog lover. Hannah attends Liberty University and is pursuing her degree in Graphic Design. During her free time, Hannah enjoys paddle boarding, trail running with her dog, cooking, and traveling. If she could do anything for a day, she would climb a mountain or read her favorite book, Let My People Go Surfing.

nathaniel cars meet the team ideas

Hope recently relocated from Pella, Iowa, and is excited to be living in beautiful West Michigan. As a music junky, Hope has been to over concerts in the last five years. A college athlete and all-around competitor, she enjoys everything from yard games to sport leagues.

Hope Wadle Digital Marketing Strategist Jaclyn bring eight years of industry experience in recruiting and talent placement to the Talent Solutions team. Jaclyn enjoys spending every possible second outdoors either camping, kayaking, boating, hunting, or fishing. She enjoys watching sports and getting on the tennis court as often as possible.

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He has a wide range of automotive component diversity with many OEMs. In his free time, James enjoys running competitively, helping Habitat for Humanity, traveling, and camping. Jamie and her family love to be active and you can often find them playing, coaching or watching sports. He brings a variety of experience in machine design and product development. Jason is a certified SolidWorks expert and a certified DriveWorks professional.

Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his family, DIY projects, and exploring new places. I personally like to prototype robots with hobby electronics. He brings close to three decades of new product development knowledge with experience in program management, product design, manufacturing, quality, training, and development.

Jeff is a certified Professional Engineer in the State of Michigan. He and his family enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. Jessi loves to read, shop, attend concerts, and play with her twin daughters. Jessi Fluke Talent Engineer Joe enjoys coaching the Manufacturing Technology team and draws from a wide variety of work experience including manufacturing, quality systems, machining, and programming.

Outside of work, he likes to spend time at home with his wife and two boys and leads various ministries at his church. For the last seven years, he has worked in project management, production engineering, and plant-site supervision roles. His favorite sport is water polo which he played in high school.

You can find him playing in the Holland Street Performer Series during the summer or in his worship band at church.

nathaniel cars meet the team ideas

His expertise includes machine and controls design and development, customer service, and quoting. Joel and his family enjoy exploring new places and meeting new people. Golf is his favorite pastime and reading insightful books that are full of adventure. Jon enjoys mountain biking as well as golfing and also volunteers at the First Tee of West Michigan.

In addition to outdoor activities, Jonathan enjoys piano, photography, travel, cooking, games, and electronics. His favorite day so far was jumping off the tallest building in Auckland, NZ and seeing Phantom of the Opera that night. Jon enjoys spending time with his young family, sports, and exercise.

He is an avid fly fisherman and lifelong Michigan fan. Josh Bultema Product Development Engineer Joshua is motivated by engaging, diverse challenges and helping people solve problems. He is also a Professional Engineer for the state of Michigan. Joshua enjoys spending time with his wife and three young sons. He also appreciates cars, music, sports, travel, and food!

Training and mentoring team members are a joy. We are Recruitment Redesigned. As I grew older, I found that I loved building things. When I discovered biomedical engineering, I found the perfect fit! Kayla loves art and dabbles in drawing, painting, pottery, and crafts.

She has over 13 years of accounting and office management experience. Kelli loves spending time with her husband and five children and attending many of their activities.

She also enjoys church involvement, being outdoors, and boating… and loves to laugh! Kelli Hills Business Operations Specialist Keri is an expert in staffing management with over 21 years of experience in talent attraction, retention, branding, implementation, problem solving, and reorganization.