Santa paws 2 meet the pups from paw

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santa paws 2 meet the pups from paw

Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups is a Disney direct-to-DVD family film, directed Sarah, the pups, and three sisters Mrs. Claus met try to bring the Christmas. Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups is a Disney direct-to-DVD family film, directed The Santa Pups then meet a new friend Baxter, who his owner Jeb Gibson. Meet the characters from Disney's Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups movie.

However, Santa is so popular with the children, word of the store spreads and Santa makes the store very popular. Stout goes to get her hair done, Will shows Quinn the store and the bike in the window she wishes she could have. Quinn goes into the store where Kate leads her to Santa, whom she asks for a puppy for the children of the orphanage to brighten their spirits and that Will could have the bike she wants.

After returning to the foster home, they are caught by Ms. Stout, and Quinn inadvertently reveals an insult Will said earlier about Ms.

Stout then punishes Will by leaving her to spend the night in the basement without dinner, an upset Will is disheartened that little kids always get her in trouble. Meanwhile, the reindeer are still waiting in Central Park with the sled for Santa and Paws to return, since they are unable to fly without Santa's magic.

A cub scout named Jimmy Jonathan Morgan Heitcomes across them and vows to help find the real Santa Claus and give him the message that the reindeer are in Central Park waiting for him. He comes across Gus who is posing as a Santa with Santa's bag, ringing a bell to ask for money from passersby.

He eventually finds the real Santa in Hucklebuckle Toy Store, who gives Jimmy his pin to thank him for his perseverance, even if Santa doesn't remember if he is the real Santa. That evening, Paws wanders around the foster home desperately lost, calls for help. Quinn hears his distress and believes he was Santa's gift in response to her request. Paws explains his situation and Quinn agrees to hide him in the janitors closet for the night promising to take Paws to Hucklebuckles the next morning, believing that Santa is there.

santa paws 2 meet the pups from paw

The next morning Will finds Quinn and Paws but cannot hear Paws speak since her Christmas spirit has subsided. Quinn then takes Paws to Hucklebuckles, unfortunately Paws wanders in at the one time Santa went for a break and James took over for him, they both head back with Quinn being hesistant to believe that Will was right.

Janie discovers Quinn and Paws as they return to the orphanage and that night, Janie, Meg, Taylor and Mary discover that Paws can communicate with them too, but Will still cannot understand. Paws explains and the girls sing a musical number to make Will believe in Christmas again. Later, without his crystal, Santa becomes ill and passes out. Kate and James bring him to the hospital and are unable to find any of his family or anyone who knows him.

Meanwhile, Eli and Eddy track down Santa's crystal and find Gus in the park, who admits to taking it and feels remorse. Eli then realizes the severity of the situation knowing without the magic crystal Santa could become mortal and eventually die.

Gus vows to make things right and joins Eli and Eddy find Santa and save Christmas. The trio find the reindeer who are getting weak from lack of food, so Gus searches for Christmas food for their nourishment while Eli and Eddy track down Paws' crystal, who is now at the orphanage where Quinn found him.

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Stout finds Paws in the orphanage, she takes his crystal and puts him in the basement with Will for punishment, also seizing Quinn's mothers Christmas ornament from her. During the night Will finally regains her Christmas spirit and hears Paws' voice, however by dawn the next morning without the crystal, Paws turns back into a stuffed animal.

Stout finds him, she thinks he's a toy and throws him into the incinerator. After she leaves to go on a date with Franklin and leaves the children alone, Eli and Eddy arrive and help them search for Paws and the crystal. Quinn finds Paws and manages to save him before he can fall into the incinerator. After finding them and placing the crystal back on Paws, he turns back into a real puppy.

Santa Paws 2: Santa Pups

Jimmy runs to tell the reindeer he thinks he found the real Santa and gave him the message. Gus returns with Christmas food for the reindeer.

Both find they are helping as Santa Ambassadors to help save Christmas. Gus takes Jimmy to the orphanage where Eli and Eddy went. Eddy recognizes the pin Jimmy is wearing, which Santa gave him, which proves he knows where he is. Jimmy tells them where to find the real Santa at the Hucklebuckle Toy Store. Will and Quinn know where that is and take them there. Eli tells Jimmy to keep the pin and dubs him an official Santa's helper for his perseverance, before Jimmy heads home. Haggis, Rasta and T-Money arrive and join in as well determined to keep their promise to Paws.

When Kate and James tell them he's in the hospital, they work together to rescue him and give him back the crystal. But the crystal is too weak to revive Santa.

Paws tells Eli to put his crystal next to Santa to help, sacrificing himself as he'll turn back into a stuffed animal. Santa wakes up to find Paws as a stuffed animal. Gus drives the reindeer sled to the toy store, so that they could rush back to the North Pole to save him with the magic icicle. With Christmas around the corner, the icicle doesn't have enough power to spare.

Santa Paws 2: Santa Pups Movie Review

Santa mourns over the loss of his best friend, which caused the magic to flow and turn Paws back into a full-grown dog named Santa Paws Mitchel Musso and Christmas is back on. Stout left the children alone and Will and Quinn are missing, Eli had informed Mrs.

Gibson from Child Services, who then fires Ms. Stout for her cruelty towards the girls and takes over the orphanage. Kate and James bring Will and Quinn back to the orphanage and decide to adopt them, with them all finally getting the family they always wanted.

Later that night, Mrs. Claus told him to. Claus, come on, Eddy! Eli and Eddy soon rushed into the other room, dressed like doctors. Claus has everything under control.

santa paws 2 meet the pups from paw

I think my blood sugar is a little low, Santa Claus. Could you give me one of Mrs. This caused Patch to go face-paw. Santa chuckled and handed them both a plate of sugar cookies.

santa paws 2 meet the pups from paw

Patch and Santa Paws ate Mrs. Claus's sugar cookies in content and calmness. After a while, the door leading to Santa Paws's mate opened to show Mrs.

The others looked up to see her. Claus smiled to everyone. Santa Paws, you have three beautiful daughters, and a son. Claus smiled as she would allow that. Everyone followed the jolly old woman into the other room as a female white dog with her own red hat with white fluff smiled as four puppies were born and now getting milk from their mother.

santa paws 2 meet the pups from paw

Patch couldn't believe how cute and adorable the baby puppies were. Paws said as one female puppy whined a little tune slightly. This one is singing already. That was one of our favorites. Another female puppy seemed to come closer between her siblings. The Claus couple even agreed while Eli smiled back. Paws soon sang to her puppies as she was a proud mother. Soon enough, everybody in all of the North Pole came over to go and meet the puppies. As every parent knows, raising puppies to become responsible dogs requires a great deal of patience and perseverance.

They soon heard loud singing.

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Patch groaned as he knew who did that. Patch was almost about to turn off the microphone.