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STAR WARS™ Knights of the Old Republic™ II: The Sith Lords™ relationship begins still persist, this is why you end up with this pseudo romance. doing the dark side wrong so the master/apprentice relationship persists. Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords may very well be the greatest Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 Walkthrough Part 2 ***Awaken*** . The power of a story's ending cannot be overstated and Knights of the Old Republic II's for itself by allowing players to choose between the light and dark side of the. For Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords on the Xbox, Everything I suggest goes towards the end result of beating the final boss not . Depending on your relationships with them, you may succeed or fail. They are: Light Side: Jedi Weaponsmaster Dark Side: Sith Maurader or Sith.

Surik was released from custody when it was discovered that Peragus II had been destroyed as a result of her escape from the Sith Lord Darth Sionand she began a search for her stolen ship. Brianna, flanked by two of her sisters, confronted the group and demanded their surrender. Surik agreed so as to avoid a conflict, and Brianna escorted her to meet with Atris. Atris had been one of the masters who decided on Surik's punishment for her involvement in the Mandalorian Wars, and was not pleased to see her again.

After a charged discussion over Surik's seeming unrepentant attitude towards her actions in defying the Council, she informed Atris of the Sith's involvement in the destruction of Peragus II, and offered her aid.

Atris suggested she seek out the other surviving Jedi Masters and gather them at the ruined Enclave on Dantooine in order to form a plan of action, and sent Surik away. Brianna was startled to have seen her mistress become so volatile, strengthening her growing belief that the Jedi were not the passionless beings Atris had described them to be. Brianna was wary of Surik at first, but began to speak more freely when Surik managed to convince her that, contrary to Atris's opinion, she had not turned to the dark side of the Force during the Mandalorian Wars.

Brianna confessed that she was the only one of her sisters who did not doubt Surik's battle prowess and was more receptive to Surik's opinion. Brianna also mentioned how she was often distracted by the Jedi teachings Atris had rescued and stored at the academy; and, as a result, was eager to learn about life as a Jedi. She asked about various details of a Jedi's life, including the issue of attachment. Brianna also informed Surik that she always trained to better herself, and they discussed the Echani view of expression of feelings through combat.

As one final question, Brianna asked what it was like to feel the Forceand was satisfied by the answers both Surik and Kreia provided. You are a leader—your stance, your every action proves it. Additionally, Brianna was to monitor Surik's activities for Atris in order to confirm that Surik still served the light side. While Rand vocally objected to allowing a spy to travel with them, Surik welcomed Brianna to the crew. At this point, however, Brianna was still wary of Surik, as she had been warned by Atris not to trust her.

She secluded herself inside the cargo bay so that she could hone her fighting style, while keeping herself separate from the rest of the crew. Knights of the Old Republic II: Alternate stories are noted in the " Behind the scenes " section. Brianna, during her time with Meetra Surik While Surik attempted to get to know Brianna, the Echani continued to be wary of trusting her, but through acts of kindness and charity during their journey, Brianna finally believed that Atris had been wrong in her judgments.

Brianna occasionally clashed with Visas Marra former Sith assassin who was initially on a mission to capture Surik. Although Marr joined the crew after her defeat at Surik's hands, Brianna did not trust her due to Marr's ties to the Sith. After some convincing from Surik, Brianna learned to accept her presence, although she still kept a watchful eye on the Miraluka. As they trained, Surik challenged Brianna's Echani tradition about sparring while wearing only undergarments ; Brianna conceded that bulkier clothes would be more practical.

She surprised Surik by then changing into a heavy set of grayed robesthe style associated with a Jedi Master. When asked, she finally revealed that they were the last keepsake of her mother that she had never known. She opened up to Surik and revealed the story of her past, but she asked that it be kept secret from the rest of the crew, as she had come to trust Surik over everyone else. Unexpectedly, after their private discussion, Surik was approached by Kreia who revealed that she had known Arren Kae.

Kreia speculated that because Kae had been strong in the Force, that the potential to become a Jedi also lay within her daughter. Kreia discouraged Surik from training her as a Jedi, however, because it would mean breaking her oath to Atris. By this point, Brianna greatly trusted Surik and realized that she had hoped to follow her mother's path her entire life. Consequently, she accepted the offer. Surik warned her she would be breaking her oath to Atris, but Brianna was committed, feeling that she would be betraying her heritage if she didn't accept the training.

With Brianna's acceptance, Surik passed on her knowledge of the Force to Brianna, and trained her to become a Jedi Guardian. During this time, Kreia sent a message to Atris through the Force telling her of Brianna's choice to become a Jedi with a single word: Brianna returned to the Enclave on Dantooine with Surik, who set off to meet with the Masters alone. Unfortunately, when the Masters revealed their intentions to strip Surik of the Force due to the danger she posed by her particular ability to feed off the life energy of othersKreia was forced to act and killed the Jedi Masters.

Also, as with Repair, the Exile's skill with Treat Injury is used when breaking down items regardless of who uses the lab station. Although there are some that increase skill bonuses, some that make certain skills Class-skills, and some that just help out.

Feat chains are feats that require that you take the first one to take the second to take the third. Choose depending on what you want your character to be.

I'll list other good feats in the Developing Your Character section later. There are advanced feats that come from Prestige classes, and these will be listed in the Developing your Character section. The other feats allow the same. To use a skill, you still need to put a point into that skill.

Allows you to use that weapon. Jedi Defense - Jedi classes only Blaster Deflection becomes possible. Basically an opposed attack roll, where if you roll higher, you don't get hit by a blaster. If you beat their roll by 10 or more, you deflect the bolt back at them. Can only be done if you are holding a lightsaber. Replaces Advanced Jedi Defense. Works retroactive too, so you can take this whenever and get the same benefit.

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Which will be often. Works with all weapons and forms of combat, including unarmed. This does not affect damage, which always comes from STR. Stealth Run - Level 4 Run while stealthed.

And taking Class Skill early is also important. That vitality adds up. Bear in mind, that even with "Two Weapon Fighting," you probably shouldn't use two weapons until you get "Improved Two Weapon Fighting" I would also avoid using any of the combat feats Flurry, Power Attack, etc. They're very powerful later, but harder to manage at low levels. It is the same idea as why we avoid Two Weapon Fighting until the Improved version comes along.

Defeat her and she's yours. If you get Mira, then you cannot get Hanharr. Hanharr - Nar Shaddaa - requires that you be Dark Side.

If you get Hanharr then you cannot get Mira. This mostly just requires good Influence with them, but they have unique requirements as well: Atton - Learn his secret at Nar Shaddaa, then talk to him about his past.

Bao-Dur - Influence, then talk to him. Disciple - Talk to him, say the right things. Handmaiden - Spar and win against her three times. Mira - Influence, then take her to Nar Shaddaa, near the Cantina. Automatically joins at Peragus, after the Dormitory level. Jedi Consular -- Level 3. Kreia has better attributes than you can get, and is a powerful user of. With her Force Chain ability, every power she uses on. Because of this I typically.

Neutral, and because of this she can use both Light and Dark side. However, I typically only advance her up the.

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Speed, Aura, and Energy Resistance. Scoundrel -- Level 3. When knocked out, there is chance that Atton will get back up. Atton is a scoundrel now, with an option to become a Jedi Sentinal. This brings up the point that the less scoundrel levels you add. This is the basic "Hold Levels". Atton becomes a Jedi Sentinal only after you have visited Nar Shaddaa. Solo missions in the Prologue and early Peragus, joins after the. Expert Droid -- Level 3.

Jedi Academy- Dark Side Ending

WIS 10 0 Reflex 5 Security 6. CHA 10 0 Will 1. Whatever he had when you last saw him. T3 can make Computer Spikes forever, but will only make them if you. T3 can also act as a workbench. Found after Telos Citadel Station. Tech Specialist -- Level 6. DEX 10 0 Force 0 Demolitions 9. CHA 10 0 Will 6 Security 9. Bao-Dur can make Energy Shields, up to a point. He will only make them. If you want to take Bao-Dur to a Jedi later, don't spend any skill. Also, don't take him much past level 12 as a Tech.

If you really don't. SIX until he turns Jedi. Turning Bao-Dur to a Jedi just takes Influence. Once you start getting. Having you here has an effect on me, General. Just follow the dialogue, the choices don't matter, until you get the.

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Accept and he becomes a Jedi Guardian, which is. You don't need to be. Bao-Dur cannot wear Jedi Robes. Even if you want him to keep fighting. Unarmed, he will be as many levels behind in that feat tree as he has. Tech levels, the two won't stack in determining which Unarmed feat he. Bao-Dur becomes a Jedi Guardian. Found immediately after leaving Telos - Hidden Jedi Base. Soldier -- Level 6. INT 10 0 Fortitude 8. WIS 10 0 Reflex 6. It adds damage to her. Handmaiden can become a Jedi Guardian later, with the proper influence.

Jedi Guardians are very similar, so you lose nothing by holding her. It's like telling the people wh chose the non-canon ending "We don't care how many hours you played the other game.

This is the one true ending. The only canon ending is throwing the Sword of Aeons into the swirly pit. You were given a choice to throw it away or keep it in the game, yet canon is the the Hero cast it aside. They mention him becoming a dragon and.

I think that's it. Mass Effect is the only game series so far that has handled canon and character decisions well. You can do whatver you feel like when given a choice and, damn it, the game will remember it. Punch that reporter in her face? She'll bring it up again next time righ before you deck her again. Screw someone over in the firt game?