Big guys meet little kittens buzzfeed harry

Giant Men Meet Tiny Kittens In Adorable Mismatch For The Ages | HuffPost

big guys meet little kittens buzzfeed harry

People Who Hate Cats Meet Kittens For The First Time | BuzzFeed Cats. tough guys meet tiny kittens .. Big Dogs Love Kittens - Funny Dog Videos (). From dogs and cats to a domestic raccoon and tiny monkeys, here are 22 animals that He hits up music festivals, rocks amazing costumes (i.e., Harry Potter and The wide-eyed kitty was born with an array of genetic abnormalities that will . for a selfie, the spiky little guy always looks friendly and ready for a good time. BuzzFeed | BuzzFeed delivers news and entertainment to hundreds of millions of people around the world. Find the latest in cute and fun content and quizzes on.

Cave paintings of cats date back 10, years, and ancient Egyptians considered the animals to be sacred, even mummifying some felines just like humans. However, with the advent of the Internet, we suddenly had a much easier way to share cat content. Even lolcats — those humorous cat photos captioned with poorly spelled catspeak — date back to more than a century ago. During the s, photographer Harry Pointer snapped photos of cats mimicking human activities and captioned them with witticisms.

Human brains are actually wired to think certain features — big eyes, tiny noses, round faces — are adorable. Cuteness is necessary for survival, and it's a secret dogs are in on as well. You think this little guy is adorable.

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Perhaps another reason for our obsession with all things feline stems from the fact that to this day, cats remain mysterious, wild creatures. Unlike dogs, which we domesticated and bred for our needs, cats basically domesticated themselves.

As we began farming, they moved in to prey on rodents attracted to crops, and they stuck around for the easy meals. You have to earn it, and this aloofness taps into a social psychology principle known as scarcity, which basically argues that we assign greater value to items that are scarce or difficult to obtain.

And my grandfather is rather fond of cats. A Song of Ice and Fire: One of the ways it's made clear that Tommen Baratheon isn't bad is that Tommen is given a trio of kittens, of whom he becomes very fond.

This is in contrast to his older brother Joffrey, who was once told that a cat was pregnant with kittens, so he cut them out of her with a knife. And if you think that this series could never be cute, just listen to the names Tommen picks: Ser Pounce, Lady Whiskers and Boots. After four books full of endless grim tidings, betrayals and suffering, this is exactly what the audience needs.

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It is mentioned that Princess Rhaenys also had a black kitten which she named Balerion after the ginormous historical dragon of that name, who was incidentally also called " the Black Dread ". After her death, it is implied that little Bale grew up fending for itself to become a true Fire-and-Blood Targaryen; it is the toughest, meanest old cat currently in the Red Keep, and one well able to give Arya Stark the complete run-around in the maze of secret passageways.

Martin has even basically confirmed this In The Belgariad and The Malloreon series by David EddingsKal Zakath, the "evil" emperor of Mallorea, is foreshadowed as turning out to be a decent guy at heart by his affection for his striped tabby cat and her kittens. A Running Gag soon develops where 'Zakath is constantly trying to give the kittens away to people, as his cat keeps having so many of them.

And of course, fan artists will always fall back on this trope when it comes to drawing chibis.

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There is a cast of several Kitties, but the main stars are the Psychic cat Koko, and his partner Yum Yum. Elliot's "Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats" and the musical based off of it called Catsthere's a couple dozen, and a subversion: Grizabella, the Glamour Cat, is now quite old and ugly.

Subverted by Umbridge in Harry Potter. Just because she likes moving! In Whispering Nickel Idols, Garrett acquires a bucketful of kittens whose very presence seems to radiate feelings of happiness, contentment, and party-time good cheer. It turns out that they're disguised lesser avatars of a goddess of merriment and the night. Subverted by the kitten trees in Cetaganda.

Lovecraft was a Kind Hearted Cat Lover. He only owned one cat in his lifetime, but fed and named every alley-cat he found. His Dreamland story " The Cats of Ulthar " explains the chilling reason why "In Ulthar, according to an ancient and significant law, no man may kill a cat". The Ulthar cats return in his longest work, The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadathwhere they respect and aid the hero because he loves little black kittens.

HPL also wrote an essay on why cats are better than dogs. There is an entire subgenre of mystery books called the "cozy mystery" in which the protagonists very often have a pet cat, who may even help in solving the murder.

big guys meet little kittens buzzfeed harry

In the Rainbow Magic series, Kirsty has a kitten named Pearl. She's a sweet-natured and kindhearted anthropomorphic Japanese kitten who loves sushi and is very friendly with others.

She is also one of the main characters in Timothy Goes to School. Another character that shows up in the Yoko series is a Spanish kitten named Juanita.

big guys meet little kittens buzzfeed harry

Subverted with Lokiwho, despite being a fire kitten as well, is pretty evil. In Black Sunday the first published novel by Thomas Harris who went on to write more books featuring one Hannibal Lecter one way the main character is established as being a real monster is that he puts his wife's kitten down the garbage disposal when she makes him angry.

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Huckle and his sister Sally from the Busytown series by Richard Scarry are cute kittens. Kee Kee the main protagonist from the book series "KeeKee's Big Adventures" which has her travel around the world.

The white kitten seen in the story does the typical cute things you would see. Live-Action TV In an episode of Scrubsafter the guest star psychiatrist told JD about "Takotsubo cardiomyopathy" broken heart syndromewhere the heart muscle weakens due to emotional stress, JD wonders how he's supposed to treat emotions.

Cue an Imagine Spot where he dumps a box of kittens over a patient having a heart attack "Get me a box of kittens! Namely, allergies, tiny scratches, and erectile dysfunction. Just to make you go "Awwww!