Long course far western meet sheet

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long course far western meet sheet

Mar 21, In May we will start swimming long course meets, 50 meters in length! Also just ahead in early April is the Far Western championship meet held in Registration is now closed, download the meet sheet from the link below!. Oct 7, Learn how to read a swim meet heat sheet or psych sheet, and what the difference is. 6 West, Miranda 8 GYB-LE 7 Smith In this case it is event number 1, and in this event the 8 & under girls will be swimming the 25 yard Freestyle. Age:This is the swimmers age as far as the meet is concerned. FAR WESTERNS - SANTA CLARA - April , SUPERLEAGUE Long Course Trials and Finals Meet - Santa Clara Swim Club - July ,

Continue to Swimmers achieve personal best times The following swimmers showed improvement by achieving new personal best times at the Zone III Championship Meet.

Katy Chee for the 50 and breast; Patrick Huynh in the 25 back; Stephanie Huynh in the back; Davey Krucik in the 50 breast and free; Jeffrey Lau in the and free and the breast; Melody Li in the 50 back; Chris Pothong in the back, 50, and breast, and free; Joyce Sun in the back, 50 breast, and free; Nicole Tsang in the IM, 50 and fly; Jordan Vu in the 50 breast and free and the I.

long course far western meet sheet

I would like to take this chance to thank some individuals for their commitment and involvement with our team: Tina Vu, President for her time and assistance in the organization of team meets and ordering of awards.

Lynn Anne HoldenTreasurer for her time and efforts in managing team fundsand organizing team meets and team awards dinners. This year let's make it easier on Lynn by making all dues payments by the 10th of each month.

Marvin Tang for all his work and creativity as our website and records manager. And of course, our coaching staff, Kelly Schwantz and Jonathan Chow for their excellent work.

Regan Smith Scheduled to Race at Winter Juniors – West (PSYCH SHEETS)

Kelly for working so well with all our age group lanes and Jon who we can always count on for additional coaching whenever needed! But especially my thanks and the teams' thanks go out to Gregorio Edmisten who has put his heart into coaching and recruiting for our team for so many years!

  • 2018 Far Western Championships
  • 2010 Far Western Long Course Championships
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Greg co-founded the team with me in and has been our main recruiter and a coach with us for all these years! During this time, Greg has shown us dedication, patience and an admirable work ethic.

200 back - 2018 Far Western Swim Championships

He is always willing to help out all our kids! We are sorry to say that Greg will be leaving our team for health reasons but wish him every happiness, success and most importantly regained good health. We will miss him but will of course continue to see him at the pool.

We can only hope he will rejoin our team when he is feeling better! Please join me in thanking him for all his hard work when you have a chance. At the same time please also join me in welcoming Alvin Tang to our coaching staff.

Alvin will be following in Greg's footsteps and will be coaching our beginners from M-F 3: For those of you who do not know Alvin, he is an alumni of the Rossi Swim Team, just graduated last year and is currently attending SF State University.

long course far western meet sheet

That's all for now. See you all at the pool! And I mean that! Kids Contribute To contribute to an upcoming issue of the newsletter, answer the following questions on a separate piece of paper and place it in the dues box.

What would you like everyone to know about you?

Alessandro Faraboschi|50 Freestyle|Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics

First preference will be given to older swimmers, second preference will be given to new swimmers. Manta Ray News Prepare for Your First, or Next Meet By Kelly Schwantz Swim meets are an excellent opportunity to learn good sportsmanship and self discipline while developing athleticism and competitiveness.

Meets allow swimmers to gauge their improvements by competing in events, dropping time and competing against all levels. This is why it is important to go to meets, to show yourself and your coach the progress you are making, to give meaning to practice, and to accomplish goals. There are important things to remember when you go to meets: Make sure that you arrive on time for warm-ups or at least fifteen minutes before the scheduled warm-up time begins.

Upon arrival, check yourself in, usually at the clerk of course. Then change into your suit and find your team.

Here you will be getting ready to go warm-up, and not just by doing yards freestyle followed by a start. If you need suggestions for warm-up, ask your coach. After warm-up, go back to the area where your team is sitting and stay there, keeping warm, until it is time to swim your race. Pay attention to the meet, what the events are, and when your race is. Swimmers are responsible for getting to the blocks on time. Parents of younger swimmers may need to help them determine when and where they need to be.

Meets are not for mindless entertainment and sensory bombardment of playing gameboy. After your swim, find out what your time was, then go immediately to yo u r c o a c h t o d i s c u s s yo u r swim.

Here you will get comments on technique and your race and suggestions for improvements, which you should store in your brain for practice and future meets. For the parents of swimmers, it would be appreciated if you would guide your swimmers and keep them informed about the meet by seeing that they are paying attention. Also, make sure you put your part into volunteer timing for the meet.

Meets do not run without timers and teams do not work with the same parents always timing. Do your part by timing your share. If anything, you get a better view and a break from your kids. Parents Help Swimmers Rossi will pay for a limited number of adults to join USA Swimming to receive training and become meet officials. The next officials clinic for our zone will be on March 5, in Santa Rosa. Parents usually participate first as stroke and turn judges.

long course far western meet sheet

At the clinics, you receive training on the rules for each swim meet event. After you receive training, you will be expected to volunteer at two or more meets yearly, including championship meets where the team is required to provide officials. If you are working as an official at a meet, you will not be expected to volunteer as a timer at that meet.

For volunteer opportunities or to share your talents, please talk to a coach or to swim team member parent Tina Vu. Newsletter Volunteers Masthead design: The number to the left of the name tells you which lane your child will be in during their heat. How do you know which lane is which? At some pools it is clearly marked on the blocks, flags, or elsewhere, at other pools it is not clearly numbered. The rules say that lane 1 is always supposed to be closest to the starter…but that is hard to see sometimes….

Name of the swimmer Age: This is the swimmers age as far as the meet is concerned. This is the team abbreviation, each team has a unique abbreviation. You can find usually find a key to the abbreviations at the front of the heatsheet.

long course far western meet sheet

The LE you see over and over again refers to what league the swimmer is in. Seed time refers to the fastest time the swimmer has ever swum this event in the past. This means the swimmer is swimming exhibition. Some meets only allow you to enter a certain number of swimmers to be eligible to score.

If you beat your seed it is a good day regardless of where you place! What is a Psych Sheet? Psych Sheets are read in a very similar way, except they do not have heat and lane assignments.

These are are used in most USA meets, and any other meet that are deck seeded.