Lost city of atlantis kida meet

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lost city of atlantis kida meet

Kidagakash "Kida" Nedakh is the deuteragonist of Disney's animated feature film Atlantis: The Lost Empire and its direct-to-video sequel. her and drew inspiration from that into developing scenes where Kida and Milo first meet. Milo Meets Kida: Translated! (aka milo fails at atlantean) • Origin: Atlantean “Who are you strangers and where did you come from?” • Origin. 'Atlantis - the Lost Empire' characters and story are property of Disney. While Milo would not be part of that final meeting, they carried a.

The Lost Empire and with it something else a little more monumental: For some, Atlantis may be a bit of a blip in the memory. Making it all the greater? Disney was introducing its first warrior princess of color with Kida. Voiced by Canadian actress of color Cree Summer, Kida is a near year-old Atlantian princess who watches over her once-thriving civilization. Though her world surpasses anything that can be found on the surface, she embraces the foreign explorers in order to find a way to keep her home from facing extinction.

When I first saw Kida, with her brown skin and white hair, I was enthralled. She was beautiful, spoke various languages, knew how to fight, and stood her ground. Before Wakanda came to the big screen in Black Panther, Atlantis was an island where a precious metal — or crystal — powered everything including the advanced technology its people crafted.

They even created a ginormous underwater lobster-like leviathan to protect outsiders from finding their secret locale! Therefore, from this day forward, Milo is a citizen of Atlantis - the first outsider ever to be so. It took awhile to subside, and Milo took it all in humbly.

Kida walked over to him, and laced her hands into his and pulled him close to her, "More importantly, we have choseneach other. Milo hesitated at the arena as Kida headed back with the courtesans for the day's business. I want to look at this stage. I want to figure out the best way to teach your people. In my world, we'd call this a 'lecture hall' where the most learned men in our society would teach students.

But don't miss lunch with me! Her aides were perplexed at the informality between this couple. But it was clear that they were all going to have to get used to that. He began to experiment with a way to teach a very large crowd who had forgotten how to generate electricity. During lunch, Kida asked, "So by making you a citizen, the act is now etched in the memory of our Heralds and will be passed for generations.

What would my order look like in our written language? I'll show you all how to make paper and ink, but the skins of animals or stone tablets also work, which I have seen your people use. Everyone paid rapt attention, especially the Heralds. He told the head Herald, "I am going to make sure you guys are never out of a job — I am going to teach you how to become 'Scribes' — people who record and remember in a written manner - in addition to being Heralds. When he had finally created a piece of paper, he dipped a writing instrument - derived from the reptile-bird feathers like an ancient quill pen - into ink milked from ink sacs of the prehistoric nautiloids that lived in the Atlantean waters, and wrote the order of his citizenship on the parchment.

He combined the ancient Atlantean script with the technique of illuminated manuscripts created by monks from the monasteries of the dark ages, and explained that to them as he progressed. He told them of the legends which stated that the Atlanteans taught the Egyptians how to make paper. Kida was in awe of Milo's intelligence and knowledge. She had seen — no, felt — the difference in Milo from the moment she healed him with her personal Crystal necklace.

He was so much like her beloved father, and knew in her heart that is why she loved Milo so much. Both were smart, and kind, and thoughtful. And she wanted children who were that way. You are making us very proud of what we did in the world," and she hugged him.

lost city of atlantis kida meet

He was beginning to think there was no limit to the depth of her love for him, and felt the same about her. A few days later, Milo was ready to begin the first writing lesson. Hundreds of citizens were seated in the amphitheater, with a huge fabric screen in front of them.

lost city of atlantis kida meet

At every seat were iridescent green quill pens, nautiloid ink, and paper. He had joked earlier during the set up that there must be a lot of really angry, naked reptile birds that supplied all those quills. Kida loved it, but the aides were still getting used to his humor. Kida was in the front row, anxious to hear him speak. She was very surprised and proud that Milo was wearing for the first time an Atlantean over-the-shoulder blue toga, and she beamed at him.

He vowed never to wear modern clothing again. With the casual confidence of a tenured major professor that made Kida's heart soar, Milo spoke in perfect Atlantean, "Tonight we begin the process of bringing literacy back to Atlantis.

The audience gasped at their projected alphabet, more from the technology demonstrated to project an image rather than their first view of their own alphabet. Kida gave him a very pleased look. The light source was a flare, with its bright light projected through a modified spyglass lens and makeshift shutter and slide changer.

He knew that the supply of hundreds of flares would eventually run out, but vowed to duplicate their chemistry and construction locally. It looked like there was a lot of magnesium around, the basic compound for flares. At the end of the night, everyone went home with their names for the first time written on paper.

lost city of atlantis kida meet

They couldn't wait for next week's lesson. In a year Milo had planned lessons so that they would be all be functionally literate and have a working knowledge of their history and the impact it had on the world. Kida was so pleased with Milo's inspirational teaching session that later that night she made him nearly forget his own name as he shouted hers in the ecstasy she brought him.

In the days that followed, artisans worked laboriously in designing the sky stone for her father. Kida was unhappy with all of them.

He saw that increasing frustration, and so worked on a special project in secret. After she had dismissed the final artist and his designs, which were drawn on reed parchment rather than stone, she sighed and lamented, "We must honor my father by the next cycle of the Crystal.

While Kida sat muttering in an angry pout, from under his chair next to her, Milo nonchalantly pulled and unrolled his own design and laid it out in front of her. She studied it carefully and her blue eyes went wide, "This is it! Oh Milo, you honor my father's memory so much!

He silently thanked the Easter Island natives and the Mayans, adapting their art styles, and then laughed inwardly at the paradox that it was probably the Atlanteans that influenced their art. It was another happy night with her that followed her choice of his design. But afterward, when she fell asleep on his bare chest, he drank in the wonderful view of the full expanse of the brown skin of her body slumbering against him, broken only by a small tuft of soft white hair that matched the hair on her head, and reflected on his good fortune.

He had long since determined that any night with Kida was a happy night, no matter what happened, as long as they were together. With Kida's choice of Milo's design made, her father's sky stone project started, and every day he spent working on or supervising the tribute to her father.

He was a pretty good stone mason, having many years experience in carefully uncovering artifacts and prehistoric bones. Over the weeks that followed and King Nedakh's stylized image began to appear in the sky stone by his own hand, Atlantis' artisans also gained their respect for this remarkable outsider and his many talents, who was really more knowledgeable of their techniques and their art history than they were.

Almost daily, Kida came to the quarry, and interrupted his sculpting with a huge happy kiss and hug and something delicious to eat together.

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The stuffy aides around them chafed a bit. These two showed their affections so easily and so often. Only the oldest aide who had served the family for millennia always smiled and recalled how King Nedakh and his Queen had been the same in their youth — over 20, years ago.

lost city of atlantis kida meet

That energy was good to have back in the royal family. And ultimately that would mean a growing royal family again.

One evening after the two were alone after dinner, the chief aide approached them. He dared to speak frankly, "Highnesses. What about you two? When will you two We all want Milo to be more than the Queen's consort.

Despite the freedom of their society's views on sexual relationships, it was important for the royals to set a moral compass and formalize their relationship as a family. The head aide was right. Kida realized the aide meant well, and had probably discussed the same thing with her parents, so she responded through a deep blush, "We have not decided.

Even though this was something he wanted, not wanting to force her into something uncomfortable, Milo suggested, "Don't feel the pressure of that.

We're OK as we are. We do love each other. It istime to marry. But I don't know what our traditions are for a royal engagement and wedding. I think I know the right place for the answer. One in particular had caught his interests in the daily reports on archaeology. That is where they were headed. They stood in an open courtyard with the remains of a dome and pillars. Behind them was another massive mosaic.

It was a mosaic featuring her parents. This entire temple was a storybook of her parents' lives and relations. It started with the pair as friends from two noble houses — two of the many that existed in truly ancient times.

She was a little embarrassed, even by Atlantean moral standards, that in a very explicit panel it showed her parents conceiving her, and delivering her, but it stopped after that.

Of course that was the end time when her father unleashed the fury of the Crystal. The middle panel was the most interesting, though. It was a mosaic of her father and mother's concurrent coronation and their marriage.

disney's atlantis: the lost empire

Milo was scanning and reading every inscribed word intensely. She could see his mind hard at work, "They got married nearly 20, years ago — almost to the day, Kida.

Milo was inspired and took her hands in his, and asked, "In my world, the boy asks the girl to marry him. Milo bent on one knee, cleared his throat and asked, "Kidagakash Nedakh. Please do me the great honor of becoming my wife. Right here in this temple. Just like your father and mother did so long ago, to honor their memory.

And then take on your crown. You make me so happy. Bless the Kings of the Past that they brought you and me together! The population was so excited. Only a few had been around for her father and mother's wedding. Milo transcribed the ceremonies etched in the mosaic for the holy men to use to do their wedding and her coronation ceremonies. Since they couldn't read yet, they had to memorize his recitations. It was tedious but fulfilling work.

In preparation for the ceremonies, Milo said to Kida over pillow talk one late evening, "I have to become one of you. You are more of a citizen in a few months than almost any of us in centuries with your knowledge.

Like the other men. Tattoos are not really common for my particular society. Is it not a mark of beauty in your society? As Queen I must get the mark of leadership across my forehead, and I want my other cheek adorned too. Am I not pretty to you with my marks? Will I still be beautiful to you if I get more? I would not have you any other way. Many societies in the modern world consider tattoos a mark of beauty for their women and handsomeness for their men.

She could not get enough of his wonderful touches. No one had ever moved her like him. He took a sheet of the new reed parchment on his study desk next to their bed, which seemed to be better quality ever day from the Herald-Scribes who made it. On my left shoulder I want an eight point sun symbol, since I come from the world of the sun.

Two four point stars on top of each other signifying our union, surrounded by a multipoint star burst. You are so wise, and so creative. It will be very handsome on you. Well I have another idea. I want two more tattoos then, but only so that you will see them.

I want smaller versions of your 'union sunburst' Milo, on my bosom and my bottom. The two places you like to touch the most. While they kissed again, he caressed her in those favorite places, and she laughed and half-heartedly swatted his hands.

That was the end of any more bedroom conversation, until the next day when their tattoos were all applied just as they discussed, and they happily chattered about how great they looked.

And how sore they were. The marriage ceremony was incredibly beautiful and meaningful, and everyone realized the significance of it after the tens of thousands of years between her parents and her marriage. Milo and Kida recited their special vows to each other hand in hand, using a combination of modern and ancient vows in English and Atlantean.

Kidagakash Nedakh

They looked very regal in their wedding attire. Milo had never seen her more pretty. The citizens stood and cheered for a long time when the two kissed has husband and wife. Even more impressive was her coronation as queen, with her beautiful feathered and gold-tipped crown which was a duplicate of her mother's.

Many cried at the poignancy. Milo was given the new royal title of "Regent Professor", and wore a splendid off shoulder blue tunic, which set off his sun tattoo that held so much meaning to them both. The party and dancing went on for hours that first day, and would literally continue day and night for a week, but the Atlantean world let the couple alone each night by tradition. Though they had been having relations for months, each of their wedding week nights were even more blissful and satisfying, because of their happiness at being married.

The kingdom was ecstatic over the sweet young couple and the energy Milo brought to this ancient society from his modern world. The people were even happier knowing that someday there would be an heir, who would be the first time combination of the best of the races of modern man and Atlanteans. There was a future for their society. As long as they lived, no one lived forever.

lost city of atlantis kida meet

Not all their days were happy ones. The embers of the funeral pyre bearing King Nedakh's ashes into the sky over Atlantis had finally died, with Milo himself conducting the funeral ceremony in flawless Atlantean, just has he had discovered it etched in stone in yet another small temple bearing the ashes of a previous King.

Kida stood by Milo's side the entire time, holding tight to his arm while her tears fell as he honored her father in the reverent manner only Milo could do. The royal family and friends noted how Milo comforted her as he went through the tragic Litany for the Dead.

The people loved their adopted son and the way he cared so much for their Queen. Immediately following the funeral, it was time for the he sky stone for King Nedakh to be sent aloft according to the rediscovered custom. It stood suspended in the temple courtyard, surrounded by the people of Atlantis, ready for the final blessings. Ever the perfectionist, Milo made one final adjustment in the stonework, pleased at seeing his work complete, but observing the sad face on Kida, he bowed in solemn reverence to the departed leader.

Kida stepped forward and kissed her Crystal necklace to give the Heart of Atlantis, through her remaining bond with it, the sign that it was time for the symbol of the great life force that was her father to join the others in protection of their society high over the city proper.

As it rose steadily, Kida grabbed Milo by the arm and they quickly climbed together to the top of the highest Temple tower, holding hands as they always did, watching the sky stone rise above them to its place of honor. The whirlwind of events that were set in place for the new world of Atlantis were all finished. They survived the treachery of the surface world and the might of the volcano. Kida and Milo were married, she was Queen, he was Regent, and the great leader King Nedakh was memorialized.

Milo was committed his mission of educating the people to once again be proud of their heritage, but this time to learn the humility that had cost them so dearly in being nearly decimated and isolated from the world.