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meet bill review

How much you like Meet Bill depends on your willingness to disregard the film's many inconsistencies. Here's a suggestion: Focus on the. Aaron Eckhart and Logan Lerman in Meet Bill () Aaron Eckhart in Meet Bill ( ) Kristen Wiig at an event for . 9 of 17 people found this review helpful. This uneven comedy loses its way quickly and is only partially redeemed by the fine comic instincts of its title star, Aaron Eckhart.

The disc is available in a decent 1. In other words, Bill does not fail, but the disc is not 'Sweet Sweet' either.

meet bill review

And while there are a few soundtrack moments fluttering through the system, the majority of the audio was demoted to front-channel audio. Some of the more eccentric moments, mostly having to do with close-drawn fireworks, were stunted by rear-speaker dropout.

So when the movie is supposed to be in its most aggressive moments of audio there are instances of fade in the rear release. But then again the drop can pass as shoddy fireworks and quick cuts to different angles, the only real letdown is when the surge of energy that has built up over 90 minutes is sadly let down by a few flares. There are some deleted scenes that feature Eckhart, Lerman and a duck, Eckhart, Lerman and a shower and of course the silent favorite: Banks and the long shots of her on the tennis court.

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The only other 'extra' feature is the list of previews for War, Inc. The freaky look at a Western is the only thing that saved this section. Returning to the movie, Bill freaks out when he discovers Jessica is sleeping with a cheesy local news anchor. He beats the guy up and gets thrown in jail. Bill also moves out of his own huge house and into his gay brother's equally huge home. He hangs out with The Kid, who tries to help Bill loosen up and enjoy life.

meet bill review

Bill also takes up swimming and keeps trying to finagle his way into owning that doughnut shop. There's also a sex tape, a big party where everything goes wrong and a pointless subplot where The Kid keeps hitting on this lingerie store clerk Jessica Alba.

Not that hitting on Jessica Alba is pointless, but it serves absolutely no purpose in the story. The things that happen in this movie either don't make sense or you don't care about them if they do.

meet bill review

How does a dorky loser like Bill end up with a woman who looks like the incredibly appealing Elizabeth Banks? There's no explanation of what Jessica could have ever seen in him. Bill obviously gets paid a lot of money for very little work, has a huge house and a smokin' hot wife and we're supposed to care that he's not satisfied with all that?

Meet Bill Review

When we find out Jessica is cheating on Bill, there's no emotional impact to it because if you were married to a pathetic non-entity like Bill, you'd probably cheat on him too. A lot of the film just doesn't make sense. Characters act without reason, largely unrelated to earlier moments, and it seems like either the script wasn't thouroughly thought through, or a large portion of the film was left on the cutting room floor.

The makings of a decent film are here, but these moments are unconnected from the rest of the time we spend with these characters. It feels like a lot of filler was included and content was removed, maybe in the attempt to make a "comedy," which fell flat anyway.

meet bill review

With some failed comedies, you can, at the very least, tell when the film was trying to make you laugh. The jokes could fall flat, sure, but you can see where the attempt was made.

With Meet Bill, I couldn't even tell.

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It seemed like it wanted to be an awkward indie comedy some of the time, but at others, I wasn't sure what it was trying to do. All I know is that I didn't laugh more than once or twice, and I'm starting to wonder if that was out of pity for a mostly talented cast and a complete wreck of a film. Speaking of the cast, let's go through the cast list. And they're really the only reason to keep watching this film. You want to see how much more lost they can be on-screen.

Eckhart was the only one who looked really confident, but it seemed to me like he was doing that in spite of what was going on around him, not because of it.

If their screenplay was a mess, I can only imagine how their directing would be.