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EYEZMAZE Strikes Again | MetaFilter You will complete it when you gather all the family members . Смотреть видео MEET IN ver.0(GAME) EYEZMAZE на The Onky on the surface meets up with the other five who had just exited the cave at the tree In GROW v.1, Onky has a very small role. . other Games Edit. MEET IN v0, Silver Tontie .. theres a code were you can get by going to silver tontie(on eyezmaze)and scroll down click the game next too the writing. next too that Oh and thank you very much for taking the time to create these games.

These are always charming. I liked that there were only five variables in this one -- just as much fun, but less of the "I have to trycombinations??? Charming, engaging, whimsical, with totally original art. Classify it as an art game, if you have to This was no exception. And the cute animations are always rewarding when you finish them. I just wish they'd come out more often. Though I should note that I found this one more difficult than others; the ordering of the items was not as "sensible", and there seemed to be more interactions that seemed correct -- but weren't -- than there are in the others.

I just want to see the win. I think it's because the winning combo has about 19 steps after the 5th item you place. Doesn't seem like a good progression. Just remember to coax the cyclopean mini wizard who lives in the Fairy tenement to transmogrify your plant into a multi-blossomed flower tv screen that shoots out a androgynous stick figure who can swim through the air in order to pull the cord for the sun.

Don't forget to reincarnate the Shmoo living inside the spittoon so that he can come back as a devil moogle to harass the mini tree stump kingdom. Also, make sure that your brick robot merges with the dual cannons that used to be the spittoon were the Demon Moogles nee' Shmoo used to live.

In all honesty, if that's not obvious then maybe you're not cut out for metafilter. Everything should make perfect sense with that correction. I am also glad that there weren't so many choices and that I worked it out in tries. I've squandered so much time on this and I'm nowhere closer -- ADD-fueled curiosity is triumphing over desperate need for productivity. Would one of you mind posting -- or direct-messaging me -- the cheat so I can see this and move on?

I just want to see the animations. I love the Grow games. The animations for the incorrect solutions are especially cute on this one. I didn't even grasp what this was about and randomly clicked through each thing only once and it says I won. On the next turn, a beige Onky is chosen from the Architectural systems panel, where he splits into four other Onky, as he does in GROW Cube, who work together to build a bridge across the river, a dam, and a hydroelectric motor.

In the same turn, the white Onky is shown to be still thinking. In the next turn a blue Onky is chosen from the Electricity and electronic information system, and he builds a communication tower allowing him and the other two Onky communicate with cell phones.

The white Onky continues to think when finally he creates a sign which he posts in the middle of the valley. Still in the same turn, the beige Onky reads the sign, creates four more Onky and they build and pave a road. In the next turn, a cyan Onky is chosen from the Mechanical system panel. He calls the blue and white Onky to help him design a car which in the same turn gets modified twice.

The white Onky then listens to the ground and begins to do more notes. They blue Onky then upgrades the communications tower so that information can be sent through laptops. The beige Onky reads the sign again and continues to build, creating more Onky to help it carve into the mountains, build a fence and gate, and construct a waste management facility.

The next turn, a green Onky is chosen from the mathematical chemistry system panel where it studies a mole and sends the information to the Cyan Onky.

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The white Onky is shown to be sleeping. The beige Onky continues to build, this time, making more Onky, building a river bed that goes into the valley, and then filling it with water.

The blue Onky then makes two more Onky who assist it in making wind turbines. The cyan Onky then calls the white Onky who helps it construct a mole robot. The white Onky finishes his sign which depicts an arrow pointing down. The beige Onky creates another Onky to use the mole robot to dig under ground where it, and six other newly made Onky build an area complete with stores, a beautiful pond, and an elevator allowing easy access to the surface.

The blue Onky then uses the mole robot to dig underground to dig an area to place his computers which heat the ground inspiring him to call the beige Onky to help him build Jacuzzis and hot tubs above the computer, allowing the heat created to be put to good use.

The cyan Onky then calls the beige Onky where the two discuss, and then calls the blue and purple Onky.

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The blue and purple Onky go to the research lab and discover how to create anti-gravity, while the beige Onky begins to dig deeper underground. Together, all four make a subway and construct several trains, though only one of the trains is shown being built. The green Onky then studies a dragonfly and sends the information to the cyan Onky. A pink Onky is then chosen from the Life Science System where he calls the blue, white, and cyan Onky to help him create a hospital.

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The white Onky then lays on the elevator and looks at the sky, where it then proceeds to take notes. The beige Onky then calls the white Onky, forcing him to hurriedly make the sign, resulting in his head falling from presumably exhaustion.

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The beige Onky then calls the blue and cyan Onky to help it construct a tower. The blue Onky then calls the cyan and purple Onky to help it construct a rocket which then becomes a satellite which absorbs solar energy, powering the tower and allowing it to fill with water.

The cyan Onky then calls the blue white and purple Onky to help it upgrade the car to a dragonfly chopper. The green Onky then studies a deer family where it gets the concept of love and emails it to all the other Onky. The purple Onky then idealizes everyone's individual work and how they work together to form a large sphere of idea which, with help from the other six Onky, transforms into a heart which spreads light across the valley, making it into a Utopian society full of Onky doing various activities.

Strangely, all the male Onky are beige. When aiming for the secret ending, you begin with the green Onky, who is stumped and cannot do anything. The next turn, the cyan Onky is selected, and will only construct a basic gray car. The green Onky is still stumped.