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meet wally sparks full movie

This item:Meet Wally Sparks by Rodney Dangerfield DVD $ . Format: Multiple Formats, Closed-captioned, Color, Dolby, Full Screen, Letterboxed, NTSC, Widescreen . It was like he needed the money so why not make this movie. Movie Reviews The Front Runner Monitored: Outstanding Fantastic Beasts: Meet Wally Sparks is a film about Wally Sparks, a talk show host, known for his. Is America ready for Wally Sparks? Television viewers often accuse today's talk show hosts of crossing the line when it comes to good taste and wise judgment.

Trainer two is in the bathroom and used verbal commands to call the dog to him. In one scene while Wally is out, Miller sneaks into his bedroom and presses the bedside buzzer, which the governor answers. With the governor on his way to the room, Miller then moves towards the window, to exit the way he came in.

Unfortunately, Egypt has seen him and starts to growl. Miller scurries out of the window to the ladder just as Egypt lunges at the ledge and snarls at Miller.

The ladder becomes unstable and Miller grabs the window sill as Egypt grabs his tie with his mouth. Just then the governor's son, Robby, walks in and commands the dog to "release. For this scene, the trainer released the dog and, using verbal commands, cued him to bark at the actor. Then the trainer placed the dog's paws on the window sill and again used verbal commands to cue him to grab the tie. The tie was a break away and the actor merely played tug of war with the dog.

When the dog is seen in the bed, the trainer placed the dog on the bed, covered him up, and used verbal commands to keep him on his mark. There are several other scenes where Egypt is seen. In one scene, the governor's daughter and Dean, Wally's son, take the dog for a walk on his leash. The couple remove the leash and Egypt is then seen running on the grounds around the mansion.

While roaming across the grounds, the dog finds a wallet and picks it up. For this scene, the trainer gave the actor food and cued the dog to stay with the actor.

When Egypt picked up the wallet, trainer one released the dog as trainer two called him to his mark, cueing him with verbal commands to pick it up and to leave. He is seen several times with Wally during his convalescent period, either sitting next to him on the floor or on the settee in the bedroom.

During the taping of a show at the governor's mansion, Egypt comes running in to see Wally. Trainer one released the dog, as trainer two used a squeak toy to get him to run to his next mark. There is a scene when Wally is taping a segment of his show at the governor's mansion and his guests walk on carrying a python.

When the guests sit down the snake is not in their possession. The next time the snake is seen is when a fight starts during taping and the governor's aide is seen sitting in a chair with the python around his neck. For this scene, the trainer placed the snake around the actor but stayed with the snake at all times, out of camera range.

Three trainers carried the snake on and off the set in order to give proper support to its body. In one scene, Wally and his friend are sneaking back into the governor's mansion. Wally is climbing up a tree and a squirrel is seen climbing up the tree and then up Wally's pant leg. Wally then falls out of the tree. The squirrel is seen several other times throughout the film. In one scene, Miller is in a tree and the squirrel is seen climbing up the tree and up his pant leg.

The squirrel is not seen after that but the camera cuts to the actor and he gives the impression that the animal is performing a sexual act. In a later scene, Miller and the squirrel are seen on a talk show.

The topic is about a man in love with a squirrel. Miller is seen holding the squirrel in his lap, stroking its head. A trainer acted as a double for the scenes when the squirrel attacks Wally and then later Miller. Trainer 1 propped open his pant leg and placed a buzzer and food inside. Then trainer 2, released the squirrel, and trainer 1 called the squirrel using the buzzer and food. When Miller is seen holding the squirrel on the talk show, the actor merely held the squirrel and stroked his head.

The trainer retrieved the squirrel after completion of the shot. In the opening scene, a man, Mr. Karp, is holding a dog on his lap while on Wally's talk show. The topic is "It's Hard To Believe.

Karp is supposed to be in love with his dog and Mrs. During taping the Karp's get into an argument. Karp rolls up a newspaper and starts to chase the dog. The dog is seen on the floor grabbing the edge of Mrs. A tear, along with a growl is heard.

Then we see a quick shot of Mr. You talked me into it. We'll get there faster if we walk.

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Thanks a lot for being in my cab. Take care of yourself, huh? Go get 'em, baby! Hey, this is some joint, huh? We're in the South. Wally Sparks and guest. Sir, are you aware this is a black-tie affair? Take that, all right? And get me some grey poupon, huh? Here, hold my purse, would you? Oh, a bit of the bubbly.

OK, Sandy, what's the plan? First, give me back my purse. I snuck in your video camera. Look, I cut a hole in my purse. We can shoot tape without anybody knowing. You go find the Governor, warm up to him, and ask him about appearing on the show, OK? Who knows what kind of juicy stuff we're going to get? I'm beginning to feel like a real investigative journalist.

I'll be at the bar investigating Jack Daniels. Oh, Emily, you look so fine. I can't believe it. Let's get that photo right over here. Let's look right over this way. Hey, bartender, give me a double anything on the double, will you? What are you doing at this square affair? Oh, I came here to spread joy. If I can find her. Hey, have you seen the Governor, huh? I haven't, but check this action out. Hey, what's your name? You're a cute chick.

Hey, Lola, how about letting me be the rooster? Why don't you go pluck yourself? Oh, you got a quick tongue. That'll get you into trouble. Or get her out of trouble. Hoo, you bad, Wally! What kind of work you do, hon? Maybe I can further your career. I don't believe in casual sex. Hey, it won't be casual. I'll keep my tie on. So glad you could come. I wouldn't miss this for the world. I can't tell you how happy that makes me to hear. I hope we can count on you for your support for the development of the new Civil War Theme park.

My problem there is you want to put that park on a protected historical landmark. I know, I know, but it's going to mean millions and millions of revenue for the state, Floyd. The party is counting on you to do the right thing. Well, first I have to do right by this party. Can we chat about it later, gentlemen? Talk to you soon. Take a porno movie and run it backwards. That way you see the hooker give back the money. Oh, th-that's quite all right.

I was due a fresh one anyway. Here, let me get that. Oh, I think it's coming out. Oh, don't worry, it's just a little one. I don't think anyone's going to notice, huh? I'm Harvey Bishop, the Governor's campaign manager. Floyd, Floyd, did you see that strange man that was bothering us? What strange man are you talking about? He's wearing a red jacket with fireworks on it. Look, please find a guest, red jacket. Check out here, will you? Yes, my husband is the Canadian ambassador.

You're from Canada, huh? What a place, Canada! They started a country, and nobody showed up, huh? I'm just kidding, folks. Maybe you've seen my television show. Well, we don't watch much American television. Oh, that's too bad. I heard in Canada they only have sex doggie style.

That way, you can both watch the hockey game. Scratch my back, right back there. I got an itch right there, huh? Over here-- Will you get it?

meet wally sparks full movie

I've tried everything to lose weight, but just more weeks on this cabbage diet, and my dietitian told me I'll have the body of a -year-old, heh heh heh! Oh, lady, stay right there, will you?

Oh, that's the spot! Oh, honey, oh, I'll marry you! Oh, I'll marry the dress, whatever you want. Excuse me, I'll be right back. How did he get in here? You got it, honey, a trip to Puerto Rico, whatever you want. Surely his name wasn't on the guest list? No, sir-- [Muttering] No, sir, no! We do not want to create a scene.

Let me check the guest list. Oh, that's it, baby. Now, stick around, will you? I may get jock itch. How on earth could this have happened? You two should find a warehouse. It's so nice to see you again.

I do hope you'll save a dance for me for later on. Why, sure I will. Floyd, who was that? I have no idea. Looks like the unhappy hour. You come here often? Don't worry, honey, I'm not making a play for you. I don't want this guy-- Oh! It certainly is, sir. How come they're all staring at me? They must recognize you from the show.

Oh, there's Governor Preston. Why, don't I look charming? Oh, God, Harvey, they're coming this way. I can see that. I produce The Wally Sparks Show. I'd like you to meet Wally Sparks. Hey, Governor, how are you, huh? You don't know how excited I am to meet you, ha ha! You got a hell of a shindig going on here. I'm Emily Preston-- How do you do, baby? Hey, Governor, I found out you're a big fan of mine.

You know, how about doing my show? I'll fly you to New York, first-class, nice room. You want some company, I'll work that out, too-- What does he mean by company?

Oh, your friend wants you. I need some ice here. You don't need that, do you, buddy? You promised me a dance.

Your timing couldn't be better. Wally, there's the Governor's wife. Why don't you go grab her and dance with her? I'll get it on tape. Hey, buddy, hold that for me. Emily, baby, come here.

Let's show them how to do it, baby. Oh, no, thank you-- Ah, come on, you'll enjoy it. You never told me you worked for Wally Sparks. Oh, Harv, there's a lot of things I've never told you. I'm a very deep You know what I'd like more than anything right now?

meet wally sparks full movie

Sex on the beach. I'll get the car. Wait a second, honey. It's just a drink. I like the sound of that. Someday you could be the first lady. The question is, was the Governor the first man? We met in Savannah at your campaign rally, but you probably don't remember. We both had an awful lot to drink that night. You have me confused with someone else. Oh, my big dipper! OK, baby, big finish.

Now, that wasn't so hard, was it? Hey, buddy, I'll take one of those. Well, it's a strict vegetarian diet, but I can eat vegetables, olives, it absolutely drives my husband crazy that I won't eat meat anymore. Oh, look who it is! Bless your heart for coming, sir. Governor, great to be here. Or should I say Senator? Well, I hope you should. Could we talk you into singing for us tonight?

I would love to, but this throat's a little sore tonight. Don't even talk about it. I'll get you some tea. Hey, Michael, baby, this is wild. You know, I tell you, though, I went out with this girl last week. She was so ugly, I took her to the beach, they wanted to know what I used for bait. Hey, Michael, you're going to sing for us tonight, aren't you? Sparks, we mustn't impose. I want to dedicate this song to a great, great state The coolest guy I know, Wally Sparks.

The camera fell in the punch bowl. I want to see if it's the right temperature.

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Here, put it in the bag. The punch must've shorted this thing out. It could be the TV. Sometimes with this stuff, you just have to hit it and it works, you know? Hey, look at this. Excuse me just a moment. Excuse me, darling, I'm sorry, But I think Harvey might be running a new campaign commercial. I had no idea there was going to be a screen presentation.

Will you excuse me, gentlemen? Ladies and gentlemen-- Sorry, band? Ladies and gentlemen, if you'd join us down at this end of the room, we're going to show you a little film presentation.

I hope this will prove to you that we always try to use your contributions in a mature, responsible manner. How did this get on there? I must've taped over Joey's porno. Floyd, why is that man in such pain? Is he one of your supporters? Now, my wife has tried every diet on the planet, and her ass is still as wide as the Mississippi. Oh, what a terrible-- Randal! The rewind button, it's stuck! That tape is ruined. Ah, so sue me. OK, back to work. I need a drink. I had to outbid other buyers.

You gonna race 'im, Floyd? I'm putting him out to stud. Thank you, Nancy, very much. Folks, they're about to serve dessert. Why don't we head back on in? Nancy, come up to the house for some supper when you're through. Hey, how are you doing, boy? So, they're going to send you out to stud, huh? They'll be flocking all over you. I know, it's rude to drink alone, huh?

I'll take care of that. Yeah, I know how it is, baby. I know how it is. There you go, baby. OK, here, all you want. Hey, have a party. I promise I won't take advantage of you. He'll have our respect and the nation's as our next United States Senator-- Floyd Preston and our lovely hostess Emily! Thank you, thank you so much. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you I want to thank you for being here I know this has been a rough campaign, but I assure you, we will-- [Shouting] No!

We will ride on Get out of the way! Is that horse too rough for you? What is this, foreplay? Don't panic, anybody, please! Do not tip the valets. They have already been taken care of. Wha-what are you doing there, sir? Slow down, will you? Get off my horse! Watch the vermin on your right, sir! How do you stop this thing? I need a designated rider. You are desecrating the flag of the sacred state of-- Governor, look out, will you?

Sparks, would you mind yourself, please? What are you looking at? Hey, no more for you. Let's get out of here! Run for your lives! Hey, I thought we were friends. I really hate that man. The Governor's prize thoroughbred Jericho was not seriously injured, b-b-but they say he's This ain't going to hurt you one bit, baby.

All right, grease him up there. OK, give me that butt grease. This is stuttering John reporting to you from Georgia, and this is freaking disgusting, and I'm out of here. Wally Sparks' condition is still unknown at this time. Stories are rapidly spreading that the controversial TV talkster's injuries may prove fatal. He's said to be resting in the Governor's bedroom. Oh, honey, I love you. Baby, I love you, don't fight me. Do the right thing, now, come on, baby. Do the right thing, will you?

Oh, baby, I love you. Hey, Wally, come on, wake up! Boy, I really poured one on. Look at the publicity you're getting. Your accident was a gigantic media event. You can't buy this kind of publicity. I'm just about to be brilliant. We'll tell them that you injured your back. Doctors can't prove a phony back injury with an X-ray.

Then we'll say you can't be moved, and you're going to stay here till you can walk. Well, what do I want to stay here for? So you can do the show! I'm telling you, Wally, it'll work. Oh, Sandy, I don't know, you know? I mean, I don't know what to do. I mean, the Governor, he's been so nice to us.

I feel like we're taking advantage of the guy. You look a lot fatter than you do on TV. And I'm tougher, too. Robby Preston, the Governor's son. I invited you guys to the party. Wait, you sent the invitation? I'm Wally's biggest fan. She put on a virgin wool sweater, her body rejected it. This kid's all right. I can't hear you. This jacket's too loud! Hey, kid, you're all right, you know? But I thought your father invited me to this party.

You're the last person on earth he wants to see. He hates your guts. He thinks you're slime. That's why I love you so much. Is that a compliment, or what? What are you doing in here, huh? Heard everything you guys said. Besides, I'm the second-to-last person on earth my dad wants to see. I'm over here, putz. Is he really doing the show from a wheelchair? What a stroke of luck. Sir, what if this is one of Sparks' wild stunts just to save his show? Maybe I should go down there and investigate.

I'll prove to you he's concocted the whole thing-- Miller.

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I think you need a woman. Oh, sir, I-- Even if she's expensive. Governor Floyd Preston and his supporters have just finished their presentation in opposition to the development of a Civil War Theme park planned to be developed right here on this historical landmark. I love working with a trio. Next week they open in Vegas. I'll be in the lounge. Governor, if you kick him out, they are threatening to sue.

Think of the negative press you'll receive, Not to mention what he might say about you on his show. Why didn't he just go stay in the hospital? We might be able to get some good play out of this, sir. Especially if we air your campaign commercials during the taping of his show from your house. Nobody said anything about him broadcasting from my home! Hold him, hold him. Governor, I think it's very gracious for you to open up your home to Wally Sparks. Any man with a heart like that has got a vote from me.

God bless you, Governor Preston. What else does Mr. Well, sir, he'd like to continue to stay in your bedroom, and he's just crazy about your pajamas.

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Back that mother up over here! Come on, let's move it! Let's move our butts here! Come on, people, let's go. We're losing the light. Oh, it's only the Governor. How do you do, ma'am? Yeah, bring in that cable. You know, we've only got a few hours.

We've got a show to do in a couple of hours. Governor, will you please get out of the way? We're trying to work here. Would you like a muffin? Emily, who are all-- Uh, would you like a muffin? Emily, who-- Who are all these people? They're guests on the show.

Floyd, isn't this exciting? You should look at this. Sir, that's an extremely valuable th century French inlaid side table. It's very valuable, I just-- OK, we won't break anything. I don't want dents and scratches on it. Get away from my chest, sir! Live from the Governor's mansion in Atlanta, it's the show that tells it like it is. Ain't no mystery to this man's history. Tonight our show focuses on a comparison of American wrestling to Japan's sumo wrestlers.

Sumo is the national wrestling sport of Japan, and the Japanese people have high regard for these mighty athletes. OK, boys, stop bowing.

You'll tip over, huh? That's it, sit down. Now, folks, let's meet the American wrestlers, the ever-dangerous Python Brothers. Why are you giving the sumos a hard time? Well, Wally, these fat tubs of lard have the nerve to call themselves professional athletes when they look more like the Fuji blimp!

We spend long, hard hours in the gym getting our bodies to look like this. Boys, name calling isn't going to solve anything. Then tell them to stop stuffing their faces and buy some brassieres! Unfortunately, our Japanese interpreter never showed up. But lucky for us, I speak fluent Japanese. They say you're nothing but a couple of steroid-popping pimps, and you couldn't lick the sweat off their flabby armpits. Tell Tubby he couldn't last seconds in the ring with me, not even if his life depended on it!

I'm going for muffins. They wanna know-- In your relationship, which one is the man, and which one is the woman? It's just a setup. It's all part of the act. Son, are you all right? I'm telling you, you're blocking my closeup.

Whoa, very realistic, sir. Boys, boys, can't we all just get along? Can I help you? I'm looking for my father Wally. He's in the living room. Hey, everything's getting out of hand here. What is going on in here? What are you doing here? I'm worried about you. Get a wide shot of that snake.

What is all this? I'm doing a show. Oh, I'm sorry I missed your gig the other night. I really wanted to be there. Don't worry about it. Listen, when we heard you were stuck down here, we booked the band into a local club. Oh, you, put my husband down. Where are you going? Governor, I want you to meet my son Dean. He'll be visiting us for a few days, you know?

Well, the Governor says hello. Welcome back to Talk Soup. Well, yet another fight broke out on The Wally Sparks Show this week when Wally and Governor Preston mixed it up with some nasty wrestlers. Who's Wally's new promoter, Don King? Let's get ready to rumble! Now, folks, you hear about this? I hear that Wally Sparks is actually sleeping in Governor Preston's bedroom. The only problem is, Wally says the Governor's wife keeps hogging all the covers.

I don't know about that. I thought there was going to be a total transformation. That was the same old Wally Sparks Show. The next show's going to be much, much better. I swear to God. There's not gonna be any more shows.

meet wally sparks full movie

What are you saying, sir? You gonna cancel us? I guess Wally will just have to take one of the other network offers to air the special. Oh, nothing to concern yourself with, I mean, now that it's over between you and Wally. Hey, wait a minute. Sandy, what are you talking about? Why didn't you tell me about this?

Well, because I thought I'd just keep it on the Q. You know, make it a little surprise for you. But, um, I booked Governor Preston to do a one-on-one with Wally. Well, then I'll tell you what. I-I'll put a whole big campaign behind this show. Oh, great, but you know what? You should hold off until the day of the show. I haven't worked out all the particulars with the Governor's people yet.

Yeah, but you're gonna work it out. I'm going to get right on top of it. There's a man in my room! What happened, your husband come home? It's frustrating for all of us, baby doll. Daddy, I cannot believe you're letting this man treat you this way. For heaven's sakes, just throw him out. Darling, I can't do that. Harvey Bishop says that would adversely impact my campaign.