Nordic air meet 2007 gsxr

nordic air meet 2007 gsxr

Revised/additional rules at the annual meeting at the Nordic meeting in Copenhagen September , Rules-meeting and .. Air valve of short type is recommended. GSXR model years , 87 and 88 are allowed . com/mitsubishi-lancer-evolution-evoworkshop-manualpdf . pdf pdf. 4 about Trautmann's experience during his incentive flight in an F Fighting Falcon during the Nordic Air Meet The multinational.

If you haven't got one of these outlets near you, quote ISBN 1 5 at your local shop to check if they have it available. There will soon be a Crazy Horses link from several web sites which will route you to more details about the title so watch out for this.

It's not something Haynes do for all their titles but they are very excited about Crazy Horses and are putting more promotion effort behind it than usual. It will be a very special day with many stars and personalities of the past there to sign copies, including Bob Keith who brought his Chevy Dos Palmos to the UK as part of the American team visiting in This car was left in the country and raced by a couple of teams who can forget Bill Weichelt before it returned to the USA in the early s.

Bob returned to captain the American team, this time with a Chrysler-engined dragster.

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There will be some signing opportunities on Monday 25th because a few celebrities can only attend that day. More news about those attending will appear on Eurodragster. The book will be published in the USA in August of this year. It already appears on one American web site, allbookstores.

Brian will provide him with the contact details of the other American stars who visited us in later years. The hope is to put together a West Coast launch as well - maybe more than one. Richard Parks Wally's son is editor of the Society of Land Speed Racing Historians, and he is helping Brian to identify useful distribution channels for the book by including snippets in his bulletins.

We have no less than three spy pictures for you today: None of these pictures came with any words although the centre and right pictures came in the same E-Mail it may be pink but it's probably not Roadzombie 2 - Ed. If you know more, or if you would like to send your own spy picture, then drop us a line at eurodragster. How about the ultimate thrill ride? We have some availability over the Easter Thunderball weekend for two-seater dragster rides, please contact us for more details and to book your ride!

You can book your Easter Thunderball tickets on-line at www. Sponsor a Springspeed trophy. Shakespeare County Raceway are once again offering their popular trophy sponsorship incentive scheme for the forthcoming Springspeed Nationals, to be held at the Warwickshire drag strip on 2nd-4th May, writes SCR's Jerry Cookson: If anyone else would like to become involved and gain a little extra publicity in a cost-effective manner then please drop us an E-Mail at enquiries shakespearecountyraceway.

Everyone from corporate companies, race shops, media and web sites are welcome to participate.

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Banner placement may also be considered for the event at additional cost. We will also be running our "Best of" award scheme too. To get involved, or for more details, call Jerry Cookson on or E-Mail at enquiries shakespearecountyraceway. Click here to check out our Team Gridlock feature, or click on the Features, Interviews, Tributes link on the left hand side of any Eurodragster.

If you would like to be the subject of a Feature here on Eurodragster. Big Bang entry list. Entry closes this coming Friday, 3rd April, and you can download the official entry form from the Entry Forms page of the Santa Pod Racers Club web site at www. Erbacher OK after explosion. Despite ample engine carnage, a shredded rear tire, and the destruction of at least a third of his rear wing, Erbacher was uninjured in the incident and managed to get his car to a safe stop beyond the finish line.

At least we know the safety components all work. I was about to start celebrating when there was a big boom from the engine and then it all broke loose. I've never experienced something that bad. I was just concentrating so hard on staying in my lane because I did not want to interfere with Larry and to get the car stopped.

Thankfully, no one was hurt. – Motorcycle News, Editorials, Product Reviews and Bike Reviews

We can always repair the car. At the last timing cone prior to the finish line, Erbacher and Dixon were dead even. It's not the best thing you want to happen at mph. The real work will begin now for the team because we want to race in Las Vegas in a few days so we have so much to do. We'll have the car stripped down and inspect it from end to end to make sure it's safe. If not, we have last year's car right here in Baytown at our American shop so we can switch to it if necessary.

UK Super Modified racer Craig Gibbs says that the Obsession Camaro has been fired up twice in preparation for the season and the Chevy prepared by Eurodragster. We think we may have found a few things over the winter, which may have been holding the car back - literally!

You may see a few new additions on the car at Easter - some obvious, some not so obvious, I won't say any more until we've got a couple of passes under our belts. You may already be aware that we have some new faces on the team this year, namely Adrian Spencer and Dave Clarkson, both of Pro Mod fame. What these guys don't know isn't worth knowing! All your help really is appreciated. Tony will be contesting as many rounds as possible starting with the Auto Trader Easter Thunderball.

The only reason for not going with Custom Art, who did last year's artwork, was that Ian Plumb was ill. Being the good friend he is Ian, aka Tonka, has agreed to do the artwork and print it off if we fit it. We have a new crew member, Ken, who has been an asset to Venom Racing getting sponsors for We are all excited about this year after an encouraging few shakedown meets last year.

There will be some stiff oposition in with all teams stepping up from and in the current climate that just shows the dedication and commitment by one and all. If you are interested in supporting Pro ET then you can contact Charlie at charliestaxis aol. With the season-opening Auto Trader Easter Thunderball less than two weeks away, racers have two last chances to test this weekend with both Santa Pod Raceway and Shakespeare County offering test and tune events.

The Peak Performance Day is a limited-numbers test day for both cars and bikes with the track prepared to National Event standard and full track and safety cover. Shakespeare County Raceway's Public Test and Tune weekend on Saturday and Sunday is open to all makes and models of two and four wheel motivation.

All competing drivers and riders are automatically entered into the SCR Sunday Special Track Challenge to find the quickest four, six and eight cylinder category cars of the day Challenge to be run on Sundayand the day's quickest manufactured bike in the Trophy Bike Dash, so don't forget to bring your DVLC licence. Staying with a bike theme the Test and Tune Weekend will be the first appearance of the National Sprint Association at the Long Marston venue since the s.

With bikes dating as far back to the vintage days through to sixties drag bikes and more modern machinery, the riders who take part in this series of timed runs against the clock are more used to old abandoned runways and stretches of tarmac rather than a prepped racing surface.

Unders go free when accompanied by an adult. SCR also offers free overnight camping with two day tickets, catering and far facilities, free entry to grandstands and pits, and showers and toilets. Machines with 50 ccm cylinder volume shall have been available on the European market before or during the season regardless 2- or 4-stroke.

For class 5 ccm only 4-stroke machines are eligible. The material for rims and handlebar is not restricted for machines produced between and Machines from this period should also be permitted to have a look more in line with a street machine. For modification or construction of machines as described above, the following rules shall be obeyed: To take part in a competition event a cycle licence is required. A cycle licence is also required for competitors from other Scandinavian countries.

If no cycle licence can be presented, the machine shall not be allowed to take part in the competition. Frame and swinging arm: Shall be made from circular tubing that was used for road racing within the period. The swinging arm shall only have one tube each side.

It is allowed to use newly manufactured frames to old specifications and to modify OEM produced frames. It is allowed to combine period frames and engines even though the combination is not proved to have existed. The front fork shall not be of newer type or construction than used within the period. Mechanical or hydraulic anti dive is not allowed, nor is bracing between the lower fork legs. Maximum allowed diameter for the fork stanchions are 35 mm. For machines originally equipped with larger diameter stanchions, this must be proved.

Machines shall have clip-on type handlebars. This is not applicable for machines produced between and Rims shall be made from aluminium and be of valanced or non-valanced type. Maximum rim width is WM 3 front and rear for classes up to and including ccm. For larger ccm capacity classes, there is no restriction to rim width.

The brakes shall not be of newer type or construction than used within the period. Drum brakes should be preferred. For larger than ccm capacity classes double disc brakes of type and construction commercially available within the period can be used.

nordic air meet 2007 gsxr

The discs shall not be drilled, ventilated, slotted or floating. Callipers shall be of type that was available during the period and shall not have more than 2 pistons.

For 4-strokes drum brakes may be replaced with disc brakes front and back. Examples of eligible 2-piston brake callipers: Slick tyres or slick tyres with cut threads are not allowed. For larger than ccm capacity classes tyre width is limited to mm front and mm rear. Modern type rain tyres are not allowed. Tyres shall be used as they left the manufacturer. Additional threads shall not be cut. Tyre heaters are prohibited. Air valve of short type is recommended. Valve caps are to be of metal and equipped with a gasket.

Units with external reservoirs are prohibited. Centralised suspension units are only allowed if the machine was so equipped within the period.

Tank, seat and fairing: Shall be of type and model that was used within the period. Fairing and seat shall not be of modern wedge type design. The machine does not need to be fitted with a fairing, but must in that case be fitted with front fender. Fuel tank of aluminium or plastic shall contain foam type fire retardant material. The crank case, cylinder and cylinder head must be period parts.

There are no tuning restrictions.

nordic air meet 2007 gsxr

Modification of original parts and the use of period after marked parts are allowed. Norton cylinders are allowed, but the cylinder volume shall not exceed ccm. The bore and stroke of a motor may be changed for the machine to be used in another cylinder volume class. The look of the motor shall not be changed.

Oil plugs or bolts that may cause oil leakage if loosening is to be safety wired to a solid part of the motor or gear box not to an exhaust pipe or other parts prone to vibration. Copper wire cannot be used. External oil carrying hoses shall have threaded fittings that shall be secured. If fittings cannot be used, safety wired jubilee clips that shall be secured to the motor, oil filter or oil cooler, must be used.

Neither are modern smooth bore carburettors, except Amal MK 2. Fuel injection is prohibited. There is no restriction to the ignition system except that electronic ignition system fitted at a later stage shall be concealed.

The machine shall be equipped with some sort of emergency stop switch that shall be easily accessible at or adjacent to the handlebar. The type and model must be as was used during the period. There are no restrictions to gear ratios and number of speeds. There is no restriction to the transmission. If belt drive is used, this must be concealed. Chain link with clip shall be secured with locking wire or similarly secured.

Applies for all riding. The machine must be equipped with appropriate means of silencing: