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rx7 meet 2013

mazda rx7. Videos 1st September Time Attack meet Istanbulpark RE78 Team Part 2 24th November Drag meet Körfez Circuit RE78 Team. 20th July Ankara meet RE78 Team · December 21, May 29, admin 0 Comments fc3s, mazda, mazdarx7, mazdarx8, mazdarx8r3, rx7, wankel, . motys rx7. Videos January 3, admin 0 · 1st September Time Attack meet Istanbulpark RE78 Team Part 2 · Gallery.

The system changed damping characteristics according to the road and driving conditions. The system compensated for camber changes and provided anti-dive and anti-squat effects. The Turbo 2 uses a turbocharger with a twin scroll design. The smaller primary chamber is engineered to cancel the turbo lag at low engine speeds.

Rx7 Meet Part 2

The Turbo 2 also has an air-to-air intercooler which has a dedicated intake on the hood. The intake is slightly offset toward the left side of the hood. In the Japanese market, only the turbo engine was available; the naturally-aspirated version was allowed only as an export.

rx7 meet 2013

This can be attributed to insurance companies in many Western nations penalizing turbo cars thus restricting potential sales. This emphasis on containing horsepower and placating insurance companies to make RX-7's more affordable seems ironic in retrospect. Shortly after the discontinuance of the second generation RX-7s inan outright horsepower "arms race" broke out between sports car manufacturers, with higher and higher levels of power required to meet buyer demands.

This rising horsepower phenomena arose from the US CAFE standards remaining stable while engine technologies marched forward rapidly.

rx7 meet 2013

Mazda sold 86, RX-7s in the US alone inits first model year, with sales peaking in Australian Motors Mazda released a limited run of 'Sports' model Series 4 RX-7's; each with no power steering, power windows or rear wiper as an attempt to reduce the weight of the car.

In Japan, there was a special limited release of the FC called Infini with only made for each year. Some special noted features for all Infini series are: The car was thought as the pinnacle of the RX-7 series until the FD came out.

The Infini IV came with other special items such as black bucket seats, inch BBS wheels, Knee pads, and all the other items mentioned before.

rx7 meet 2013

There are differing years for the Infini, which noted the series. The convertible featured a removable rigid section over the passengers and a folding textile rear section with heatable rear glass window. Power operated, lowering the top required unlatching two header catches, power lowering the top, exiting the car or reaching over to the right side latchand folding down the rigid section manually.

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Mazda introduced with the convertible the first integral windblocker, a rigid panel that folded up from behind the passenger seats to block unwanted drafts from reaching the passengers—thereby extending the driving season for the car in open mode. The convertible assembly was precisely engineered and manufactured, and dropped into the ready body assembly as a complete unit—a first in convertible production. Several car magazines at the time lauded the convertible.

Later he had a SOHC Civic that he fitted with every bolt-on he could find, hoping to break into the second quarter mile range. InHert bought an FC3S RX-7 and quickly discovered the fun of drifting — honing his skills at a secret spot with his friends.

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He would go on to own several different rear-wheel drive cars and eventually got a job working at Enjuku Racing, where he learned even more about drifting, car building and the industry in general. As is often the case, life commitments got in his way and for several years he was without a drift car, instead gettting his drifting fix through video games.

Much cheaper and easier right?

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The downside was that the V8 in the RX-7 was blown, but Hert saw this as the perfect opportunity to get back into drifting after a long hiatus. With the RX-7 now in his hands, Hert would end up taking the car in a completely different direction. He would keep the car V8-powered since the groundwork had already been done, but rather than another high horsepower motor build, Hert went with a more budget-friendly 5.

Along with LS accessories, the 5. On the other hand, if drifting was the goal, the FC3S would need a lot of attention in the chassis and suspension department.

rx7 meet 2013

He started by upgrading the differential to a Tomei two-way LSD with heavy duty Drive Shaft Shop axles to make sure the V8 power made it to the tires reliably and efficiently. As for footwork, the car sits on Stance Pro-Comp coilovers with special spring rates and valving for the LS swap, and to give the car maximum agility there are knuckles and tie rod ends from Blue Star Fabrication along with Parts Shop Max toe links and differential bushings. To him and to myself as well drifting is all about style — and having a cool-looking car is a huge part of the equation.