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arnavkhushi. asr. khushikumarigupta. love. romance. barun. sanaya. kkgsr What if he meets her 3 years later and gets the biggest shock of his life? Series Of OS () # in FanFiction on 14th September, ( Highest Rank From school life, crush, love, Facebook, and heartbreak, to adulthood. arnav. khushi. isspyaarkokyanaamdoon. sarun. arhi. asr. love. barun. sanaya it is an arshi ff this ff starts after Arnav and khushi came to shantivan after forcible and future of oneself. Arnav sanaya. barun. arshi. +7 more. SS: With you. See more of Arnav Kushi Fan Fictions by Anaya on Facebook. Log In. or .. Busisiwe Mthimunye, Katlo Chipo, Sanaya Barun and 27 others like this. Esha Khan Awesome so khushi met with Priya and now arshi bonding will start waiting for next part . Have submitted one os based on arranged marriage for one contest.

Why the hell did u beat up those jerks. And now his anger was already melted into water. It did affect him But he don't want to get blown away by such feelings that's why he compelling himself to be angry Ruhi went in shock that how he came to know about that And now it's more important to let him know about the danger Or else he would end up dying here This was the first thought came to her mind.

Whatever the case may be. My dad won't spare you if he sees u here And about that Rocky incident I didn't do it.

But arnav in turn smiles a little seeing her cute avtar As why he sent goons to beat up Rocky" asked arnav while ruhi just went in shock She was shivering in fear and arnav almost opened his mouth for shouting. Unknowingly he just pulled her closer making her stare at him in shock Wether you are acting it not He paused and ruhi looked at him I really like you" said arnav looking directly into her eyes Both were equally shocked as arnav was actually came to teach her a lesson but instead he just proposed her Who has this much guts to propose her that too in her own house Butterflies started dancing in her stomach Embarrassed arnav pushed ruhi atonce.

The night seemed long for ruhi. She really liked the thought that someone just proposed her. Even though her friends have number of boy friends and numerous loves She envies all receiving special care from someone She always longed for that care. Which she never got from anyone But can she really let him in her life though it's danger The thought made her awake full night. On the other hand Arjun made his best to pull his legs in the worst way. I didn't mean that Though I am the most cutest person in the world" said Arjun pouting Our cute girl ruhi have some explanations I guess for her this act" said Arjun again trying to start a conversation but arnav seemed to sleep already.

Arjun felt annoyed as he couldnt even tease him properly. Principal calls arnav and asks him to join the college as they already settled the matter in peaceful manner Ruhi woke up and starts getting ready for her college She looks at the mirror and remembers how arnav said he like her Blushing a little she changes her costume again to look if she is pretty or not It's not that she liked arnav But she cherishes it the most that someone likes her Dressing up herself in her fav white dress she pouted to get some dissatisfied looks.

Quickly changing herself into that As she is looking stunning in her light make up and side brided hairstyle And as usual arnav and his friends were waiting for some prey to murder it in their favorite spot That's when ruhi entered the college Mostly all boys started drooling over her Our cute girl already came" commented Arjun.

Coming back to his senses " shut up ajju From far if we see properly She is not at all cute May be in night I didn't make a proper look" said arnav casually "Is it really bro? She is avery average looking girl Arnav have some standards dude She is your future bhabhi" said arjun with little shy and started drooling over ruhi openly and shamelessly. And she is not at all ok with dating her brother's friend" said Arjun still drooling ruhi "Stop staring her ajju" commanded arnav Arjun shifted his look to the direction where ruhi was looking atand arnav was standing there with angry expressions that's really not right All these days since they met and started sharing this lovely bond, they never even said those 3 magical words and now.

I wanted to say that tomorrow night. Couldnt hold those thoughts for long. She felt her body heating up already. Wont you say anything on that? I know your reply already.

Just want to hear it in your voice. I am not impatient like you. I can hold my feelings until tomorrow night. Say that now or else I wont get proper sleep. Do you wany your husband to look sleepy and dull during the rituals? Thats whats he termed himself. No excuses will work Arnav.

Just go to sleep. Give me something for the blissful night at least. She gasped and he could sense that over the phone I am no stranger. Not my husband either. I am not asking you to come here and kiss.

It's over a phone call. You wont even be seeing me. Khushi wanted to laugh hard.

I had heard it right. Men get too desperate as their wedding nears. Ofcourse they do get desperate. Good night she chuckled and disconnected the call She lied on the bed holding the mobile phone to her heart blushing the whole time.

It was Arnav's message. You deserve a punishment for pushing my feelings away so strongly" Khushi smiled hard and started responding back. Her Phone beeped again.

To keep his heart she sent a Kissing emoticon back to him.

His response came again shortly. I can Sleep well now. Good night" SHe didnt respond back. Her eyes started closing finally as she drifted into a peaceful sleep. I see the time is already I get my shower. I am very enthusiastic today.

I have lived this moment even earlier, during my marriage with Sonia but the feeling is way too different when compared. That time I was nervous thinking if Sonia will be able to handle the wedding rituals happily or will she get distracted? Today no such fear exists. That time I had no expectations from Sonia as a Wife because I was very well aware of her mental instabilty.

This time I am little desperate. There is no shame in accepting that feeling, isnt it? But he only similarity I see then and now is my Di's state of mind. She is disturbed just like she was that time, being unhappy of my decision. I just hope I will be able to show her this time no one will be hurt.

I couldnt stop Sonia's death, but whatever days I lived with her, will be part of my good memories forever. This time I am going to control mine and Khushi's happiness never letting it die or fade away because of her incapabilities. These feelings and thoughts should not ruin my day. I check my phone, and realise Khushi had messaged me.