Tmnt meet tiger claw ninja

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tmnt meet tiger claw ninja

Tiger Claw is a major villain in the TMNT series, appearing half way through She met Samantha there, who was one of her co-workers, and they quickly. Takeshi, aka Tiger Claw, is an ally of the Ninja Turtles. Formerly a Japanese boy named Takeshi that lived in Tokyo, Japan, he is now a mutant Bengal tiger who. Explore Megas16's board "[TMNT] tiger claw" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Tiger claw, Teenage mutant ninja turtles and Ninja turtles.

Tiger Claw wastes no time in setting a trap up for the turtles, capturing them almost easily and forcing them to call on their master, so he could be captured too. When Splinter arrives, they face off on one another, Tiger Claw proving to be a worthy adversary to the Rat master by using his guns, sword, and even a jet pack to dodge, strike, and counter attack.

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Through out the entire fight however, as he had stated earlier in the episode as well, Tiger Claw prefers to fight with honor and without trickery or unfair uses of tactics. But he did not die.

tmnt meet tiger claw ninja

He returns again in his very own episode entitled "The Wrath of Tiger Claw", where Tiger Claw bursts into Shredder's lair, claiming that he had escaped the belly of the Kraathatrogon and traveled through multiple dimensions back to Shredder for vengeance against the Turtles. What he had to go through to get back can be seen here: He received an eye patch and a tear at his right ear from his fights as well as his new and dangerous thirst for turtle blood.

On top of that, all faith and belief in honor has been shredded into dust.

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This can be seen when he stands over the frightened blind cook who is a friend of the turtlessaying, "I did not come here for honor. He then follows a tracker set by Karai and the following scene happens: Tiger Claw continues to reign as one of the most powerful and vicious Mutants in the show, even after the earth had been destroyed, he will always be remembered by the surviving turtles and the fandom as a scary and intimidatingly powerful foe.

Personality As befits a tiger, Tiger Claw is aggressive and ferocious, as well as vengeful and a good hunter. And like the best of assassins he is relentless and cruel. Brutality is second nature to him. But he respects other warriors like Rahzar and his employers like Shredder.

tmnt meet tiger claw ninja

Gadgets Tiger Claw has a western outfit, wears bandoliers full of replacement bullets and carries several weapons, among which include a giant sword for hand to hand combat, a firerarm able to shoot nets and freeze rays and another high-powered firearm with the ability to fire red lasers.

Tiger Claw also has a sniper rifle and a jetpack for evasion and escape. Tiger Claw is a master of all weapons and collects them from most of the warriors that he defeats in mortal combat. Relation to the Protagonists Turtles Tigerclaw is a worthy opponent to both the turtles and Splinter, and is rarely thwarted when in combat because of his combat skills. He serves as the evil and vicious second in command to Shredder, but he is also one of the brains, which makes him even more scary, because a villain who fights with both ferocity and cunning is extremely dangerous.

Unlike the other henchmen who are now very easy for the turtles to defeat, Tiger Claw has always remained strong and capable of leadership throughout the four seasons, even though he is sometimes on the sideline. But after everything lead to Kavaxas betraying him, he leaves The Foot Clan and declares a truce with the Turtles.

tmnt meet tiger claw ninja

He wields a Machetea pair of Laser Pistolsand a pair of Ice Pistols as his signature weapons of choice. Takeshi debuts in Wormquake! Contents [ show ] Backstory Years ago in Tokyo, JapanTiger Claw used to be a Japanese boy named Takeshi, who lived in a small village alongside with his unnamed little sister. One day when the two siblings were at a playground, they witnessed as a Kraang portal opened in front of them.

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Thinking that it was a magic door, they entered with no fear and were taken by The Kraang. They performed experiments on the two children with their Mutagencausing Takeshi to mutate into a mutant Bengal Tiger and his sister to mutate into a mutant red fox. After many months of hardship, they both escaped from The Kraang and went back to Earth. After realizing that they would no longer be accepted by the others due to their mutant forms, they decided to flee from their home to later take refuge at a circus.

But after thinking their abilities were much more valuable, Alopex and Tiger Claw both became top-level assassins in the criminal underworld eventually.