Relationship between customer satisfaction employee and profitability

relationship between customer satisfaction employee and profitability

customer satisfaction is shown by SPC: “Profit and growth are stimulated primarily . relationship between employee and customer satisfaction show a positive. By exploring the effect of employees' customer-oriented perspective . relationship between employee fulfillment and customer satisfaction. It is critical that senior management understands and supports the relationship between Employee Engagement, Customer Satisfaction, and Profitability.

However, more effort in the organization Waync et al. Thus, consider the following service quality and customer satisfaction are have not hypothesis. Also, eventually based on own analysis Service quality and customer Satisfaction: Service quality has a positive Customer satisfaction has a long term effect on impact on customer satisfaction. Previous Staff job satisfaction and customer satisfaction: Unlike products, services profitably Anderson et al.

Satisfied customer of the company line service staff, is inherently manufacturer's services. In fact, such "staff are linked to customers" are There are several reasons for a positive impact on providing organizations service, that directly affect customer satisfaction on company profitability.

First customer satisfaction and play marketing role. In fact, of all, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty to his certain set of behaviors that staff in contact and clients' goals and will affect future actions Stank et interact with customer, can have a significant impact al.

When this happens, the will on customer perception of service quality. Second reason, customers face with happy staff. Last direct impact on customers' aggressive behavior reason note that satisfaction is the company's overall Doucet, and lead to customer dissatisfaction, reputation, company reputation, in turn, can create and regardless of the services core functions performance maintain relationships with useful key suppliers and to meet customer needs.

Reputation can Those personnel who have a high level of job have a halo effect on the company's way so that can be satisfaction are more balanced and pleasing from the a positive effect on customer evaluations. This topic perspective of customers in their environment and can stated that future sales increased customer satisfaction, make a positive impact on customer satisfaction levels reduced flexibility costs and increased the company's Homburg and Stock, Thus proposed following hypothesis: Customer satisfaction has a Third hypothesis: Staff job satisfaction has a positive impact on corporate profitability.

Profitability and staff job satisfaction: Customer satisfaction and profitability: Successful financial and market organizations Studies show that customer satisfaction and provide better benefits for staff, which lead to higher profitability through his loyalty to the organization, level of staff job satisfaction.

These benefits are leading to increased revenue and profits. Repeat including job security, career opportunities and purchasing, purchase new products by the customer rewards Koys, ; Schneider et al. Loyal customer will service personnel that led are to a positive evaluation not be easy to attract a competitor advertising.

On the of their performance. Also, successful commercial other hand, a loyal customer to the brand, showing operation of the service staff increase confidence and less sensitivity to changing the price because is sure a positive impact on their job satisfaction Yee et al.

Here are proposing the winners — positive impact on staff job satisfaction. Customer thorough providing expectations and even higher expectations have a Research Methodology sense of winning and organization in achieving the Research methods was descriptive correlational loyal customer, and consequently in profit and income which was conducted as field study.

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Data were more market share acquisition. The present study has conducted in Iranian In other words Kels believes that service quality is the private banks.

Statistical community is consisting of focus on what is being delivered to customers, private banks branches. Sampling was conducted situation where services are offered and how it randomly. Sample size was branches of private delivers. Ross, Juwaheer, banks in iran. Data Gathering Method The questionare was set consisting of 20 items. Customer Satisfaction Customer satisfaction is defined as a result of an Job satisfaction effective evaluation is belonging to standard Experts believe that job satisfaction is an attitude comparing that wills campare with perceived and its definition: In other words, if perceived Job satisfaction is a person's attitude toward the performance has been made expectations satisfaction job and simply how to feel about the job and its achieved.

relationship between customer satisfaction employee and profitability

Teso and Wilton defined satisfaction in this way: Caruana et al, toward the job and the organization and when we say have a high job satisfaction, it means that overall like Garvin model, which includes aspects of total his job and has values and positive attitudes towards quality management in information quickly and it. Questionnaire promotion opportunities detentions. A questionnaire designed consisting of 18 questions. Respondents was set consisting of 20 items.

relationship between customer satisfaction employee and profitability

The Cronbach's alpha was used to measure the reliability of the questionnaires. In the field of Profitability reflects bank's financial performance.

Staw, or attitude about the superiority of customer service Epstein, ; Schneider et al, Spss software that is provided in the bank Al-Hawari et al, Lee et al, described quality of received The relationship between variables was calculated by services opinion and overall attitude related to the The Pearson correlation coefficient r.

Service Hypothesis can be stated as follows: Job satisfaction has a positive impact on perceptions and expectations. Profitability has a positive effect on job was using: There is a positive relationship Results between service quality and customer satisfaction Based on the data presented in Table 1, it is Hypothesis 3: Customer satisfaction has a positive impact on company profitability. Table 1 The linear relationship between job satisfaction and service quality Variables Pearson correlation coefficient r t-student P-value Job Satisfaction 0.

Table 2 The linear relationship between service quality and Customer Satisfaction Variables Pearson correlation coefficient r t-student P-value Service quality 0. Hypothesis 4 is confirmed 96 Journal of American Sciences ;9 3s http: Table 5 The linear relationship between Profitability and job satisfaction Variables Pearson correlation coefficient r t-student P-value Profitability 0.

Becaus based on the dimensions considered by Parasuraman et al customer satisfaction, is the initial service quality Parasuraman et at all, so Banks can with aware of the service quality for customers and the Supply Customer Satisfaction and ultimately their loyalty successfully carry out their activities. Our research clearly shows that staff job satisfaction is vital in achieving quality and customer satisfaction and increase profitability of private banks.

In fact, staff job satisfaction leads to higher service quality and has a direct impact on customer satisfaction, and service quality and customer satisfaction will lead to financial benefits. The results indicate that staff job satisfaction and profitability of private banks have bilateral relations. It can be said that staff job satisfaction through the satisfaction - quality — profit cycle affects on operating profit function.

This means that the staff job satisfaction through cycle's effect, affect on profitability Yee et at all, While no employee will reject a pay or benefits increase, many organizations have seen improved employee engagement results from more, better, and more frequent communication, as well as modest investments in training programs. You need to understand where the weaknesses are, and then address them specifically. Link between Employee Engagement and Customer Satisfaction.

There are situations when the tactics needed to increase employee engagement conflict with those needed to improve customer satisfaction. Most companies track and report the changes in customer satisfaction scores, employee engagement scores, and profit. But drawing specific linkages to the elements that are driving improved profitability is also important to reinforce the service-profit chain. Are more engaged employees driving improved productivity to result in lower cost of goods sold or costs to serve customers?

Are more loyal customers purchasing more?


Employees and managers need to understand that the service-profit connection is not just a black box or magic — there are real impacts making a quantitative improvement in business results. By identifying linkages or correlations between customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction and operations, you know what factors will have the biggest impact on profitability.

Once you have that information, you can prioritize actions to have the greatest net impact on profitability. Why should your measurements?