The originals 1x21 ending a relationship

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The relationship between the Original Hybrid, Niklaus Mikaelson and the Were Family, Best Friends/Frenemies, Former Enemies/Allies; Ended (Klaus is dead). on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Vampire diaries the originals, Original vampire and Vampire dairies. TVD Bonnie & Damon Their relationship is the cutest thing OMG I can't! But delena for life .. "The Originals 1x21". See more . See more. The originals, don't mess with a pregnant hormonal women it will end badly. Jul 20, #TheOriginals 1x21 "The Battle of New Orleans" - Davina and Josh. The Originals Season 3 Episode 7 Lol Spoiler, he didnt last long.

As the man returned, Klaus stepped in and made the man stop beating the boy by killing him on sight. Klaus approaches the boy and tells him that he is a survivor, before asking for his name. The boy says he hasn't been named as his mother didn't want to name him until he was 10 years old in fear of him dying of fever, although she died before he could be named.

Klaus listened to his story and named him Marcellus, the name meaning "Little Warrior".

Klaus and Marcel

Klaus decides to take the boy under his wing. When growing up, Marcel takes a liking to Rebekah. Marcel is telling Klaus that nothing is going on with him and his sister. Klaus adopts Marcel On the other hand, Klaus' bond with Marcel kept him from killing him, despite having warned him to stay clear of Rebekah.

Marcel wants to be part of the family as a vampire, with the intent of having Klaus himself do the honor by becoming his Sire. After discovering Marcel's and Rebekah's hidden relationship, Klaus makes Marcel choose; To live a happy life with Rebekah as a human or to become a vampire. Marcel chose Rebekah, and Klaus left Rebekah neutralized for fifty two years. However, this was later revealed to be a lie.

In reality, Klaus was very conflicted in granting Marcel's desire to become a Vampire, as the former believed that Siring his adopted son would rob him of everything that Klaus ever found good about Marcel as a Human. Klaus told the vampire that he was seeking out the witch Jane-Anneand Marcel, along with his inner circle, led the hybrid to Jane-Anne, who Marcel had to confront for practicing witchcraft beyond the bounds set by him.

Jane-Anne, who denied all claims, was killed by Marcel and Klaus showed his clear displeasure at Marcel's action with his friend. Marcel said he never wastes an opportunity for a show a force, a lesson he supposedly learned from Klaus. Marcel went on to assure the Original that he would find out what business Jane-Anne had with him.

Shortly thereafter, Klaus arrived at a wild party filled with vampires feeding on the locals and drinking. When Diego claimed he only answered to Marcel, Klaus threatened to bite him, and before he could answer, Marcel arrived, telling Klaus that no one harmed his guys and those were the rules.

In reply, Klaus wanted to know why Marcel had his guards following him, as he had run into two of them during his small chat with Sophie. Marcel showed Klaus a gallery overlooking the street of New Orleans, and Klaus asked Marcel just how he knew what witches where using magic and when.

Marcel said that he had an ace up his sleeve and that's when he laid eyes on Camillea young bartender who Klaus met earlier. Marcel told Klaus that if she were brave, he would let her live, but if she was dumb, then she was dessert. Marcel set off on the young woman, and seconds later, Elijah arrived to show Klaus a more serious matter that he needed to attend to Hayley and their unborn child. Klaus soon tells his brother that Marcel has everything he ever wanted: He went on to say that he wanted to be king.

And when Elijah inquired him of Hayley and his baby, Klaus replied that "every king needs an heir. He and Marcel got into a fight, with Marcel stating that New Orleans was his town, and he was the king. Klaus responded by biting Thierry, telling Marcel that he unfortunately broke one of his rules, but that he couldn't be killed and was truly immortal. Appearing satisfied, Klaus left, only to return again after uncovering that Sophie was setting a plan in motion that would bring down Marcel.

Klaus healed Thierry and told Marcel that he would like to stay in New Orleans for a while. Marcel allowed this, welcoming Klaus to the French Quarter. The vampires do not kill, just drink, then feed the humans some vampire blood. The next day, Klaus is going for a drink with Marcel.

Camille was going to leave when Klaus stops her. Klaus brings her over to their table and tries to help Marcel win points with her. They arrive to a parking garage to find a man and a woman in the back of a van. He tells them about wanting blood and becoming a vampire, but only one of them gets to live.

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He tosses a coin and which ever one gets it, gets to live. The girl grabs the coin, at first Marcel acts proud but then snaps the girls neck. He says to let her die in the cold because he has a thing for people that betrays their friends.

That night, Klaus is at the bar drinking then Marcel comes in with sour look. Klaus teases that he knows that face, woman problems. Marcel calls Klaus a dick for not telling him Rebekah was in town.

the originals 1x21 ending a relationship

Klaus said he thought it would be more fun this way. While Katie is rampage ready to kill Marcel. Klaus breaks her neck which he claims would make Marcel trust him more not suspecting he's the reason of why his right hand man Thierry is in the Garden. In Sinners and SaintsMarcel calls Klaus about dead witches in the bayou and Klaus remarks that should be a cause for celebration, but Marcel informs him not if they were killed by that rogue werewolf.

Klaus then goes to Marcel's bar to see what he knows and realizes he's playing him by stalling a old trick he taught him. They later get into a fight where Klaus receives backup from Elijah.

Klaus and Marcel In Fruit of the Poisoned TreeMarcel tries to apologize for his actions last episode, but grows suspicious of Klaus.

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He's seeing spying on Josh figuring out he's the mole and later runs into Klaus lets him he knows he lied about where they were staying and tells him he met Hayley. A distracted Elijah kisses his sister on the forehead as he excuses himself to follow Hayley outside. He walks outside near the poolside and slowly approaches Hayley, with a small smile on his lips. She turns to face him and smiles and says, "You're back", to which Elijah replies "I'm back". There is a pause with the pair gazing at each other intensely, before Hayley's coy smile vanishes and whips her hand across, slapping Elijah.

She then goes on to say, "Don't make promises you can't keep. Welcome Home," and saunters off. Elijah watches her leave and slowly touches his face where she slapped him with a subtle smile. Hayley, Elijah and Rebekah. In Fruit of the Poisoned TreeElijah is looking through his mothers grimoire and tells his sister the dead girl in front of him is about forgiveness which can not be bought and that's what Klaus was trying at.

the originals 1x21 ending a relationship

Elijah then sees Hayley and follows her to the kitchen, where she is making breakfast and tells her good morning. Hayley tells him and Rebekah if it would kill them to buy some milk in the house to which Elijah responds he hopes his siblings were hospitable towards Hayley in his absence. Hayley addresses his absence and all the trouble that has happened since. Elijah then brings a bowl, a spoon and a bag of cereal to the counter and smiles sympathetically as he pulls orange juice and milk out of the fridge, pours Hayley a bowl of cereal and then fills it with milk.

She tells him that his siblings have been weirdly protective of her and she has Elijah to thank for that. Elijah tells her he's just glad she is in one piece and talks about the witches and that it is time both Hayley and Sophie are unlinked.

Rebekah then comes in and drags the dead girl behind, asking who they have to kill. After Elijah and Klaus found Sophie, they made her help Hayley and Elijah took Hayley to the pool to slow the temperature until the witch Davina unlinked Sophie and Hayley.

the originals 1x21 ending a relationship

Hayley was no longer under the spell that would've killed her child. When he arrived back at the Mikaelson mansion, he discovered Hayley was gone and called Rebekah if Hayley was with her, Klaus then came and told him that Marcel had been here. Elijah then knew she had been abducted by Marcel. In BloodlettingElijah and Klaus confronted Marcel at one of his fight nights, where vampires would fight for the chance to get closer to Marcel's inner circle.

Elijah threatened Marcel, saying that he and Klaus would kill everyone there, starting with Marcel, If he did not hand over Hayley to him. When Marcel revealed that he hadn't taken Hayley, he allowed a witch to perform a locator spell as a show of good faith to the Original siblings.

Elijah and Klaus tracked her to a truck where Klaus recognized the scent of Tyler Lockwood. Elijah found Hayley in the woods, having escaped from Tyler and she told him that Tyler had abducted her to test a theory on her baby. He had discovered that her baby's blood could create hybrids, but Hayley informed him that the werewolf Tyler had turned into a hybrid had seemed sired to her rather than Klaus. Hayley also brought up how the only reason Klaus had wanted to protect her was so he could eventually make more hybrids.

However, when they found Klaus, who had fought and defeated Tyler, Klaus was furious with his brother's accusation. Enraged by what he saw as Elijah's betrayal and jealous that he would always be seen as being lesser since he was only Elijah's half-brother, he bit Elijah with his hybrid bite, leaving him and Hayley a parting gift.

Later, Elijah told her that the bite wouldn't kill him and Elijah realized he may have been too quick to condemn his brother. Immediately afterwards, they found a bible left at the doorstep which included a family tree side with a list of names, including a name corresponding with Hayley's birth date; Andrea. Hayley looking after Elijah. She refused to leave him even then, when he begins to have hallucinations.