The relationship between mongooses and cobra style lyrics

Cobra Versus Mongoose Lyrics

the relationship between mongooses and cobra style lyrics

Cobra vs. Mongoose [Explicit]. Supermoon. From the Album Oh Supermoon, Vol. . Format: Explicit Lyrics; ASIN: B00W3MI4UG; Average Customer Review: Be. Lyrically, it's one of Lasher's extended double entendres. . is a great rendition of the old Jamaican folk/mento classic, "Sly Mongoose". here is the original 78 release of Lasher's urban style hit, "Calypso Cha .. (Cobra Man), as heard on the s LP, "MRS - Authentic Jamaican Calypsos, volume 3". Lyrics to Mongoose by Elephant's Memory from the Take It to the Streets album - including song video, In the village Of Leboga Lies a body Cold and dead For the venom Of the cobra Has with The body wed I can Style:MLAChicagoAPA.

The lyrics are below: Mango time, mango time Yes the temperature getting hot Mango time, mango time And poor people turn down dem pot In every cranny, in every nook The people dem done with shop Because they don't have to cook Because mango arrive and drop Yes, the fellows push the carts all day and hear dem holler "Mango dem!

the relationship between mongooses and cobra style lyrics

Count Lasher is also identified as the singer, and is given writing credit under a misspelling of his real name, Terence Perkins. The song is a tale warning about a sam fi man -- a con man. In addition to standing alone as a great mento song, this track is also very exciting in the way that it prefaces reggae about a decade before the term would be coined.

the relationship between mongooses and cobra style lyrics

But because it is a favorite of mine and was not in print when this content was created, here is a song clip of Sam Fi Man. Come now folks, gather what you can while I tell you about the sam fi man Him always claim you must ensure to fool and fix, even kill and even cure Sam fi man, sam fi man try to avoid him as best you can For if you drop, him then trap You will never able to stop your gap Him can always do good fe you but would himself that you can not do He can help you get a job if you only give him a 30 bob To kill a man that a feeling[?

With a faster tempo, altered rhythm and prominent bamboo sax, it is less reminiscent of reggae than the flip side.

the relationship between mongooses and cobra style lyrics

The song would give Harry Belafonte the melody for his hit, "Matilda". Lasher would twice remake this track, as seen here and here.

Mento Music: Count Lasher

Both sides feature the piano, sax, bass and hand drum arrangement common of backing band George Moxey and his Calypso Quintet. Both songs were written by Chin's Calypso Quinte t member E. The topic, immigration to England, is one that was common in the golden age. See, for example, "Sweet Jamaica" by Lord Lebby.

The tone is melancholy, demonstrating Lasher's range. It's a fine track, but it has never been compiled on any LP or CD. Because it's a favorite of mine and is not in print, here is a song clip of Trek To England.

Lyrically, it's one of Lasher's extended double entendres. It features rural instrumentation with an interesting bamboo solo. It too can be heard on " Mento, Not Calypso ". Williams wrote a lot of mento songs for artists other than Chin's, but this is still something of a surprise, as Lasher was such a strong lyricist himself.

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