Apple relationship with chinese government

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apple relationship with chinese government

China is an important market for Apple and the iPhone accounts for a concern within Apple should the government do this under the guise of. And Apple has had warmer relations with Chinese government officials and state -owned business executives than other American tech giants. "It'd be foolish to think that Apple could form a safe and healthy relationship with the Chinese government that didn't put the U.S. at some level.

Apple said it decided it was better to offer iCloud under the new system because discontinuing it would lead to a bad user experience and actually lead to less data privacy and security for its Chinese customers. The firm was set up and funded by the provincial government in the relatively poor southwestern Chinese province of Guizhou in The Apple decision highlights a difficult reality for many U.

apple relationship with chinese government

But Chinese customers will notice some differences from the start: And even though Chinese iPhones will retain the security features that can make it all but impossible for anyone, even Apple, to get access to the phone itself, that will not apply to the iCloud accounts. Any information in the iCloud account could be accessible to Chinese authorities who can present Apple with a legal order. The Guizhou provincial government said it had no specific comment.

There are few penalties for breaking what rules do exist around obtaining warrants in China.

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Privacy lawyers say the changes represent a big downgrade in protections for Chinese customers. But if the user enables iCloud during set up, the default settings on the iPhone will automatically create an iCloud back-up.

Opinion: Why China and Apple’s relationship is fine, thank you

Apple declined to comment on whether it would change its default settings to make iCloud an opt-in service, rather than opt-out, for Chinese users. Until now, Apple appears to have handed over very little data about Chinese users.

Near the end ofApple lnc. These apps are often used by netizens for circumventing the Great Firewall blocking of overseas websites and content.

Apple moves to store iCloud keys in China, raising human rights fears | Reuters

Some of my friends from mainland China have even decided to give up using Apple mobile phones and shifted to other mainland Chinese brands.

Some of these VPN apps can still be downloaded from mobile phones that use the Android system. Online, several people have quipped: But this is unconvincing. But it does not require that the data center be operated by a local corporation. In other words, even according to Article 37 of the Cybersecurity Law, Apple does not need to hand over the operation of iCloud services to a local corporation, to say nothing of the fact that the operator is solely owned by the state.

It only wants to continue making a profit by selling iPhone in China.

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Some even think that it is inevitable and therefore reasonable. I can see where Apple is coming from.

apple relationship with chinese government