Dom sub relationship quotes

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dom sub relationship quotes

quotes have been tagged as submission: Charlotte Brontë: 'I do not think, sir, you “Submission is not about authority and it is not obedience; it is all about relationships of love and respect.” That's part of the joy of being a submissive. These 21 love quotes represent the best and hottest examples of BDSM love in its many Whether the relationship takes the shape of Dom/sub, Domme/sub. Dominance and submission quotes - enjoy all our quotes about domination and being submissive here!.

Make time to discuss issues freely and learn how to read your partners signals or safe words. Honest dynamic and interaction go a long way. For instance, if you are the dominant type and want to push the limits of your submissive, you will require particular information to understand her boundaries. The only way you can understand their limits is through effective communication. You want to exercise power in a positive and constructive manner.

So, more information will enable you to accomplish your roles better. To get the right information, you need to be honest as you interact with your partner. A post shared by Jane Seymour janeseymour on Dec 8, at For this matter, let it be clear as far as your fantasies are concerned so you can determine what is practical or not. For the submissive partner, do not forget that your dominant is as human as you.

dom sub relationship quotes

Sometimes, even the most powerful and experienced partners can be indecisive or awkward. If they make errors, do not focus too much on them. Most of the stuff you watch on movies or read in magazines is impractical. Just go with what seems natural in your relationship. This involves good nutrition, appropriate sleeping patterns, minimal alcohol intake, and a stress-free lifestyle.

If you think you are not well, just forget about the strenuous activities. And when we say experimentation, it is about how many extra miles you can go. Enjoyable rules The definition of fun in relationships differs significantly. So, you should only design rules which are easier to follow, otherwise, your dominance or submission will be undermined.

Take for instance a situation whereby the submissive partner is expected to take off their clothes whenever the dominant partner gets home. What if the dominant is in the company of another person or there are other people in the house? This rule would not be appropriate. The best rules must not leave provisions for guesswork if you want full enjoyment.

Before coming up with a rule, think about instances in which it would be difficult to comply or whether it could trigger dishonesty. You have to be patient with your submissive and let them get to know you first.

Rules & Definition Of A Dominant Submissive Relationship

Gentleness, subtlety, and finesse fit into the definition of the dominant. In as much as you have the greater power, you need to show kindness and gentleness to your submissive. Be sensitive so you can create a comfortable atmosphere for the two of you.

A good dominant lets the submissive know if they are truly interested in the relationship or not. Bear in mind that if you are the submissive, your work is to satisfy and serve your fellow human being so that they can focus on making your fantasies come true. A post shared by Stefanie Gambino-Carter stefgcarter on Dec 7, at 7: Honesty Sometimes the dominant may lack the experience that the submissive is looking for.

Be ruthlessly honest with yourself too so that you can give your partner only the things you are in full control of.

dom sub relationship quotes

Safety should be your first and most important concern no matter how safe a certain scene may come across. Dishonesty is not only problematic, but dangerous too. If you are the submissive type, feel free to share your fantasies and needs because your dominant knows you have them. Be very clear about what you want, what turns you off, as well as your health concerns. If you are not candid, you will experience lots of disappointments along the way because your dominant will be trying to satisfy you based on wrong information.

No matter how much you praise yourself, your true colors will show up somewhere along the way. You have to be open-minded.

Authenticity Most submissive partners expect to be controlled emotionally and physically, but not brutally. Let your submissive partner fall in love with who you really are so they can give themselves to you completely.

If you have to punish your submissive, do it appropriately and enforce authentic rules only. Since you understand your full responsibilities do not shirk any of them. Accept that you are reliable and allow your partner to depend on you. For the submissive, you have to accept being owned, directed, and controlled because that is the whole point of being submissive.

Dominance and submission quotes - domination and submissive.

Surrender all your power and raise genuine concerns when necessary. Because you have accepted limitations, stay within those limits and respect your dominant.

Jason was over six-feet-tall, with a strong and sturdily built. He had a naturally dominant personality. He could be fearless and decisive.

He could be a leader. He could be stern and take charge when he needed to. And he spanked me and dominated me in bed all the time, of course. Why do I like this so much? How can I be a good feminist and still like a man taking charge outside the bedroom? This is something hundreds of other women and men love, I thought. This is a part of me and my sexuality that I can be honest about. We not only shared the same kink but the same intensity for it. Where had he been all my life? First musing about it.

dom sub relationship quotes

Then doing it over IM, email, phone and text message. And I would follow his instructions. I would ask him how to dress each morning. I would ask him if I could watch a movie or if I had to work on writing a freelance article more. But it was the sexual domination that was most amazing to me. And, of course, we would talk dirty at length about having intercourse.

For the first few weeks, I was horny constantly. And I mean constantly.

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Never before in my life have I experienced such weeks-long periods of horniness. I really felt like my sexuality had awakened and been released, roaring from the gate. All the buildup actually raised my expectations too much, because the one and only time Ben and I were physically intimate with each other, it was a bit of a disappointment.