Eight components of relationship marketing

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eight components of relationship marketing

Sep 16, In the latest part of this series, Michael looks at the four components to relationships and how brands can influence trust and reciprocity to build. Keywords Relationship marketing, Marketing theory, Marketing strategy Paper 5 displays eight types of factors that influence RM-based strategy success. determining each supplier's specificity of components; The current issue and full text. Relationship marketing: new strategies, techniques, and technologies to win the Marketing Partnering The Eight Components of Relationship Marketing 1.

eight components of relationship marketing

Content Zone 3 critical components of successful relationship marketing Effective relationship marketing requires careful planning and implementation. Like all strategy implementation you need to align the right technologies, processes…and people.

eight components of relationship marketing

A highly effective strategy will achieve security, business intelligence and efficiency. The relationship marketing approach needs to be long term.

Relationships are made and may end quickly when staff leave.

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You need to invest in the resources and roles that support relationship growth, and put systems in place that capture insights when people do exit the firm. It is worth paying for the right level of resource: Build up a picture.

3 critical components of successful relationship marketing

Firms hold huge quantities of customer data. Data from regular CRM activity, content management, financial records, responses to marketing campaigns, marketing metrics, sales records and even client feedback. Keeping it all in one place builds up a persona for that individual and the organization.

eight components of relationship marketing

It reflects the full customer life cycle and their value to the firm. It also provides essential business intelligence and the opportunity to analyse customer data that will give you the insights to make decisions on the next best action to take.

Value Over Price Value is often more important than price as a marketing message. When building a marketing plan for a service business, place the focus on value. Successful service firms have a keen understanding of average customer-value perceptions and clearly communicate how they meet or exceed those expectations for the client's benefit.

For example, if the majority of prospects are focused on how fast a service is delivered, then marketing materials should emphasize speed over other considerations.

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Relationships Relationships anchor clients. Relationships enable well-managed service firms to gain a competitive advantage by creating protection against service issues and competition and to uncover new growth opportunities. Marketing efforts should clearly show a high level of commitment to customer relationships throughout the service firm.

If customers are pleased with how you resolve their problems, they are much less likely to consider a competitor. Customers are likely to be receptive to additional sales opportunities when they feel valued. Problem-Solving Problem-solving trumps price.

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Successful service businesses excel at showing customers they can solve problems versus simply offering a one-size-fits-all service. This is a great way to stand above the competition.

eight components of relationship marketing

This includes post-sale customer service. In a Forbes article, 99 Designs founder Matt Mickiewicz noted that customer service is a key ingredient in marketing a service business. Specialization Specialization creates comfort for customers. Customers like to work with specialized service providers. For example, if a patient is sick and her primary physician can't diagnose the problem, she is forwarded to a specialist, giving her comfort that her ailment can be cured.