Exist archive ending relationship

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exist archive ending relationship

Oct 28, Tri-Ace's new JRPG masterpiece EXIST ARCHIVE: THE OTHER SIDE as the phase starts, and they'll hold that guard until the end of the phase, Character Relationships matter - Your characters have charts visible in the. Oct 10, Exist Archive's story starts off on a grim note; a mysterious accident hits Their relation to other characters and the preexisting conflict are given brief hits that raise the experience multiplier at the end of combat encounters. Oct 28, According to Exist Archive, departed souls journey from the planet and not before Ranze drops an ambiguous line about their relationship), and your party members back to earth (and unlocking various endings), you'll.

There are still events that you need to partner up with a certain girl. The only thing that's not in the game was the holding hands and bridal carry feature and you get an extremely small scene and CG where you sleep together. There is no relationship building, yes, but the story is meaty, the side stories are fun, harem elements are still there, and the gameplay is completely fresh, nice and fast paced as compared to HF.

exist archive ending relationship

This is a bold statement, but in my opinion, Lost Song is better than Hollow Fragment. The only problem I have would be its short story-line. Although the story is nice and exciting, Hollow Fragment had more story content though, but gameplay wise, you'd be spending FAR more time exploring dungeons and fighting enemies over reading through walls of texts.

And no, its not like in Hollow Fragment where dungeons are easy.

Earning Exist Archive’s Three Endings Is Easy

Like HF, its a "find a key, find your way and battle an enemy" type, but it involves more strategy, unlike in HF where the strategy was simply to overpower the enemy.

I can't exactly force you to try the game, nor will I judge your preferences, but I really recommend you play the game, its a really good and awesome experience I agree that even without the pseudo dating its a good game. But the combat is still rather so so.

exist archive ending relationship

Magic kinda breaks the game. Characters upgrade their skills to unlock new moves battle, and the full compendium of active techniques and passive defenses is impressive.

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Atop that, a chart tracks just how much the characters like Kanata, and there are in-battle benefits to getting along with teammates. Yet Exist Archive never makes you care about it. Even when Ren, a genre-savvy nerd, looses a decent joke or tokusatsu heroine Rui belts out catchphrases, there's another exchange like Namero fussing over his name to walk things back to banality.

Exist Archive isn't entirely dull in its take on eschatology: Yet you'll have to dig for them. The game slouches through a lot of its storyline, taking ten hours to arrive at any really notable plot revelations. By the time Exist Archive rolls out the option of sending your party members back to earth and unlocking various endingsyou'll weigh the tactical advantages of losing a decent blade-wielder or gun-kata artist well before you wonder how Suzaku or Mitsuhide will react to seeing their friends and family again.

Exist Archive shares a lot with Valkyrie Profile: Even the menu-confirmation beeps are the same, and Motoi Sakuraba's surging overtures would slip flawlessly around a Valkyrie Profile game. It's as though Exist Archive actually was another Valkyrie Profile before Square Enix pulled the license to make a mobile game instead.

exist archive ending relationship

So it's sadder still that Exist Archive lacks real inspiration in its story. Valkyrie Profile games told uniquely morbid tales, tied into Norse myths, and drew characters from doomed young soldiers to elderly nobles.

exist archive ending relationship

Exist Archive recruits a pack of stereotypes from a throwaway light novel, lacking even the breezy appeal of Tales characters. In its lasting appeal, it feels further from Valkyrie Profile and closer to last year's Lost Dimension, which took good ideas and failed to create any interesting characters to carry them. Even some of the better moments unravel.

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Revisiting levels offers the chance to discover new ground and items, but the procession of similar backgrounds and enemies grows tedious, and the game struggles to create a sense of progress. This is a grinder's game, pointed at the player who thinks nothing of replaying levels for the sake of new discoveries or higher letter grades. For a minor irritation, Exist Archive uses strangely proportioned characters throughout.

It's incongruous in just about every sector of the game, as though tri-Ace was inspired by Monster High dolls, and it clashes with the normally sized portraits that appear during dialogue sequences.