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The 22 Most Epic 'Grey's Anatomy' Relationships of All Time getting a little annoying toward the end and Meredith has become a much more. There are so many different relationships on "Grey's Anatomy" that it's difficult to Meredith and Derek end up back together but then break up when Meredith. Grey's Anatomy - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 6, - Reviews: .. Paired up by a dating program that puts an end date on relationships, Jackson and April begin to question the system's logic. .. Set in 10x

Originally posted as Acquainted. Rating may eventually change to M. Blind Date by mcmachine reviews Japril AU. When April's co-workers set her up on a blind date, she's hesitant to agree. Jackson Avery, an escort on the side to make ends meet during his residency at a neighboring hospital.

He assumed that she knows this. They planned a beautiful future together until April got pregnant and left town for the greater good. Now, the son Jackson never knew is six years old. April created a life for her child that she is proud of.

Everything is going smoothly until famous football player Jackson finds his way back into their lives. She's not inexperienced with boys, but she has yet to find someone perfect. On the first day of classes, that person seemingly shows up - in the most unexpected of ways. Jackson Avery is her Gender and Sexuality professor. How is this supposed to work? The lessons inside the classroom aren't all she has to learn. Her studio apartment is right above Avery's Deli, where Jackson works, where he happens to be every night just in time for her to walk in.

They become each other's best friends, each other's everything, unable to fight the push to become something more. Until something beautifully tragic forces them apart. From anywhere and everywhere Finding A Way by Dee47 reviews Following their moment in the hospital parking lot, Jackson and April had started to remember who they were to each other. But is it too late? Takes place between episode 19 and the end of season Previously a one-shot, but decided to add a chapter 2.

Don't know if there will be a chapter 3 or not, so still keeping this marked as complete Raised in a strictly Catholic household, how will April deal with her feelings for him?

She thought she could handle anything that life threw at her - until life threw her Jackson Avery.

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She has a crush on Alex Karev, and enlists Jackson's help in getting him to notice her - in exchange for writing all of his papers for the quarter. In a clever ploy, he pretends to date her in until it catches Alex's attention or until the end of the quarter. There's just one rule: The merger has an unexpected impact on him, and when he finds himself caught between the life he wants for himself and his mother's expectations of him, he has to make a choice.

Slices of Life a series of drabbles by melissaeverdeen13 reviews These are just a collection of drabbles requested from tumblr, gathered here so you guys can come back to them! Feels Like Home by melissaeverdeen13 reviews Jackson and April spent their childhoods inseparable, until the end of their senior year approached and the split that happens to so many happened to them. They drift apart and fifteen years pass without any communication.

But when Jackson shows up on April's doorstep in army fatigues with nowhere else to go, that time disappears. How much has really changed? Due to his ailing father, Prince Jackson finds himself betrothed to Lady April, a family friend he has not seen since he was a child.

After their union, Jackson learns that the young woman harbors a tragic secret. One that could cost them everything. One that he is willing to die to protect. In the beginning, they were barely friends. That is, until Jackson starts to see her in an entirely new way. What happens when Jackson and April ends up picking each other for a game of Secret Santa? Jackson and April are in their senior year of high school. They've been best friends since they were just kids and grew up living next door to each other without realizing they had feelings for one another.

When will they realize that the feelings they share are bigger than just a simple friendship? The Gift by demitruli reviews [AU, Multi] When April's 28th birthday arrives, her roommates get her a very special present. But no one warned poor April she shouldn't fall in love with the escort hired to deflower her. Yet here they are, in the beginning stages of a divorce, with too much pain between them to make their relationship worth it any longer. Just as they're getting used to the fact that they'll have to move on from one another, fate hands them a reminder of how much they need each other.


It takes place after the episode in which April leaves Matthew at the altar. Now nearly thirteen years later Jackson Avery MD is starting nearly his fourth year of surgical residency at the newly merged Seattle Grace Mercy West with his son who seems to create more drama than some of the doctors.

Watch the pretty ripples…starts at 6x05 and ends at 8x22 Grey's Anatomy - Rated: She would have thought that after twenty something years, she had had enough of letting circumstance do the dictating in her life, turning her world inside out completely.

When Your Eyes Met Mine by demitruli reviews [AU, series of OS] "He suddenly turned his head and looked right at her, light ocean eyes staring into her own with an intensity so foreign but yet so oddly familiar at the same time.

All based on true stories. He realizes he loves her - enough to let her go. But when April and Matthew move to Chicago, the place where Jackson has made his new life, everyone involved is hit with the fact at how shallowly the old feelings had been buried.

April wants her old best friend back; but at what price? But what happens when a spark ignites during the summer before their senior year?

Now the past meet the present trough a series of ex girlfriends and new boyfriends. Inspired by Lovesick series. A little snapshot of their little family and cute Japriet fluff! Spoilers if you have not seen 12x All the missing pieces by TheAnaGrace reviews All the missing scenes from every episode - a collection of japril one shots.

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K - English - Romance - Chapters: Follow this AU story where Jackson Avery tries to understand his best friend a bit more. Chicago by imayhaveapoint reviews This story picks up directly after 13x16 and explains Aprils absence in the following episodes. Divide by sloangrey reviews April Kepner doesn't know why, but she's made the terrible agreement to a vacation with not only her best friend, but her best friend's boyfriend.

Meredith and Riggs Meredith and Riggs were definitely going to have some sort of relationship eventually — they had too much in common! Meredith told Riggs that if Derek could be brought back to life, she would leave, so he had to go. Meredith had to hide from Maggie, and Riggs had to hide from Owen. The only thing anyone got out of it was the hiding.

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What happens when the best part of the story is the breakup? Ben and Miranda are the epitome of relationship goals. Even on their wedding day, when Miranda got tied up operating on Adele Webber, he stayed and helped her, rather than getting upset. Ben also helped her through her OCD flare up and has always been there for her, when normally she has to be there for other people.

Grey's Anatomy recap: 'Take It Back'

Izzie and Denny Almost all fans know the story of Denny Duquette, the heart transplant patient that Izzie fell for. At first, it was nice to see Izzie have someone to banter with, but it was easy to see where the chain events were leading. Izzie had feelings for Denny and managed to keep it from Bailey, but the group of interns knew. Possibly the worst part of the relationship is that Izzie was willing to throw away her career for him.

The infamous cutting of the LVAD wire shows that, as much as she was trying to save Denny, she was trying to save something for herself as well. The entire turn of events and relationship is toxic and not at all how love should be portrayed.

But he was a great man, and he deserved everything in the end. She also had the ability to tell him wrong, and for him to believe it. Catherine, so far, has been the only woman able to keep Richard in line. While that mostly is a testament to Catherine, it also shows that couples work as a team.

George loved Meredith from afar from the beginning. He did everything he could to get her attention while she had her eyes on Derek — a classic story of the good guy who can't let go of woman who just wants to be friends. He finally got his chance, when Meredith went on her spree of sleeping with people. George took this as a front, and walked out, leaving Meredith alone. Their relationship became estranged after that for a while.