Having a relationship with an inmate

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having a relationship with an inmate

This doesn't mean that all MWI relationships are doomed; there are plenty of MWI . Being in a relationship with a prisoner, will affect your entire life in moving. Incarcerated individuals' relationships are the familial and romantic relations of individuals in . For example, inmates who reported having a happy marriage experienced more successful transitions back to their community at end of their. Usually a guy I know in there would give me a name and address of a girl who they knew was amenable to having a relationship with and visiting someone in.

This is about knowing yourself and your motives honestly. Do you know others in this situation? Get to know people in a like situation for support. They can empathize with difficulties as they arise and can be leaned on for advice, especially regarding the lopsided, seemingly one-way aspects that come up.

Can you cope with limited contact and other difficulties? How might you manage if there is a change in their release date?

Relationships for incarcerated individuals

The more you know up front, the better prepared you will be. Ask them what they actually did. It tells you, in part, what to be mindful of.

having a relationship with an inmate

Know what they are doing to change, to better themselves. Ask not only about their conviction but about the circumstances that led up to their choice. Do they have an out date? Some may find having a partner in such a limited capacity a plus.

Others may want someone weeks from returning to society. I personally would suggest meeting someone with a little bit of time left.

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Give yourself a minimum of three or more months to get to know this person. There is a reason for discounted prices. Extra time gives you the best opportunity to get to know them and solidify whatever foundation you can.

That may enable you to withstand the weight that goes with their return to society.

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How do you envision the relationship? Give it a try and see how it goes? Fix the wrongs in your life? Whatever your expectations, be realistic with them. Be mindful that a lot who are getting out have little to no money, and if they do, their immediate goal will most likely be to get situated and stabilize their self.

It is so important to have that talk as soon as possible and to continually update that. What do you expect, anticipate? The response from friends was funny when I showed them this. It depends on the situations. Relationships during incarceration are tricky. They have to be navigated with care, patience and integrity. Unfortunately, they are not always handled this way.

Honestly, both inmates and the ones who love them will use incarceration as a means by which to escape a relationship or a reason to enter into one. Some will use incarceration as a tool for extortion.

having a relationship with an inmate

And others will use it as an opportunity to solidify or repair. All relationships — parental, familial, platonic, romantic — will be tried as a result of someone going to prison. Maintaining these is a fete many find impossible to endure. Then, everything about how they are used to relating, changes. The freedom to interact with one another in the ways in which they are familiar, disappear.

My experience has been such that prison actually helped me repair and maintain many of the relationships I had prior to going to prison. It gave me the time, space and opportunity to come to an understanding about who I was first and who other people were in relation to me second. I came to appreciate not only those relationships but the individuals with which I was having them. For many inmates, this will not be easy.

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Many are so stuck inside of their ego, so motivated by the false notion that people on the outside owe them something, that they miss the opportunity for real, true personal and interpersonal growth.

Some of these convicts might even avoid contact with their family or loved ones for myriad reasons, but mostly because of guilt or shame.

having a relationship with an inmate

If an inmate convinces you to do even a small favor, you have started down the path of obligation. Feelings of obligation are universally human, but obligation to inmates is the enemy of a secure workplace.

having a relationship with an inmate

Looking for opportunities for contact Do you find yourself looking for opportunities to be with a specific inmate? Watch carefully for this. This may be a subtle beginning to an unhealthy relationship. Correspondence with an inmate Often, the first step to a more intimate relationship with an inmate involves written communication. A note, letter or email moves the relationship one step further down the road to ruin.

Even when not sexually explicit, written communication has been used as evidence of an improper relationship with an inmate. Falling off the cliff Yep, this is the Full Monty — personal and physical contact.