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The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret has, until now, been David Cross, however, is not someone to let straightforward plot logic get Margaret is still insistently its own creation, a strange marriage of British. The first season of Todd Margaret made me cringe worse than almost any other television show I've ever seen. The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd MargaretSeason 2 was the central plot-moving scene from last week, where Todd goes to . American Dad: “The Longest Distance Relationship". The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret is a British-American black comedy In the end, Brent attempts (and fails) to defend Todd in court as Doug discovers that Mountford is Dave, the son of a rich and powerful Lord. Several months prior.

Sharon Horgan returns as Alice Bell, the love interest he meets in England. Season three continues the gag of Bell being interested in "molecular gastronomy", in which she creates odd chemical concoctions instead of real food.

In the original series, she became a proxy for the audience. Further, her scenes with Margaret offered him in a more sympathetic light: The love-struck idiot is a time-tested comedic trope; it gave Margaret the only sympathetic characteristic he had in the entire first series.

In the third season, Bell is the sexual aggressor. There is no courting or romance. Their relationship is a quick seduction followed by a faster descent into verbal abuse. Near the end of the series, Cross reveals that Bell leads a racist political movement. While this seems a cruel thing to do to one of the shows most likable characters, it does create some great gags. A second key figure is Brett Wilks Will Arnett. In both series, Wilks acts as a foil for Margaret.

Like in the first two seasons, he falls for a ridiculous scam.

The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret: Season Three

This time, instead of listening to self-help tapes on how to succeed by abusing people, he gets recruited by a cult. In all three seasons, Arnett stands out as one of the most consistently funny characters. Malford is the son of an English lord. In the original series, he was the malicious force driving Margaret down his path of doom.

From the beginning, he openly screws with Margaret; his gleeful ill will propelled the two seasons. Unfortunately, this character suffers the most in the reboot. Malford is kind of a human personification of Bugs Bunny. All of this is lost in the third season. He has some decent comedic moments, but that is all. The fifth piece of the core characters is Doug Whitney. Jack McBreyer takes over for Spike Jones in season three and, as suggested by the casting, there are a lot of changes to this character.

Later, he gets partnered with Wilks as members of the cult.

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Some of the funniest moments of the season come from the pairing of McBreyer and Arnett. Through the first four episodes, she just pops in and out. Late in season three, she is revealed as an artist who wins "The Turner Prize", an annual award given to visual artists in England.

While the level of difficulty is rather low for mocking contemporary art, the device creates a few genuinely funny moments. In addition to the exceptional casts, there are several quick funny snippets throughout the series.

But she is killed when Todd unwittingly detonates a truck bomb while she is on her way to the court to reveal Dave's actions.

In the end, Brent attempts and fails to defend Todd in court as Doug discovers that Mountford is Dave, the son of a rich and powerful Lord. Several months prior, while visiting the U. Dave finds that his date at the bar has been stolen by Todd, who, exploiting Dave's brief absence to go get drinks, lured Dave's intoxicated date back to his home for sex. Humiliated and desiring revenge, Dave paid the bartender for information about the two men, then set about formulating a complicated revenge scheme to punish and humiliate both of them.

Todd is found guilty; but Dave's father, a high-ranking member of the House of Lords, arranges for the whole mess to get resolved, having grown tired both of the atrocious behavior of his son as well as of the scandal that Dave's and Todd's mishaps had caused England.

The elder Mountford arranges a pardon for Todd, on the condition that he leave England. Todd chooses North Korea due to his associating Turks and Caicos with the Turks who had been using him to plan a terrorist bombing. When Todd arrives in North Korea, he is manipulated by the North Korean dictatorship to launch their first-ever nuclear weapon a discussion at the launch control panel being the source of the cold openings for a second season.

Todd pushes the button, bringing about a nuclear holocaust that seemingly destroys the rest of the world as well as all of the other characters, with the notable exception of the lone survivor, a Turkish terrorist who wanted to blow himself up in an act of terrorism during the course of the series—as he notes in the final line of the season, "There is a certain irony to [it].

David Cross returns, playing a new version of his character. Jack McBrayer joins the cast. An American who is promoted overnight to be chief marketer of the Thunder Muscle energy drink in the UK, a position for which he is wildly unqualified. He is quick to tell implausible lies to impress Alice or to get out of uncomfortable situations. In season 3, Todd is an American executive sent to the London office of Global National to resolve sales issues.

Sharon Horgan as Alice Bell: The Irish owner of a cafe near Todd's flat. She aspires to turn her cafe into a showcase for molecular gastronomy. Todd develops a crush on her the first time they meet. Although she finds him annoying and unattractive, she continually takes pity on Todd and helps him out. In the third season, Alice is now the owner of The Molecule, a prestigious molecular gastronomy restaurant, and the leader of a white supremacist group. Blake Harrison as Dave: Todd's sole employee, who often seems to take advantage of Todd's ignorance of British culture to pull pranks and make him appear foolish.

As the series goes on, it is revealed he is actually David Mountford, a deranged son of a British lord. Following a bar incident, in which Todd humiliated him, Dave arranged for Todd's and Brent's promotion to a management position so that he can secretly watch Todd fail at his job and life. In the original pilot episodeDave was played by Russell Tovey.

In the third season, Dave is a subordinate to Todd in the London office. He is now a legitimately eager employee trying to help Todd, but Todd's dream makes him distrust Dave. Will Arnett as Brent Wilts, Todd's superior, who uses excessive profanity and travels all over Europe, losing money in casinos and hiring prostitutes. Brent promoted Todd impulsively, mistakenly believing that Todd was a tough, take-no-prisoners businessman. He expects Todd to produce cash through sales to support Brent's decadent lifestyle.

At the end of season one, it is revealed that Brent was promoted the same way Todd was. In season 3, he is subordinate to Todd and had been in charge of the London office. He suspects there is something fishy about Brent and later Dave and is determined to get to the bottom of it.

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In season 3, he is subordinate to Todd in the London office. Recurring cast[ edit ] Steve Davis as himself: Colin Salmon as Hudson seasons 1 and 2: Alice's Canadian ex-boyfriend who is currently in Leeds shooting an independent film. Todd's jealousy of Hudson prompts him to extreme behaviour in a futile attempt to monopolize Alice's attention.

Hudson is quite blunt about having little respect for Todd. His film also seems not to have been received well by the local British population.