Interdepartmental relationship housekeeping department standard

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interdepartmental relationship housekeeping department standard

The housekeeping department is just one of thedepartments in a to a minimum and there should be close inter-departmental liaison. Amongst all coordination relationships in hotels, the most important .. In return, the laundry shouldprovide an acceptable standard of service with regard to laundering. Rooms are of chief concern to the front office and housekeeping is important for departments to exchange information on room. manager encourage effective interdepartmental communication . communication between the housekeeping and front office departments are presented in food and beverage director in developing standard operating procedures and.

Housekeeping Co-Ordination with Other Department

Unauthorised entry should be forbidden and this rule should be strictly enforced. A part of the stores may be used for storing and stocking furniture such as extra chairs, tables and camp cots. These should be protected by covering them with dust sheets. Organisation chart The housekeeping department has multiple functions to perform.

interdepartmental relationship housekeeping department standard

Housekeeping services may be requested any time of the day or night, hence the staff structure must be so arranged as to provide the necessary services. The housekeeping manager, as Head of the department, must coordinate the performance of these functions for the most efficient operation possible.

Housekeeping in Eye Care Services Manual - Chapter 22

Since the housekeeper cannot singlehandedly discharge all the functions of supervision, requisition, scheduling, budgeting and so forth, the department must be organized in such a way that each of these jobs is capably done. Delegation of authority through a clear chain of command will accomplish this objective.

It must however be remembered that although authority is delegated, the Manager retains full responsibility for the department. Job descriptions Housekeeping manager Reports to: Administrator This is an important position in a hospital as it carries the responsibilities for the cleanliness, maintenance and aesthetic appeal of the hospital.

An efficient housekeeping manager must possess a high degree of tact as well as good organizing ability, because of the need to work with other departments and with so many different people.

interdepartmental relationship housekeeping department standard

Manager - Housekeeping This is a senior position within the department. Housekeeping co-ordination with maintenance One of the most important functions of housekeeping department is to maintain the hotel or the purpose of keeping the furniture in working order for the safe of the guest.

Hence a proper co-relation is necessary with the engineering department. Which actually carries out the task of fixing out of order furniture, replacement of all the all the electrical goods repairing of all the plumbing items etc. Housekeeping co-ordination with laundry It is the part of housekeeping that can either enhance the quality of housekeeping services. The responsibility of laundry is to wash dirty clothes and deliver clean and fresh linens to the guest as well as the other departments of hotels.

The laundry has to supply clean linens to the housekeeping department time to time in order to run the operation smoothly.

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Housekeeping has to ensure that the clean linen is issued to the guest room restaurant and health club. Housekeeping co-ordination with store Normally housekeeping department has a store that stocks housekeeping linens supplies independently. Small hotels have only one store which is called general store. The relation between housekeeping department and the store is important as it ensures the day to day availability of items required by the housekeeping department by the store.

interdepartmental relationship housekeeping department standard

Housekeeping co-ordination with kitchen Housekeeping supplies day to day fresh iniform ,dusters to the kitchen people and ensure through pest control inside the kitchen.