Learning to live alone after a relationship

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learning to live alone after a relationship

Nervous about living on your own after splitting from your former your ex for ten years or just decided to part ways after a year-long romance. Are you feeling lonely? Or do you want to help someone else to overcome loneliness? Here are nine ways I have been dealing with that feeling. Yes, nine. Learn 5 practical tips on how to be single after a long relationship and become more emotionally independent and stronger after a breakup!.

Sometimes, I would smile at people on the street or on the bus. In stead of focussing on myself, my attention was shifting to strangers. Give it a try. You oould well be amazed about the responses. Some people will look away, and some others will respond with a smile or a good word for you.

I did this, and felt a deep connection with people looking back, smiling back at me. I became aware how many of them were also uplifted from their solitude, if even for a short moment. It was both gratifying and humbling. Volunteer for a charity. Many co-volunteers will appear to be friendly people.

learning to live alone after a relationship

They are glad with your help, and therefor with your company. Not only do you meet like-minded people, but they will give you back some self-esteem in most cases.

Overcoming Loneliness After Narcissistic Abuse

Meanwhile, the act of sharing and giving your time and effortis very enriching and satisfying. I myself have done some volunteer work with the choirs where I sang. Working together became a highlight of those lonely weeks. Yet, the feeling can get aggravated, once you are at your own again.

We need more mechanisms to deal with our loneliness than just changing the actual situation. I was distracting myself, and the energy of dancing had good effects on my body and stress hormones. Apart from the fact that I was intensely connecting to the beauty of my favorite classical music, dancing added a lot of joy. This took the sting of loneliness out of the alone-time. It made me aware of my good qualities, and of the beauty of the moment. I became aware of how I could relate to myself.

But my mind had been calmed. With this calm mind I aroused a kind feeling towards myself, my feelings and my situation. With my fingertips I stroke my face, and I let go of the stress and anxiety. A person who has learned to be OK when alone, is a much better partner in his or her next relationship.

There is a lot of personal growth to be obtained from alone time. By tapping on specific meridian points on your head, face and upper body, you release a lot of old stress. Here is a 6 minute EFT introduction video on youtube 3. Short question in between: Are you aware of fears about your future when you experience feelings of loneliness? I consider making a video on the subject, to specifically let go of these fears. Would you need or want that? Please let me know at lovebybreakup gmail.

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Meditation has a few interesting effects, even when you start doing it. It calms your mind It gives clarity on what is really going on inside you It grows your wisdom Here is my super shortest instruction for beginners: Chin slightly pointing downwards, which makes the top of your head point straight upwards.

Put one hand on your belly, one hand where it feels most comfortable: Focus on the feeling of the belly that goes up and down with your breath. Let your breath go as it wants to: With your inner voice you kindly welcome it: Mentally, put the thought, the fear or whatever comes up on the ground next to your chair.

Just let it sit there. It has been seen, acknowledged and greeted. For now that is OK. Go back to step 4 and 5 for as long as you want. First time, you could give this meditation just 1 minute. How does this meditation lessen feelings of loneliness? Because if you no longer fight the feeling, you can let it leave your psyche.

9 Ways I Dealt With Loneliness After Breaking-Up (#7 Is Not So Good)

Maybe you will mention that your mind will still try to do either of these things. Let me clarify that. Something along these line: Can you see this reason is another thought coming up?

Gently and kindly — after all, it was coming out of you, and it did not have a bad intention at all. You are just calming your mind. In essence, with this meditation, you loosen your identification with what your mind comes up with.

Most probably this process of de-identification meets some resistance from the mind. More and more, the mind will stop bringing it up.

The feelings of loneliness will come up every now and then, but they no longer occupy your mind for a longer period of time. The sharp edge of loneliness in the evening got blurred out a bit. One more drink, and it blurred even a little more. And while it also tasted good and went well with a salty snack, I would take a third glass.

By the time I went to bed, I was pretty careless about even brushing my teeth.

learning to live alone after a relationship

When speaking to other members, just be yourself and ask questions to get to know them better. Your genuine answers will give them a glimpse into your life, allowing for a deeper connection to blossom. Go to work parties. Use your pets and children in a good way. Instead of reading a book while your dog plays, strike up a conversation with some of the other owners. Pet parents are just like regular parents in that they always want an excuse to talk about how great their pet is, so this is an easy way to make a connection.

How to Overcome Loneliness After a Breakup

Similarly, if you have children, bring them to group play dates and talk to the other parents there. You already have a huge commonality in that you have children the same age, so start the conversation there and use that as a platform to make a deeper connection.

Be sure to check out events that are in your industry so you already have shared foundation to build from. When doing this, you may find a group of people that will not only support you professionally but personally, too. Potential friendships are all around you if you know where to look. That guide is made to work specifically for those of us who are more introverted, anxious or shy.

What to do now Like I mentioned earlier, breakups suck. What has changed is that we now know why they hurt so much and what we can do to make them suck just a little less. Finding happiness in a breakup may be difficult at first, but with patience, the loneliness will subside. Trying to keep a positive attitude through it all and being intentional about finding and creating your own happiness is key. Here are the things you should do now to help kick-start the healing process and overcome your loneliness: Give yourself credit for the things you did right to generate positivity from this negative situation.

Be kind to yourself and be patient as you go through the grieving process. Reach out to old friends and rekindle connections with them. Writing An effective way to help you be more emotionally independent is to write about your feelings.

You may have heard this advice a thousand times but writing has been scientifically proven to help improve your emotional well being. It is worth noting that writing offline rather than online such as venting on social media is much more effective in helping you to manage your emotions. Based on a paper in the Journal on Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking, people who use online sites to vent their emotions are less effective in dealing with their anger issues.

In a paper in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine, research has shown that expressing our inner thoughts through writing letters have been linked to better pain control and less depressive symptoms in chronic pain sufferers.

So if you decide to try writing, it is best to write privately in a journal. Writing in a personal journal gives you the freedom to express your inner most thoughts and emotions and 'talk' about the details in your life be it big or small whenever and however you want to, without any judgement or criticisms.

You will feel better and calmer after you pen your thoughts down. Create things There is something magical about making things. It gives us a sense of satisfaction and great pride when we create something - these feelings can strengthen us emotionally by giving us confidence and improve our self esteem. You do not need to aim to create things to seek the acknowledgement and attention of others to feel great about yourself e.

It can simply be creating a great meal for yourself from scratch, redecorating your house, creating a new image for yourself, learning a new hobby which involves creating new things e. Practice self acceptance Start making decisions on your own without having to seek the opinion or approval of others. Find acceptance from within and be confident that you are capable and beautiful and strong.

Being single is an opportunity to do things for yourself 3. It will be the first thing that comes to mind when you wake up, the last thing you think about before you sleep, and thoughts of your breakup will surface whenever there is a small window of opportunity for your mind to wander.

You may also feel lost, directionless or a lower sense of self worth after a breakup. Sometimes, the only easy solution that you think could help end your misery is to try get back to your previous relationship or getting into another relationship. For added guidance on how to find yourself again, you can refer to the article below.

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Start with these 5 ideas to help you get re-acquainted with your real self today. To keep your mind away from these negative thoughts, you can get busy by filling your time with activities.

Make a list of things that you want to do or achieve - then do it. Go try things that you always wanted to try, but kept finding excuses not to.