Michael jackson relationship with siblings

Michael and the Truth: Is Something Off About Michael's Siblings?

michael jackson relationship with siblings

Media mainly focused its attention on Michael Jackson and ignored the rest of the family. have by claiming she's the daughter of Michael's older brother, Tito Jackson. and working relationship, and they obviously shared a love for Michael. Originally Answered: Did Michael Jackson's siblings really love Him? At first . He was wielding his financial power over them and controlling the relationships. Los Angeles (CNN) -- Randy Jackson and four of his siblings sent a scathing letter to the men who The pair's business relationship goes back decades.).

However, once Michael's popularity started to become legendary status inJermaine began to throw hints at jealously of his brother. Randy was the only younger brother Michael ever had and felt the need to protect him because he was basically neglected.

However, when Michael was going through his trial in and afterwards, Randy showed his true colors. Probably the biggest betrayal and was the turning point in Michael's relationship with his siblings was when LaToya told the world in that Michael was a "pedophile". She later recounted her comments stating that she was forced by her then husband, Jack Gordon, to state the vile things about her brother.

Whatever the situation truly was, the damaged was done and Michael's relationships with his siblings slowly started to diminished. This blog post is about the things that bothered me about Michael's siblings and their unusual behaviors towards him after he was vindicated in up until now. There are things that the siblings have done to him, his children and his legacy that has bothered me.

Finally, this blog post will be an apology, of sorts, to Michael's children. I will explain on the post the reason why I should have never cared about the family drama back in and why even though I do stand by what I stated back inI do feel that if it were to happen again, I will not pay attention to any of it.

I hope you all read this blog post with an open mind and learn about Michael's complicated relationship with his siblings. Michael with his siblings in the s. You would think that when people come after your loved ones, you would do or state something in defense of your loved one. That is why it bothers me to no end when I see Michael's siblings defending and even befriending the various people that have shown Michael complete disrespect.

No sibling does it better that LaToya. I can talk about how this woman rolls all day because it is mind boggling how can this woman be so clueless about what these people stated about her brother and support their crap. For example, when Joan Rivers passed away and many MJ fans were not interested in her career or her life because of a disgusting comment she stated about Michael after he died.

Rivers stated that basically now that Michael is dead, her grandson, Connor, is safe. Of course, that comment angered me, the fans and it was disgusting. As the tributes were coming in for Rivers, I was ignoring them because I really did not care but I had a strange feeling that LaToya would state something about Rivers' passing.

I went on her twitter account and I saw this: LaToya's tweet about Rivers, I could not be more disgusted. Forget the fact that old woman trashed her brother when he was deceased. Forget the fact that she called him horrific names and I do believe she even stated that he killed himself. For his sister to even remotely praise that woman because she was "fun" and "hilarious" and not evil and nasty says a lot about her.

When Michael died, what prayer did she and her daughter, Melissa, send to LaToya and the family?

Michael Jackson, my little brother

Yet, forget all of the nasty things she stated and give her praise anyway? See, if Michael was my brother, not only would I confront that Rivers woman, but I might throw wine at her.

I do not give a damn if she was an elderly woman. I mean, she posed with that woman and not care what she stated about her own family.

michael jackson relationship with siblings

Yes, there is more - Perez Hilton, a celebrity blogger who has issues and feels that for some unusual reason, he is entitled to treat famous people like trash. Hilton was and is a hater of Michael and when he passed away, he stated that Michael was faking his death to get away from doing the concerts. Forget the fact that his children are beyond devastated and his fans, including me, are in complete and utter shock and despair.

Inwhen pictures of the L'uomo Vogue magazine was leaked online, Hilton trashed Michael's looks like it was nothing.

michael jackson relationship with siblings

There are probably more things that the clown has stated about Michael but I have completely ignored the nonsense that he was stated about Michael after When I was looking through LaToya's twitter account, I saw this picture and well, take a look: LaToya with Perez Hilton, It is "good" to see a clown who trashed your brother, right, LaToya? Oh, it must have been "good" to post a picture with him as well because who cares, right? Who cares that Perez stated things about your brother that was pretty much evil?

However, it irks me that she is basically friends with a woman that believes that her brother molested children. Just look at the picture: LaToya and Oprah Winfrey You can just vomit a little bit inside your mouth.

Michael Jackson's family: where did it all go wrong? | Music | The Guardian

How did Michael deal with these type of people? During Michael's birthday, the BET network had the nerve to air that "Man in the Mirror" joke that starred Flex Alexander and of course, he was bashed on twitter for basically mocking the man. What some people do not know is Flex and his wife, singer Shanice, are friends with the Jacksons.

LaToya hangs out of them at times, so I was a bit shocked when Flex stated these things about the movie and LaToya on his twitter account.

michael jackson relationship with siblings

Flex Alexander's tweets defending his "role" of mockery, So, let me get this straight, LaToya knew Flex "put his heart" into mocking her own brother who, by the way, hated the movie and released a statement making that clear.

LaToya never told this man that what he was doing was wrong and completely disrespectful to Michael. Keep in mind, when that movie was aired on VH-1, Michael was going through the nonsense trial and the last thing he had to deal with is some dude who had a semi-hit show on the UPN now CW network called One on One pretending to be him, wearing white powder make up, pretending to talk in a high voice and wearing clothes that look like he got them from a costume store you go to get your Halloween gear.

This lame sister of Michael's basically gave this person her blessing to make a mockery of her brother. There is a guy name B. Howard who stated this year that Michael was his father. We all know the story that was made up by various people who have a connection to Michael. There are many people out there who do not believe that Michael's children are really his actual, biological children. I do not even think that some members of Michael's family do not think that they are his children.

So, it did not really surprised me when I saw pictures of LaToya with B.

Michael Jackson, my little brother | Life and style | The Guardian

Howard at some event they were going to around the time he revealed that lie about Michael. LaToya revealed on twitter B.

michael jackson relationship with siblings

LaToya's tweet to B. She did not care if that man stated that Michael was his father nor did she ever went on her twitter account to state that he was lying. All she cared about was herself and promoting an upcoming episode that included that creep. Michael and Jackie in On his twitter account, Jackie gave props to B. Howard for his music video that he was doing. Jackie's Tweet to B. LaToya's and Jackie's tweets confirmed to the people who have doubt about the paternity of Michael's children that B.

Howard is Michael's "son". These two clueless siblings do not understand that their "confirmation" does not need anything to dispute Howard's laughable claim. The fact that they gave the man the attention and promotion he craves shows how much they really do not get their brother. Instead of ignoring that creep or denying his claims, they confirmed that B.

Howard is telling the truth. People will not care that B. All they will care about is that B. Howard hung out with some of the Jacksons and he was "confirmed" by two of Michael's siblings. Re-read Jackie's tweet again - "the magic continues" - isn't that something that is connected to Michael? Who needs DNA to prove anything when Michael's own family can do the confirming for you. Michael with Rebbie and Janet in You know the story: It was a mess and you would think that Michael's family would understand that dealing with the Casicos who betrayed Michael would mean they would also betray Michael.

So, it came as a surprise to me when I was on twitter and I read on my timeline that Rebbie and her son Austin went to the wedding of one of the Casico's family members, Marie, who was marrying James Porte, a singer that Frank Casico was managing.

They have to have known what this family did to Michael yet they decided to go to the wedding of Frank's sister anyway. It really does not make sense to me. Then again, it is not like this is actual news to me.

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This is the same Rebbie who was friends with that roach Stacy Brown and when he was a correspondent for MSNBC during the trial days, he was telling them and the world how the family was really feeling about Michael. It makes it even worse when I was told back then by someone who knew Michael that Rebbie was the main one coming after Michael when the allegations happened and how she made him feel bad for what happened.

Forget the fact that the whole thing was a set up to ruin Michael's life and that people wanted Michael to be done with.

Rebbie wanted Michael to know how she really felt about what was happening to them and how it was affecting the children in the family. A very cold and nasty way that Rebbie did to come at Michael instead of defending him and being by his side when he needed it the most.

Michael and Tito in the late s. In the interview, Tito was asked all kinds of questions about Michael and the family but one question in particular not only angered me but Tito's answer pissed me off. I understand that all of Michael's siblings do not believe that Michael harmed children.

They know their brother and they know their brother was nothing like that. Tito's answer of "I don't know" when asked about Michael's relationship with children being appropriate tells me that Tito, deep down, probably does not believe his brother ever harmed children but I believe that Tito might think that Michael's relationship with children was weird to him.

The fact that his answer was "I don't know" instead of "no" tells me that he could be doubting his brother's innocence. The fans have spent time, effort, sweat, hours, etc on proving that Michael was innocent of those horrible allegations and his own blood can't even completely defend him. It makes you wonder why Tito barely states anything to defend Michael when it comes to his innocence. It is heartbreaking to see and hear that because I always thought that Tito was reasonable and understanding.

Maybe his love for fame overshadow his reason about his brother. It is a damn shame, to be honest. As for this nonsense of Michael being "lost" before he died is laughable considering the fact that Michael wanted nothing to do with them before he passed away.

michael jackson relationship with siblings

Everyone knows that as a fact so I do not know why Tito and the rest of his siblings cannot fully accept the truth. Jealousy and Envy Jermaine with his son, Jaafar a few years back. I do not think that all of the siblings were jealous of Michael at the same time. If Jermaine was not jealous, then it was Janet and if she was not jealous then it was Randy and so on. However, Jermaine is the one sibling that was jealous of Michael the most.

It all started when they were younger and Michael replaced Jermaine as the lead singer for the Jackson 5. Slowly but surely, Jermaine made sure to plant his seeds of jealousy and envy when it came to Michael and his well deserved fame and legacy. Jermaine stated various comments over the years when it came to his relationship with his brother, Michael.

From his infamous comment from Life magazine during the Victory tour in to the "Word of the Badd" mess, Jermaine made it known that he had his issues with Michael. However, during the trial years, it did seem that Jermaine was truly there for Michael and his defense for his brother's innocence was loving and enduring.

After Michael's vindication, Jermaine started to show the real reason why he does the things that he does. When he was there, he stayed with Prince Abduallah, the son of the King of Barhain. Co-executor John Branca on his wedding day -- circa -- photographed with Michael Jackson, who served as his best man.

The pair's business relationship goes back decades. The Jackson brothers and sisters also accuse Branca and McClain of abusing their year-old mother through lies and manipulations.

Please understand, she's not equipped to handle the stress load you are putting on her," her children said. Jackson is extremely lucid and does a great job caring for Michael's children," Sanders said Wednesday.

The siblings also attacked Sanders, Katherine Jackson's manager, Lowell Henry, and adviser Trent Jackson for discouraging her from joining their challenge of the will's validity.

Jackson's children to answer any questions they might have. It is unfortunate that they haven't taken me up on the offer.

The pair remained married for more than a decade until news broke she'd been arrested and booked for felony corporal injury on a spouse.

TMZ reported that Rashid tried to take a chunk out of her husband's leg with her teeth in during an explosive argument. The case was reportedly dropped after police failed to establish who the aggressor was.

Rashid filed for divorce the following year, citing irreconcilable differences. According to tweets from Taj, the guilty party was an unnamed relative from his mother's the late Delores "Dee Dee" Martes side of the family. It was reportedly Michael who helped Taj cope with and survive the ordeal, acting as a support system for Taj and his mother. Taj revealed this dark secret in order to defend his deceased uncle against choreographer Wade Robson's lawsuit, which claimed the King of Pop molested Robson repeatedly between the ages of 7 to Did Michael have a secret love child?

Getty Images While numerous people have claimed to be Michael's love child in the past, only one of them has any kind of legitimate proof: To start, there's a strong resemblance between Michael and Howard, in both looks and actions, but those aren't the only similarities. Howard's mother, Miki Howard, knew Michael in the early s. Back then, she supposedly went by the name Billy, as in—you guessed it—" Billie Jean. But still, this sheds light on an age-old mystery behind one of the King of Pop's greatest songs and its legendary lyric: Speaking to Radar OnlinePfeiffer said Michael would break down in tears when discussing his childhood and the beatings he endured.

He made out he couldn't forgive his dad, who he said had made his childhood unbearable. To teach his children a lesson about leaving their windows unlocked at night, Joe reportedly put on a fright mask and climbed into Michael's bedroom, terrifying his young son. Katherine tried to divorce Joe, twice Getty Images Despite claims from La Toya that her mother, Katherine Jackson, never considered divorcing Joe, a series of documents obtained by Fox News suggest otherwise.

The legal papers prove Katherine obtained a petition for divorce in when Michael was just 15 years old, filing it with the Los Angeles County Clerk on March 9, though it was soon rescinded, at the advice of elders within her church, according to sources close to Katherine.

When Katherine discovered that Joe had fathered a love child with his mistress six years later, she once again tried to bring an end their strained and increasingly unhappy marriage, though she was reportedly convinced not to go through with it again.

At the time of this writing, the pair remains married but do not live together, with Katherine spending most of her time in California and Joe residing in Las Vegas.

Michael Jackson's family: where did it all go wrong?

Michael and La Toya used to preach door-to-door Getty Images Katherine was reportedly converted by a door-to-door Jehovah's Witness in and began to raise her children in accordance with the faith soon after her baptism. The future King of Pop remained a loyal Witness over the years, refusing to celebrate his birthday or Christmas, though his relationship with the church reportedly began to break down after the somewhat blasphemous video for " Thriller " was released. Tito's ex-wife was murdered Getty Images After her relationship with Tito hit the rocks, Dolores "Dee Dee" Jackson began seeing Donald Bohana, a year-old businessman who had fallen on hard times and was completely broke, according to a report in the Daily News.

Dee Dee had been dating Bohana for only three months when she was found dead at his home inhaving apparently drowned in the swimming pool. While her death was initially ruled an accident, Dee Dee's sons—Tariano, Taryll, and TJ Jackson—filed a Superior Court complaint alleging that Bohana killed their mother when she refused to bail him out of his money troubles.