Poems of letting go relationship

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poems of letting go relationship

I wrote this poem because everybody gets hurt, but it's not the end of the world. Just take it for what it is and move on; he didn't deserve you, anyway. Someday. Letting go small things in our life is very difficult so letting go of someone you love is Let him / her go relationship Quotes quotes about letting go Cute Romantic Love Quotes for Her (GF/Wife) with Images · 25+ Short I Love You Poems for. quotes have been tagged as moving-on-and-letting-go: Marcelo Santos III: ' Walkout kapag tags: abusive-relationships, best-decision, break-up-quotes, dead-end, the Power of the Rainbow: Quotations from a Life Made Out of Poetry.

poems of letting go relationship

Opening that door was like opening Pandora's box Both bad memories and good nostalgic ones can have their negative affects on you. Even today, I still struggle trying to focus on the future instead of thinking of tweaking the past and or re-living in it.

Mila Cuda & Jessica Romoff - "Exes"

It eats me up and breaks my heart but I realize I can't keep thinking of the more coulds I could of and cry about it cuz it is such a big feeling of loss. I really need to accept it that it's done and there's nothing I could do because my landlord wouldn't let me keep them.

It'll always hurt to think about it but I do need to move forward and pray for the best. Or else I'll never get over my guilt. A great poem to finally let me know why I am still stuck.

My ex and I have had a battle especially due to the long distance. In the end, I really feel bad about everything especially the terrible things I said to her.

Moving On And Letting Go Quotes ( quotes)

I am seeking closure but I know she does not want to hear from me. I have been best friends with this guy for about 4 years. We started dating about a year and a half ago on and off. We ended up breaking up and I wanted to maintain our friendship because he was an important part of my life.

He does not want me to contact him ever again. I am so heartbroken but I know I really have to let go of the friendship and the relationship and move on. We were High school sweet hearts but everything got destroyed when her younger brother came to our house. To make the story short I caught them, my wife and her brother having a relationship, I saw text and video from my basement. We've been away from each other almost 5 years.

We got divorced inmost of the times I missed her. It is strange right but I know her heart belongs to someone else, even when I try to date other men and I've been dating a lot and no one is like her.

Sad Poems - Letting Go by Judy Burnette

I move on I don't bother her or even look at her cause I'm afraid she'll see thru me what I feel. I am looking for a way to forgive myself for a past mistake. I was married to my husband for 7 years, we started having problems and I had an affair with another man. We ultimately divorced, but 6 years have gone by and we have recently reconciled. Only problem is, is that I am having a hard time forgiving myself for the affair. But he has forgiving me, why can't I? It hurts and no matter how you want to fight for it, its useless and there's no better way but to let go.

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This is exactly what I'm going through. I had to walk away from probably the best man I will ever know. Very, very good poem. Nancy I love it.

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I can really relate to it right now. Bernice I thought the poem was very good. I was looking for similar words. Sometimes one must be willing to let go of something to gain it. If you cling to it, you'll never "have it". But if you are willing to lose it, you can gain it.

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This poem is very inspiring and very beautiful! Danni I am going through a break up and it helped me alot tank you TaLeah this was a truly lovely poem and it really helped me make a good decision-for the both of us.

Corina Tessa this poem is awesome this is the bomb shizzle. Michelle This is such a beautiful poem. I have been having a hard time letting someone know how I feel now or actually don't feel.

This is a great start to letting go: You are so talented, Keep up the awesome work.

poems of letting go relationship

Alexandra Humility in the face of pain and loss in a virtue few carry! This poem exemplifies this emotion for me! You took the words right out of my heart and made us both understand and begin to heal. Jessica I really enjoyed the poem. Not only did it touch my heart but also brought tears. I'm trying to let go of someone who I dated for two years and I loved very much. But, like the poem said. Even though my heart wanted it to work my head was saying something else. It's been six months and I still haven't figured out just how to let go and say goodbye but, I thank you for writing the poem.

I guess you could say it inspired me. Tina This poem is really good it reminded me so much of me and this guy even though i loved him so much i had to let him go Monika I really enjoyed this poem because it comes deep from the heart. I am going through this situation and its hard to make the decision of letting go or giving it another try.

Only time will tell. Katie This is a great poem.