Robin hood russell crowe ending a relationship

Robin Hood: A Whole Lotta Plot Going On | An Historian Goes to the Movies

robin hood russell crowe ending a relationship

It opens right at the end of Richard's reign, in Robin (Russell Crowe) has apparently been in his service the whole time, which raises . widow and sell her marriage to a man who wants to become the new fief-holder. Robin Hood is a British-American epic war drama film based on the Robin Hood legend, directed by Ridley Scott and starring Russell Crowe, . Mock castle (Castle Chalus in the film) at Bourne Wood at the end of filming, showing the. Russell Crowe's turn as the tunic-wearing tyke was considered by some Following in the footsteps of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and . to make The Guardian sustainable by deepening our relationship with our readers.

For far too long than is necessary.

  • Crowe doubles up for Scott's Nottingham
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  • Robin Hood: A Whole Lotta Plot Going On

I will admit that the story from Brian Helgeland, Ethan Reff and Cyrus Voris is an interesting take, at least at first. After the equivalent of a bar fight with one of his soon-to-be-merry men, Little John Kevin DurandLongstride ends up in the stockade.

He watches a siege on a French castle from afar, joined by Little John and his two merry compatriots Scott Grimes and Alan Doylein which the King is slain by a short order cook it almost makes sense if you see it happen. With the King dead, Robin and his relatively new friends escape back to England, disguised as Knights, where various circumstances lead them to the poor farming village of Nottingham, and the tough widow known as Lady Marion Cate Blanchett.

As I mentioned, the take is interesting. And more notably, his history with Russell Crowe. One might go as far as to expect a violent Robin Hood on par with Gladiator, or perhaps Braveheart. But in this case, when the film begins to get violent, Scott shies away from spilling blood or allowing his characters to move into darker territory. He embraces, and cuddles with, his PG rating. Not to say that Robin Hood needs to be violent.

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Unfortunately, this film meanders in that middle ground between being violent and being light, never able to overcome the intensity of Russell Crowe, even with delightful performances from the Merry Men and Mark Addy as Friar Tuck. And as I mentioned, when it comes time to spill some blood — namely in the Normandy-esque beach invasion scene shown in the trailers even though it comes right out of the third actScott uses hard cuts to avoid showing anything too gruesome.

The scale is big, but the action is too fast and scattered. For a time, Cate Blanchett is able to give the character simultaneous strength and grace. It is her way.

robin hood russell crowe ending a relationship

Marion has her moments of toughness in the second act. But her actions in the final act of this film are nonsensical, and she feels wedged into the final battle so as to reinforce how tough she is. Instead, Robin decides to impersonate Loxley, I think so that he and his men can get free passage to England. Nottingham itself is depicted as little more than a manor, with a small village of perhaps people outside the castle and the fields in easy walking distance.

It seems to have been a great city at some point because there is a massive ruined archway that characters ride through repeatedly. Already by the 9th century it was of local importance, and by the s it had a population of perhaps 1, people, making it by medieval standards a modest-sized town.

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Byit had maybe 3, residents. She is the daughter of some minor knight who for reasons never explained managed to marry Robert Loxley, who is clearly an important figure, since he is the heir to a castle and a close confidant of King Richard. As the semi-evil but largely pointless Sheriff of Nottingham Matthew McFadyen points out, because she has no children and her husband is thought dead, when Sir Walter dies, she will be penniless because the Crown will claim the castle.

As Ranulf de Glanville, the leading English legal scholar of the 12th century lays out in his Treatise on the Laws and Customs of the Kingdom of England, when a man marries a women, he is required to give her a dower, property that becomes hers and is intended to support her when she becomes a widow.

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Complicating this is the fact that Walter seems to be a vassal of the Crown, although that term is never used.

John did that sort thing a good deal during his reign.

robin hood russell crowe ending a relationship

So Marion would have a problem when Walter dies, because she either has to accept a marriage arranged for her by John or else pay John a sum of money for the right to control her own remarriage.

To make matters worse for Marion, there are bandits around Nottingham, and Marion is apparently the only defensive force.

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Medieval clergy just make up the rules as they go, remember? Robin turns over the sword and tells Walter and Marion that Robert is dead, but Walter promptly proposes that Robin pull a Martin Guerre and pretend to be Robert.

In exchange he will give Robin the family sword.

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Are you starting to notice that this film has way too much plot? The film gives Robin not one but two different bouts of pretending to be Robert Loxley. Godfrey has tricked John into allowing him to rampage around England collecting taxes in a brutal fashion in order to incite the barons of England against John. But he was also a political revolutionary who wrote a charter of liberties for a group of barons, the same group who are now rebelling.