Thomson 757 bases in a relationship

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thomson 757 bases in a relationship

SHIPS (DIRECTIVE /). We support the . TUI fly Germany and Thomson Airways were ranked #1 relationship between TUI's Crystal Ski business. and heavy C Checks on Thomson Airways' Boeing and Boeing aircraft at its Jason Mahoney, director of engineering for Thomson Airways said, “We are delighted to be continuing our on-going working relationship with MAEL. Royal Navy minehunter leaves Portsmouth Naval Base ship hall. Thomson Airways have 14 Boeing s in their UK fleet and they it being an old military base so we needed enough time to slow down.

Thomson 757-200 Flight Review

Oh, as my colleague a few posts said, I think, as things stand, you can take your 10 years to command and nearly double it! Thomson appear to be coming good to their word to those made redundant a few years back, and putting an option in front of the baby drivers. This should be applauded. These cadets had committed to the program, backed it with their own cash, and saw it to completion.

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Even now, not a look in unless they found themselves on a in the mean time. Alycidon 4th Sep They did the same to me inalthough they did honour their promise of a job 5 years later in ! So how long will Thomson remain at the top of the list of preferred employers? Dan Winterland 4th Sep What a crock of sh!

SpamCanDriver 5th Sep But honestly Thomson was one of the best airlines I worked for when I was there Sad to see what it has become nowadays, I definitely won't be applying to return on this package: D And I haven't checked the figures but I suspect even Jet 2 might be offering better than this Well at least its full time and you don't have to pay for your training Very sad to see Thomson has jumped on the P2F bandwagon: And yes Thomson never promised they would take us back on when they recruited again.

But why the hell do they want us to jump through all the recruitment hoops again? Seeing as they are into saving money nowadays why not just look our files and do a quick interview: That would tell them far more than any 2 day HR process does: If they did the above without some form of recruitment process that would be technically illegal.

You never know, maybe the assessment may turn out to be a lot simpler than in the past but i certainly wouldn't bet on it EK zoigberg, With all due respect, point 2 is not correct.

It is perfectly legal and a good idea to allow certian applicants to skip parts of a recruitment process if they have already completed it to the necessary standard before. I have seen it with my own eyes on several occasions. I think SCD is completely reasonable in his opinion. Ex Thomson chaps who got the boot should be offered a job with little more than an interview. Not sure too many would disagree?

A Day In The Life Of Cabin Crew – Thomson Airways

Ironically the offer isn't good enough for them though! Boeing Europe 5th Sep Callsign Kilo 5th Sep Yes, the pprune spelling squad hits again! Just saying because I know how much you probably want the position. E NEX 6th Sep Anyways back to the thread as you did ask a good question Boeing Europe 6th Sep Al Murdoch Yes, this is the case. The reason you have to go through the whole process is partly employment law trash, partly to see if the good guys who left have become axe murderes in the last 2 years and partly to see if the bad guys have got better.

UK's Thomson Airways rebranded as TUI Airways - ch-aviation

Kind of simplistic but that's the gist of it. As for the package, I beg to differ. I personally think this is a good deal for future joiners be they cadets or experienced bods but then I would say that, I was part of the CC that negotiated it. Could you PM me a detailed breakdown of that coz I'd love to present it to the company?

NEX 6th Sep What I would question though is that this is a cost to be borne by the new joiner, rather than the company. It came about as a result of negotiation. As you probably know, when BALPA and an airline sit down they usually start at polar opposites and the outcome depends on their relationship and lots of other issues, including market forces determine how close to whichever sides' wishlist the result is.

In this case we wanted to open up recruitment and the price was training cost repayment. For the TR guy it doesn't work so well but for the non TR guy there is a cost but the payback is no bond. Neither are satisfactory IMHO but the best we could do. I'm not being glib when I say "if you don't like it, don't join".

It is a fact of life. Apparently there has been a huge response so it would appear that a good number of people are prepared to take a short term financial hit, however immoral, in return for a career choice that suits them.

IMHO that is not a good precedent but it does offer a good return compared with other airlines who charge for all sorts and then don't offer the return as they are rubbish places to work. Dogsbody bucket and spade carrier wants you to PAY for the pleasure of flying with them and its only part-time and you can be booted out anytime.

And muppets sit here and say Gosh,what a good offer it is! Makes me puke it really does.

thomson 757 bases in a relationship

Pilots deserve all they get. It used to be a great profession peopled by gents with breeding,guts and gumption.

thomson 757 bases in a relationship

Now all youve got are spineless wimps whod rather sell their soul to the devil than band together and say "NO! Im not going to take this! Aeropostal Alas de Venezuela — The long-time airline of Venezuela ceased all operations on September 24, due to the on-going financial situation in the country. Air Costa — The Indian airline suspended operations on February 28, The airline continues operations under the Alliance Air Air India brand.

AB was the second largest scheduled passenger airline in Germany. Belair Airberlin — Belair, like Airberlin, shut down and ceased all operations on October 28, Bluebird Cargo — Became Bluebird Nordic in as a brand and name change only. Borajet Airlines — Suspended operations on April 24, The carrier has hopes to return in but its aircraft were seized.

thomson 757 bases in a relationship

Flybe Loganair — The two airlines cancelled their agreement and Loganair reverted back to its own Loganair brand on August 31, On September 1, Loganair signed a code share agreement with British Airways. Island Air — The long-time inter-island airline in Hawaii shut down operations on November 10, Kan Air — The regional carrier in Thailand suspended operations on April 21,

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